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  1. The thing Spielberg and others never considered fully is how the international market would grow up as countries developed. You can make a $200m movie like Justice League that essentially "bombs" in the United States but still will make money because it made $400m+ from international. The last 6 months alone have show how many different films are being made and profitable on a huge scale. Everything from indie movies to blockbusters. Also, the sort of whining that Spielberg said where "I almost had to put Lincoln on HBO" was because Spielberg has a ridiculous and well earned structure and cut that he gets when he makes a film. Yeah, studios aren't wiling to take all the risk while he takes none and still gets a bucket of money on certain projects.
  2. No, it isn't at all. The stupid comparisons to Blockbuster are completely misguided and that Spielberg article is going on 5 years old and none of it has materialized, and in fact has gone the opposite way.
  3. Well, hate to be the bearer of bad news again, but the numbers aren't promising. The per theater average is still well behind where it needs to be and made less than $1m on Monday. Going to really now come down to Fri/Sat/Sun to show a solid hold.
  4. Did you guys somehow miss the Rolex Oscar's commercial? There is 13 seconds of Pandora visuals in it. I'm guessing it is pre-Avatar 2 stuff they used specifically for the commercial. Starts at :42 seconds.
  5. Possibly. Still might clock in at 6th or 7th and then potentially worse next week. The prospects of this sticking rely on the next 7 days.
  6. The best legs for this might get it to $50m but this weekend will tell a lot. If it doesn't drop sub 40% this weekend, it is dead in the water.
  7. Yeah, you're very wrong on this unless the reviews are shit.
  8. I have no idea why they didn't go with Sicario: Soldado
  9. Anyone who pirates or tries to justify pirating (that isn't in a poor third world country) is a scumbag.
  10. The best thing about all of that is that the overwhelming consensus is that the user ratings went through a coordinated effort to lower them artificially, which has been proven out over multiple films since and nobody with a brain points to them as evidence of anything other than unreliable. I'm a truth teller and saw it before everyone else.
  11. I shouldn't say this because I don't want to inflate his ego, but I like me some @IronJimbo and he legit cracks me up. I love fucking with him.
  12. Yeah, I get condescending and can be a dick sometimes. At the end of the day, it is a forum and we are all characters on there. This is all in good fun even on my part or if you don't think it is. I have no ill will to anyone on here, but this is simply the back and forth of a message board. Don't take it too seriously. I'm only even attacking your box office takes and never you personally. I don't know any of you in real life, so realize it is all within this forum.
  13. "Could be a valuable poster" I've posted more value in the last half page than you have in 14,000+ posts. Sorry.
  14. Yeah, I am less than nice sometimes on here. I did try and explain it fairly nicely at first but MovieMan89 continued to spew bullshit and false narrative, so at that point sometimes it isn't the worst thing to be blunt about it when it gets to that point.
  15. Maybe because I have the ability to talk about something other than a single movie that came out 9 years ago? Try it and maybe your likes will go up and people might take you a bit more seriously.
  16. Translation = you made an ass out of yourself on this and now want to change the subject. Bold strategy, Cotton.
  17. Here are the most common ways a movie can be fudged.... At the start of a run of a movie, the studio does buyouts instead of promo screenings. Instead of paying a theater rental rate for a promo screening, they simply do a buyout and pay for every seat and have the theater report the gross on opening day. No customer has paid for tickets but the studio has and it boosts the gross. Studio has a sneak peak of another film and then takes that gross and puts it towards a current movie in theaters. Customers paid for one movie but it gets applied to another. Studio does the double feature trick where the entire gross can be applied to both movies. Takes the new popular movie and puts it with the old movie they are trying to push over a threshold and lets it piggy back the gross. Sponsorship buyouts where a studio has a sponsor on the film and they have them committed to purchase x number of tickets either at the start or the end of the run and apply it towards the gross even if nobody shows up. The most famous hybrid example of this would be Man of Steel where Wal-Mart committed to buying $10m of tickets and no matter how many they resold all of that money went towards the opening gross of the movie. Fudging is one of these or similar methods. It is not on any level where a movie is still in theaters and paying customers are buying tickets and watching the movie.
  18. Do you actually want to learn how this whole box office business actually works or do you want to simply make up random shit when you don't understand something? Here is something that might help..... Fifty Shades Darker released in Feb. 2017 and Universal had a jam packed schedule the first 3 months of the year. Split and A Dog's Purpose released weeks before and both did very well taking up over 3,000+ screens each. Then Darker came out on 2/10/17 in 3,700+ screens. The Great Wall came out a week later on 3,300+ screens and smash hit Get Out came out a week later on what would end up being 3,000+ screens. Universal had 5 pictures at some point playing at the same time. Fifty Shades Darker became expendable due to Split and Get Out. At some point fair play becomes and issue and studios have to sacrifice the run of a film so something else that is doing better can stay in theaters. Fifty Shades Freed is released in Feb. 2018 and Universal literally does not have another film in theaters. They had Insidious on 1/5/18, but that was done by the time Fifty Shades Freed opened and the next film they have is Pacific Rim on 3/23/18. Since they have nothing else, Universal can naturally have Fifty Shades Freed stay in theaters longer than Fifty Shades Darker. There is no fudge, there is no conspiracy, this is simply how things work. The next time you want to spout off and make an idiot out of yourself, maybe you should stop and consider asking how this stuff works instead of making things up and flailing about.
  19. What do you think I "admitted" to earlier? What do you think "incentive" means in this case? I'm not backtracking from anything, you simply don't understand how all of this actually works. **Hint** the "incentive" is currently being given to about 30 other movies currently playing.
  20. Also, "giving theaters incentives" doesn't mean what you think it means. They aren't giving theaters anything.

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