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  1. Wow, this was shockingly good. Should have great legs.
  2. No, he's weird as shit and so is everyone around him.
  3. I'm going to give you dorks the real talk..... This move is so fucking great. The hype on the action is not misguided. It is the best action this century, maybe the best in the last 50+ years or so. Even if this were simply all action, that would be enough, but this movie is funny. It is legitimately funny. There is something that happens in the opening that will have audiences rolling. There is levity all the way through and even at the end when the stakes are at the highest, and none of it is forced. The even bigger miracle in all of this is the movie is so well shot. We see so many action movies that are poorly shot. This movie is like the most confident person was shooting it knowing exactly what was needed and what the audience could handle. The action is clear from every angle. It is brutal and even with the long running time it never feels unnecessary. Enjoy this movie. You so rarely get something like this. The other thing is they obviously shot and re-shot and cut things right up until the end trying to make this a perfect as possible. They weren't afraid to make hard decisions. This movie is a gift. Go see it. See it in a theater with the biggest screen and best sound. Fuck Netflix. This movie is why cinema in a theater is the only way to see most movies.
  4. Can't wait to see the breakdown of the first trailer to the actual film. There will be a lot to unpack there.
  5. You all have no idea. This also has the best opening of the series and people will love it. Fantastic action movie that has multiple sequences never before seen or attempted.
  6. EmpireCity

    Monday's Numbers

  7. 2.2 2.1 9.2 1.2 11.4 800 9.4 2.6
  8. EmpireCity

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    I'll take it under consideration, but will respond to any post I please within the forum rules. Happy 4th, buddy.
  9. 2.6 2.55 10.1 1.2 11.9 700 600
  10. They couldn't handle the TRUTH in the Wreck it Ralph 2 thread, so here I am.
  11. Oh, you are, but you are the type that lives under a bridge or mom and dad's basement.

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