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  1. Imagine if Covid pandemic occurred in 2019. We would have lost this fantastic records.
  2. 700 millions domestic 800 millions os 1.5 billion ww
  3. Egypt at 400 thousands dollars till now
  4. So much data What are expectations for opening weekend??
  5.قائمة_أعلى_الأفلام_دخلا_في_السينما_المصرية This link shows highest grossing local movies in Egypt. It doesn't include Hollywood movies.
  6. Now joker os at 645 millions Is it through Wednesday??
  7. The highest Egyptian movie is the blue elephant with 103 millions egp
  8. Joker is number one in Egypt now with 37 millions in egp.
  9. Can we say that the target is 1.05 billion now?
  10. Today , the blue elephant 2 became the first Egyptian movie to cross 100 millions Egyptian pound. Welad rezk 2 at 95 million now. So close.
  11. Tight race in Egypt for all time number one. Blue elephant 2 at 93 million Egyptian pound. Welad rizk 2 at 83 million Egyptian pound. But the later has better daily gross. May be both of them can pass 100 million.
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