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  1. about 30% drop from last week, Easter effect kicks in
  2. Actually can someone tell me what happened? I was away offline for the past 12 hours, and coming back realise that movie world has since changed. I google Saudi Arabia end game and found nothing, what is happening? Don't spoil me.... but briefly tell me how severe was the leak?
  3. Sooner or later we will have a Star Wars movie happen in the force ghost universe
  4. At least teaser show something for the SW of this generation. We finally see Rey, Poe and Finn fighting side by side. In SW7 and SW8, they were separated all the time and Rey never talked to Poe only until the very end of SW8 through forced introductory conversation
  5. Those incidents are the saddest part of the narrative that people just can't differentiate between actor/actress with the character. I hate the Rose character in TLJ so much that I never address that character with her name, I called that character "Bitch" in my real world life I admit. Would i join those haters and force the actress to close down her social media? No! I see the actress as a soulful human with a career when she appeared off screen. What I hate in TLJ will stay on screen. I only protested with my foot, i.e no 2nd view of TLJ in theater, no blu-ray, and no support on Solo.
  6. the thought of only minority are thinking TLJ was bad was truly unbelievable, you can say that to CM but not TLJ, a significant portion of people are underwhelmed. That is why the film dropped 700m from SW7 despite the opening number was quite close. Don't tell me that is because of SW7 made 2b, I didn't see Fallen Kingdom had a huge drop from JW, neither F8 drop huge from overperformed F7. And upcoming EG would prove that again, you won't be dropping 700m even your predecessor was 2b monster.
  7. Agree, i think that emperor's laugh was merely an marketing tool or he will be back for a brief moment as force ghost due to the fact that TLJ offended so many hard core fans that people could possibly imagine.
  8. Apparently they subtlety agree that TLJ was bad.......
  9. Exactly, and I can't believe there are people out there thinking that End Game has no impact to Shazam and Shazam can have 3 weeks full run for its own.
  10. A proof that Marry Poppin Return disappointment is not completely without any sign
  11. I am referring mid-week number. Next week is easter week holiday. Divergent had similar opening number as shazam, and that film barely drop during easter holiday 14 6 $669,283 -64.9% / -16.7% 3,110 / $215 $125,426,736 / 25 15 6 $1,006,428 50.4% / -1.8% 3,110 / $324 $126,433,164 / 26 16 6 $776,429 -22.9% / 1.3% 3,110 / $250 $127,209,593 / 27 17 5 6 $955,274 $10,787,874 23% / 23% -521 / -34% 3,110 / $307 $3,469 $128,164,867 / 28 18 7 $2,226,647 133.1% / -1.8% 2,486 / $896 $130,391,514 / 29
  12. If Shazam is really that kid-friendly, be preapred for the week to week single digit drop in the next week.

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