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  1. It seem like the reason why vaccine rollout haven't been able to accelerate because of supply constraint (reserve for 2nd does in particular) instead of actual logistic issue.
  2. I am not sure if it is just slower reporting or it was indeed vaccination center stop working during weekend, but the number of doses administered always drop during weekend.
  3. I am not sure if Parasite would still have that historical Oscar win if without those box office numbers and press events.
  4. Why hasn't vaccination pick up any speed? Are people busying taking their second dose?
  5. Thanks to pandemic, I just realised Open road studio is still alive out there, have been wondering where that company go after their win at the Oscar with Spotlight
  6. USA hit 1.3% mark. Hope the vaccination can be accelerated post-holiday. I assume the vaccination path could be a S curve where logistics and public hesitation would be an issue in the initial stage and it got speed up as more and more people getting used to the "vaccination" and front line becoming more familiar with the processes. Israel's vaccination campaign would be a testing ground to validate if vaccine is able to stop the transmission. Hopefully the number of cases and death could tumble in 3-6 times without lockdown measurement.
  7. I am not sure giving vaccine based on the risk group order is an efficient way to distribute vaccine. Shouldn't the vaccine be given to socially active group first that contribute to the high r factor? We have to reduce the number of infection in order to keep mutation risk in check too,...pull down the fatality rate is only making people less vigilant and more ignorant to the severity of the crisis.
  8. I hardly see any new movies this year.....I have never seen this little number of movies in a year since 2009 despite staying at home at the record-breaking hour. hope this doesn't become a habit 2021 onaward.
  9. I can say that for 2009 (District 9 and The blind side) but 2010 nominees look very much the same as the rest of the decade. I prefer the 5-10 flexible number of nominees. By forcing the voters to come out 10 BP nominees , the final list will end up pretty much identical to those GG/PGA/NBR top 10 lists with minimal suspense on the Oscar nomination day. The 5% threshold method is making perfect sense too. In the nomination process, the nominees have to fight for passionate number 1 votes while the final BP winner is selected through consensus (preferential ranking). It is balance of voting process.
  10. Only 2.3m people received their vaccine in USA. Far from ideal speed to save cinema by second half 2021
  11. Rumours said watching Demon Slayer is as effective as wearing masks to prevent one from getting Covid-19. All these numbers after 2 months is absolutely historical-making
  12. First half was ok, but it collapsed toward to end and turn into corny third act.
  13. why an animated feature is only to be "nominated" when they expand the field to 10? They never nominate any animated feature ever since they impose flexible number of nominees.
  14. This year we could have the most unpredictable Oscar race ever, Without box office number and most of the Q&A, and campaigning aren't available, it is very hard to measure and feel the buzz..
  15. Can wolfwalkers challenge Soul? I hope they do at this Oscar
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