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  1. Any number for book club @Rthanos? what if BC make more money again than IW?! it's not entirely impossible, given that PG-13 rating should bode well for huge boost on weekend.
  2. Deadpool 2 number is pathetic, that 12m is even lower than its thursday's preview 18.6m X-men frontloadedness is striking back! Can't imagine if x-men is filmed like a horror film , like new mutant, overwhelming frontloadedness of a franchise in a frontloaded nature of genre....80% 2nd weekend drop!!
  3. Isn't it ER now is even worse than when IW first debut?? If IW were with current ER, it will break 2b for sure.....
  4. so India is still going to fall behind of france and gemany in total
  5. China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    The star wars is so little known that they don't know how a sw film should.look like
  6. Official France Box Office Thread

    they are so used to watch star wars during Christmas time
  7. Official France Box Office Thread

    Do french know solo is opening this week?
  8. what happened to book club?? mini TGS?
  9. Luckily titanic haters are in minority and their power are in diminish, and forever the group will be. While titanic legacy will go on and on
  10. you actually comparing the year when the sales reached its peak to the year when the sales were in its weakest , we all 2001, german cinema are in its peak. and 2014, was a weak year, not only in germany, but globally, only 1 1b movie TF4 and that is thanks to china
  11. i will not stop attacking titanic backlash, this is the most ridiculous stunt to hate titanic..... Haters clearly don't understand how emotion is part of the humanity and Titanic is full of emotional element and therefore, a true humanity in cinematic world. If a movie make so many people left the theater in tears, clearly haters lost their heart and intelligence Haters clearly don't understand, how Titanic mixed the spectacle visual experience and top-class technology filmmaking process with emotional element and sense of melancholy. The movie proved that visual sensation and emotional experience are not mutually exclusive. Eyes and Heart are synced, but hater's brain aren't synced with blood I have seen thousand of great film as proclaimed by many, i dont think in what way the greatness of titanic is lesser than those

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