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  1. Before EG opened, no one thought it could come this close to avatar. After the 1.25b worlwide opening, no one thought it could fall this close to avatar. avatar 30m+ re-release number is very smallish compared to its total gross, less than 1.5% of its total but that now become the gap that EG needs fight to til end to pass.
  2. Wining over Avatar as the top grossing film of all time is a fan tribute itself
  3. Wake up!! Nobody cares to recognize the original run champion! Endgame has only one goal! $2,787,965,087! Wikipedia, BOM will still recognize AVatar as biggest film if EG failed to top that number. If wining original run alone can do the trick, disney will not the bother to release a bonus version in the 1st place.
  4. It is so irony that the largest moviegoers market in the world by gross didn't even bother to track admission.... I remember Rth once said actually they do, just not for public displays.
  5. And too bad, Schindler's list and American History X are in my black-white list which are deemed ineligible here
  6. I agree with you on this, independent or mid-sized drama film are getting crushed by the rise of online streaming and the taste of people simply refuse to see non-VFX extravaganza. But we are talking the blockbusters now, they are reaching the certain threshold like 1b or 1.5b or 2b easier than their counterpart. You can feel the hype when Jurassic Park or 1st HP hit 900m or The lion king hit 700m but today we have plenty "quiet" 1b grosser like JW:FK , TF4.
  7. I can't join, I have too little black and white film in my viewing history, less than 10 i think
  8. That make me wonder then in domestically how we have 7 movies passed 600m threshold in the post 2015-era while we had only Avatar passed 600m in 00s and Titanic in 90s. The fact is no matter how 3D fade away, the films is nowadays looked easier to pass 600m than in 90s and 00s.
  9. That make me wonder how the hell the movies come after 2010s largely dominate the all time grossing film chart, and how the hell we only had four 1b WW grosser before 2010 but we got 30 more since 2010 .
  10. Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $833,130,966 30.3% + Foreign: $1,915,100,000 69.7% = Worldwide: $2,748,230,966 added 2.9m in the past 7 days, should rise to 3.3m in actual
  11. https://www.wbur.org/artery/2019/06/19/how-i-learned-to-love-titanic How I Learned To Surrender And Love 'Titanic' He is an RT critics and he revise his score on titanic from rotten to fresh apparently.
  12. Very likely is due to the fact that SA is still an animation which tends to do good matinees business and Friday don't have that advantage. On saturday, morning session saw TS4 and SA increasing proportionally but SA's evening is better, showing that older crowd are supportive .
  13. That is because many see SA as kid-friendly animated without realizing SA is quite a dark adult-themed animation which skewed older, Also, the target demo isn't kid, but the grown ups with memory of SA or at least heard of it.
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