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  1. titanic2187

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    This year could be a prime example of how to keep the suspense of the award season despite countless award in town, 2013 Oscar was the most boring since expansion when pre-Oscar show severely spoiled the winner upfront with almost every categories line up with their guild awards. 2016 was a good year where many technical categories + Best Picture came in surprise. Last year was too boring as well outside of BP race.
  2. Green Book will enter top 10 for a movie that never hit Top 5. It will stays at #9 for about 72m-73m Rank OR^ Title (click to view) Studio Top Rank Release Gross** Year^ 1 779 Space Station 3-D (IMAX) Imax 13 $93,365,061 2002 2 801 The Imitation Game Wein. 6 $91,125,683 2014 3 843 Everest (IMAX) MFF 11 $87,178,599 1998 4 887 Up in the Air Par. 6 $83,823,381 2009 5 911 The Descendants FoxS 7 $82,584,160 2011 6 978 The English Patient Mira. 7 $78,676,425 1996 7 993 March of the Penguins WIP 6 $77,437,223 2005 8 1,026 We Bought a Zoo Fox 6 $75,624,550 2011 9 1,102 Chocolat Mira. 7 $71,509,363 2000 10 1,103 Sideways FoxS 8 $71,503,593 2004 11 1,131 The Big Short Par. 6 $70,259,870 2015 12 1,223 Green Book Uni. 6 $65,756,401 2018
  3. Passing Venom soon both worldwide and internationally. This week will be the last week for its crazy run as Oscar season is coming to end, and theater will start to cut its showtime like crazy.
  4. titanic2187

    Bohemian Rhapsody OS: $624M OS | $833M WW

    otal Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $211,901,709 24.8% + Foreign: $642,067,381 75.2% = Worldwide: $853,969,090
  5. The tease has been great but to me the best trailer about Frozen is still the japanese trailer for the 1st movie.
  6. titanic2187

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    My best picture's criteria. 1. Socially-relevant. A film like Erin brokovich, traffic, Crash, slumdog millionaire, arrival, moonlight, spotlight, big short are always my favourite pick for Best picture winner. Movie was not merely a medium for escapist, we have too many film for escapism and a best picture winner should have encourage us to connect with real-world instead of being in an isolated self-congratulatory circle. Only Blackkklansman, perhaps Roma & Black Panther(barely) fit this criteria for me. 2. Critically acclaimed. I am huge Bohemian Rhapsody supporter for NOMINATION but not for the win. It's a film clearly got the love from public. A non VFX/action driven film got 850m worldwide without china is clearly a gesture showing the public reception. Beside Vice and BR, the rest of 6 films fulfilled the criteria, (GB barely in) 3. Decent box office run relative its scale and cost. Like I said, Oscar shouldn't be too elite like the industry and critics circle are the correct answer for all. A decent box office run is a showcase of how the film has connect the elite with mass public. Roma and VIce clearly failed this test for me and The Favourite is merely touching the passing mark, its oscar bump has been meh. Blackkklansman is the only one in the nominees that fulfilled all the criteria for me and that is why I am rooting for its win.
  7. titanic2187

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    I don't get how no one talked about the Blackkklansaman potential upset? It got all the oscar-wining ingredients. 1. SAG ensemble, PGA, DGA, GG, BATFA nomination, it basically got nominated everywhere, sufficiently to say that people care about it. 2. Socially-relevant, it tackle the racial issue more critically with real historical event (completely oscar-friendly) 3. it got 97% Fresh on RT with 8.3 average rating, none of the BP winner since Crash drop below 8.0 4. It got best director and best screenplay both nomination. The key combo in determining best picture odd. 5. It grossed 48.6m at the box office almost without any oscar-season push, suggest that general audience like it. 6. It is almost certain to win best adapted screenplay. a key path to win BP(see moonlight, 12 years a slave, argo and spotlight)
  8. How about... I am your LOVER
  9. Will Elsa pull off an empire strikes back surprise by telling Anna.
  10. titanic2187

    Frozen 2 over 1,5b WW

    1.5b is too high, out......
  11. I guess people will re-listen to Let It Go non-stop now
  12. titanic2187


