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  1. They better begin this fast, Very rare I see Part 1 and 2 story have interval longer than 2 years. Pirate of Caribbean 2&3, HP 7.1 and 7.2, HG3.1 and 3.2, LOTR trilogy , all have sequel 1 year after the predecessor, excluding those film with complete standalone story.
  2. By the way, Is sunday some regional holiday? Why there are many films have better sunday hold than last week's?
  3. Actually not that far higher than C3 (1.6m) and lower than SJ (2.1m). If WB really base their sequel or not decision on HBO max, this isn't great omen since SJ, TSS and MK all have higher viewership than dune but no news on sequel. Luckily os numbers are good. Assuming 10% of the household would have gone to theater if without HBO max, that is 190k household and take 1-2 people from each household, that is 285k attendance which translate to $3.5m box office gross at bare minimum on opening weekend. After all ,the marketing pushing people to see it on the biggest possib
  4. No, not including booster shot. The tracking have 3rd shot in the separate list. If so, the percentage of fully vaccinated crowd against total population wouldn't increase as much.
  5. Actually Dune is the first movie in a while that came in above estimate this much since?? I remember most of major opening have their Sunday overestimated eventually. Also, aside from boring Fri, Saturday and Sunday hold is actually quite good. Unfortunately the horrible walk-ups in Fri basically seal the deal just how much Dune can go from there. Easily 50m-55m opening and 150m total without HBO max like Mad Max.
  6. Another candidate to challenge F9's ww at this rate. VENOM: LET THERE BE CARNAGE Sony Sony’s sequel continues to be voracious at the international box office with another $38.3M in the session for a 56% drop. The offshore total is $170.6M for $352.4M global. There is still 50% of the overseas landscape to open. Currently, Venom 2 is running on par with No Time To Die and ahead of Shang-Chi by 84%, Black Widow by 67%, and F9 by 10% at the same point in release in like-for-like markets. The IMAX global cume is $14.6M. The EMEA region added $27.4M in the frame, for
  7. NO TIME TO DIE MGM James Bond drove his Aston Martin past the $500M global mark this weekend, now having grossed $525.4M worldwide. He also sped across $400M internationally with $405.6M through Sunday. As noted above, NTTD has become the only Hollywood movie besides Universal’s own F9 to have reached those milestones in 2021. The weekend was good for $33.1M in 72 combined Universal and MGM markets. The IMAX global cume has risen to $34.2M. Meanwhile, No Time To Die handily crossed the half a billion worldwide mark this weekend, grossing an estimated $525.4M through Sunday. That makes Ja
  8. Kind of surprise by vaccination rate in USA, the pace is actually higher than during Delta's surge despite the wave is subsiding now, may bode well for upcoming winter . this winter will be very crucial season to observe how vaccine hold up against the worst scenario. Hope we can finally move this thread away from main board.
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