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  1. 7 days average still at 500k range and normally trending lower during weekdays but soared higher during weekend. With delta ravishing, ideally USA should have at least 1.5-2m doses administered per day for at least 3weeks to race ahead delta, now it isn't even half way there.
  2. 800k+ vaccination yesterday in USA. The highest in 3 weeks. This is very likely due to resurgence and shift in tone among GOP. USA was in its bottom of the curve throughout June , this should be the golden window to have more vaccination buffer in time for 2nd dose and subsequent window for reaching full level of protection. Instead, false sense of security took over, leading people to believe they can get away with it without being vaccinated or move on easily from this whole crisis.
  3. The real problem is until now into summer, there isn't a surprise hit or overperformer. You just highlight the faults of each films, without realising that all these flaws have been with the films that debut in pre-pandemic world also, this isn't something new that we only see in this summer.
  4. People should fight Covid-19 with mass vaccination or mask mandate, not by closing the business or put them below full productivity. Don't forget that saving livelihood is almost as important as saving life
  5. The real world data suggest opposite. UK outbreak lately is so much worse than in Israel in number of new cases, admission and death. And I don't see Israel impose any stricter rules than UK before 19Jul
  6. I don't know by how much Dune will be impacted by HBO max but for sure HBO max won't help its box office run
  7. I think only DGA has this rule. AMPAS still allow day-to-date release. So that won't affect Dennis chance that much. As for box office, I will be very disappointed if this make similar number as GvK.
  8. It doesn't matter, 70% coverage is pretty much the maximum limit of one country can go. Everything from here is a bonus
  9. Hope by october, every variant or whatever can be gone by then and welcome people to see this on big screen!
  10. Unexpected early given most of the WB releases lately have their trailer release nearer to the release date. I initially thought they will coincide trailer release with Venice or TIFF
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