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  1. Lol at whoever was spreading the 2 hour 50 minute run time. They were only 49 minutes or so off....
  2. It was a mess and they made changes, but going to be interesting on how to handle the reviews from TIFF.
  3. The movie is rated. Everyone involved knows the run time. You guys are worrying about nothing.
  4. That is exactly the type of old school thinking that is going to get Lucasfilm burned on this and likely the reason they haven't moved it yet. I'm sure there is behind the scenes fighting about release dates. They were so desperate from the start to re-claim the May release date starting with this film, but cooler heads won out with Episode 9 and they moved that. First off, every sign points to Solo being a truly troubled movie and risk. You could have said the same thing about Rogue One, but that was a very serious tone and the elements they changed and bringing on Tony Gilroy wasn't that drastic. This is a whole different ball game. They have a lead actor that nobody is sold on playing an icon that he is a poor physical match for. It had a couple of young comedy directors replaced by a mostly down the middle straight laced AARP member that hasn't done comedy and adventure in a while. The real issue is exactly what you said though, this is Star Wars and it is all about prestige. What is truly at risk here is this movie being released in a prime release date, being poorly reviewed and tanking to the point it hurts the brand. If the movie isn't well reviewed, it might struggle to open over $100m and it will get swallowed up by the June releases. Memorial Day hasn't exactly been a great release date lately. That is why I think the smart move is to do something unusual and move it to August or September and make it seem like more of an offshoot movie. It minimizes the risk and if it doesn't work they can blame the release date or it being not really a Star Wars movie and wash their hands and move on. They were still shooting the movie until today. They have work to do on it. The promotion would have to basically start while The Last Jedi is still in theaters. Moving it to September means you can wait until late April or May to start promoting.
  5. They were showing a bunch of footage all the way back in March. It was supposedly pretty much done back then.

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