    Japan Box Office: Weekend Actuals (02/09-10) (C)2018 Warner Bros. Ent. All Rights Reserved“ “TM & (C) DC Comics“Weekend Actuals (02/09-10)01 (---) ¥314,000,000 ($2.8 million), 0, ¥547,251,700 ($4.9 million), Aquaman (Warner Bros.) NEW 02 (01) ¥273,983,500 ($2.5 million), -18%, ¥1,048,062,100 ($9.6 million), The Seven Conferences (Toho) WK2 03 (02) ¥270,942,300 ($2.4 million), -14%, ¥3,245,543,300 ($29.7 million), Masquerade Hotel (Toho) WK404 (---) ¥257,118,420 ($2.3 million), 0, ¥451,596,920 ($4.1 million), City Hunter (Aniplex) NEW05 (---) ¥200,000,000 ($1.8 million), 0, ¥286,653,700 ($2.6 million), Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (Showgate) NEW 06 (04) ¥144,144,900 ($1.3 million), -28%, ¥11,347,352,780 ($101.7 million), Bohemian Rhapsody (Fox) WK14 07 (05) ¥135,227,700 ($1.2 million), -27%, ¥583,379,900 ($5.3 million), Mary Poppins Returns (Disney) WK2 08 (06) ¥133,629,300 ($1.2 million), -28%, ¥1,081,206,700 ($9.8 million), 12 Suicidal Teens (Warner Bros.) WK3 09 (03) ¥126,500,700 ($1.1 million), -37%, ¥611,194,200 ($5.7 million), Snow Flowers (Warner Bros.) WK210 (---) ¥125,000,000 ($1.1 million), 0, ¥213,282,800 ($1.9 million), First Man (Toho-Towa) NEWNOTE: Cumulative totals for openers are as of Monday (02/11). Cumulative totals for holdovers are as of Sunday (02/10). Since Monday was a national holiday, it's common for openers to have their cumulative total as of Monday released first. >Aquaman debuts atop the box office, marking the second time a DC film has opened at #1 (the first being Justice League over a poor weekend) in gross (it ranked #2 over the weekend in admissions). The film sold 210,000 admissions over the weekend frame across 692 screens, and achieved 374,156 admissions after four days in release (Fri-Mon). This is an encouraging start, and while Marvel/DC films are generally frontloaded, it'll likely exceed ¥1.5 billion ($15 million). >The Seven Conferences held very, very well in its sophomore frame, and exceeded the ¥1 billion milestone after just ten days in release. It actually stayed at #1 over the weekend in terms of admissions, too, selling 213,000. This is a great number for this time of year, and the initial ¥2 billion ($20 million) projection can probably be bumped up to around ¥2.5 billion ($25 million) now. >Masquerade Hotel also held very well, exceeding the ¥3 billion milestone after four weeks in release. It continues to perform well, and is on track to finish close to ¥4.5 billion ($40 million+). This film will remain in the yearly Top 10 for the majority of the year, and could end the year there as well. >City Hunter, an animated film adaptation of the 80s anime, settled for fourth place, but still delivered a satisfactory debut. It sold 179,980 admissions over the weekend frame on 251 screens, and achieved 324,824 admissions after four days in release (Fri-Mon). I expect it'll be a bit frontloaded, and expect a finish maybe just shy of ¥1.5 billion ($15 million). >Code Geass: Leouch of the Rebellion's weekend gross remains an estimate, and as noted above, its cumulative total is as of Monday. After three days in release, a traditional Saturday opening, it achieved 193,813 admissions on just 120 screens. I'll update its weekend actual when it's available. >Bohemian Rhapsody is still playing very well, obviously. Its fourteenth weekend is the fifth biggest ever recorded. It is now the 22nd highest grossing film of all-time; and its admissions have reached 8.26 million, making it the 29th most attended film of all-time. And it's still got a good bit left in the tank. >First Man's weekend gross also remains an estimate until a number is released. Its cumulative total is also as of Monday, as noted, and it has sold 154,251 admissions after four days in release (Fri-Mon) across 434 screens. >And finally, because I know I'll be asked ( ), no updated total for Dragon Ball Super: Broly has been released. It's possible tracking has concluded, but I'm thinking it's just due to the holiday delaying any announcement from Toei.
  13. titanic2187

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    When chinese love a film, they will call the entire nation to love it. That is why you can see the phenomenon of coco, zootopia, aquaman, dangal , avatar and titanic When chinese hate a film, they will unite a nation to trash it.... That is why they often have so many film collapsed in the 2nd week with more than 70%+ drop
  14. titanic2187

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    When chinese love a film, they will call the entire nation to love it. That is why you can see the phenomenon of coco, zootopia, aquaman, dangal , avatar and titanic When chinese hate a film, they will unite a nation to trash it.... That is why they often have so many film collapsed in the 2nd week with more than 70%+ drop
  15. titanic2187


    Venom 3 days opening was at 5.3m compared to Aquaman 3 days 3.7m, the same leg of venom will lead Aquaman to 13m. Worth to note that this weekend is a holiday weekend, which sunday's gross was inflated due to monday's holiday. like in the case of aquaman, sunday was significantly higher than saturday's gross, which is an unlikely event for next weekend.

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