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  1. Avatar number got challenged three time in a year....after remain untouched for 9 years. (for hollywood production)
  2. Using hobbit 2's legs to project jumanji 3 here. if J3 opened to 46m, it will only do around 160m...... That wasn't even the half of the last one.
  3. Starting this weekend. In both dubbed & english version
  4. Rey has force ability , which make her instantly forming connection with every one she met I guess. In TFA, Leia hugged Rey instead of Chewi , who just walked past her. Despite fighting along side with Chewy in the OT for all 3 movies, somehow Leia think that her loss can be related more by someone who she just met and only interacted with Solo for i guess less than a day. JJ admitted that was an mistake but they repeat that mistake TLJ. Luke gone but somehow only Leia and Rey can have emotional connection. Wasn't in the TFA, R2D2 turned hibernate after Luke's departure??? With Luke gone in TLJ but R2D2 stayed calm and normal, that was very inconsistent even for a robot character.
  5. I have problem with the interaction of characters in TFA but that was acceptable given how many major characters , old & new characters, but I don't expect the problem got worse in TLJ to make way for some stupid Leia-flying in the space moment.
  6. The biggest problem with TLJ is every character has so little connection with each other and when they are trying to build the connection , that chemistry isn't working. What flaw reflected in new SW is exactly what Marvel did best, building the inter-connection between every major characters seamlessly. If you think deeply, rey has so little connection & interaction with almost everyone , she didn't spend much time with han solo before he got killed, neither she has that kind of bond with leia. all she had with leia was that few sentences of dialogue. She almost never met Finn for the entire 2nd movie and guess what? Rey never talked to Poe in TFA all the way until the end of TLJ by forced introduction! If you think that is problem with Rey character alone, I can say the same happened to almost every protagonists on screen. the 2nd movie is supposed to push the characterization of each major characters further and challenge their relationship with the teammate. See SW OT, see HP, See LOTR. Instead, TLJ sent each character to their solo adventure while the first order was literally chasing them. Each of the adventure was filled with so many mindless and pointless plot-twist, and waste time on new characters that going in and out needlessly as if SW franchise is your grand central station,
  7. That is the reason why.....Joker is a masterpiece, I seen almost every Scorsese film way way before Joker, I strongly disagree with almost everything you just said, the last part of the monologue is the best part of the film, it is so messily written but that was what exactly you can expect from a full-of rage psycho without clear vision. A charismatic speech will make no sense from its character development. Why do they need to go to film school? They don't need to agree that Joker is a masterpiece but at least the those negative review have to explain why the cinematography and color palette failed the principle or philosopher of visual art.
  8. This will be first time Scorsese and QT going head to-head
  9. Joker is my first baby-Scorsese movie!!!!!??????????????????? That alone prove how ignorant you are to the people out there, watching Scorsese movie is like a must in every film school without you like it or not, along with kurosawa, fellini, kubrick, etc. why comparing film industry to engineering field is a wrong?? Didn't you know AMPAS stand for Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences? Also, i think you have underestimated the subjectivity in engineering field. Ya, you should go back to film school more often than you think.
  10. Greta Gerwig is now begging Meryl Streep to attend every Q&A and interview
  11. I think this category will end up having most surprise shock in Oscar nomination.
  12. in 1998, italian film La vita e bella got in
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