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  • Disney Update: STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Estimated for $220.05M Domestic Weekend

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  1. I'm sure the mods will not want me to post this, but it was absolutely ridiculous. I flat out nailed it and spent that morning being called a Disney shill and for pushing conspiracy theory and there was no way that the audience reaction scores on flixter, RT and IMDB could be wrong. I don't give a fuck that I was banned because I can at least know that when a false narrative is being pushed (and it was mostly being pushed by very die hard James Cameron, DC and other troll posters) that I can stand up and point out what they were pushing was complete bullshit. Yeah, I gave Baumer some shit about his taste in movies, but that was the night before and had nothing to do with what was going on that morning. They banned me because they said I was attacking people and calling them trolls. Well, they were fucking trolls! It was proven beyond a doubt from everything involving data and the professional trades. Maybe next time instead of giving forum to hacks like the Cameron junkies and the Justice League DC fanboys with an agenda to push they will listen to the mother fucking guy that gets paid a lot of money to do this shit.
  2. I love that it is using every exact point I was making. Anecdotal evidence and trolls using unverified polls and feedback.
  3. So, basically what I was trying to tell everyone on Friday morning. The "pros" all came to the exact same conclusion I was giving everyone here. Fuckers likely even stole it right from me! =)
  4. Still early and I suck at math, but I think that $65m-$67m is looking more accurate right now unless the West Coast put up some massive late shows.
  5. Makes a ridiculous whiny post calling out the director, people who liked the movie and claims his childhood is invalidated. People laugh at that post. Posts a tearful goodbye accusing others of being whiny. Lol.
  6. Yeah, none of that is reliable data or anything but anecdotal. Not one single person has offered up anything other than "I read some people on a message board or did you see the flixter audience score??" Until someone offers up something, then every single time this comes up I'm going to point out it is wrong.
  7. Again, please provide any actual statistical evidence that it is "clearly" divisive. I have plenty of actual data that it isn't clearly divisive (box office, critics reviews, critics aggregate, ComScore data, Cinemascore grade). Not going to let this slide from anyone unless you can submit something to back these claims up that isn't anecdotal.
  8. I'm going to keep being a broken record on this, but outside of .0000001% of people on the internet nobody was aware of any "controversy" and it was a completely fabricated from the start. A few people here and on other sites jumped on it as if it meant something but outside of that nobody knew anything about it.
  9. The bigger question is with all of the Star Wars Universe to play with, why in the fuck would you try to re-cast the physical old school real man last of his kind Harrison Ford with a bubble headed twink that has no screen presence? Maybe they will surprise us, but I don't see this working on any level.
  10. Rth is likely more accurate than me, but I would go with up to 69m if the west coast comes in strong again.
  11. Fanboys don't make up billions in box office. The fanboys/trolls hitting the audience feedback are the smallest of minority.

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