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  1. titanic2187

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    It's already doing great.....
  2. How the hell this less enthusiastic review rating give this movie AFI top 10 and Golden Globe nomination even before it was released?
  3. titanic2187

    SAG 2018 thread

    Can someone explain to me how Emmanuelle Riva pulled a huge surprise in 2013 oscar? She was absent in both golden globe and SGA and suddenly appeared in oscar
  4. titanic2187

    SAG 2018 thread

    So, is yalita in roma dead for oscar now?
  5. You do realise IMDB is an movie website filled with huge bunch of racist people, far-right idea and anti-feminist, don't you? It's not saying that this group of people made the wrong choice of what is a great film about, but they failed to appreciate art is art, diversity is part of DNA. Art exhibit in different forms.....
  6. Impossible, if SW7 and IW can't, no way can ED achieve that feat....in fact IW did lesser than BP
  7. titanic2187

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    leave no trace suddenly left some trace......
  8. titanic2187

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    With this, I assume the number of "SNUB" will increase and number of "SURPRISE" will reduce to zero
  9. His beard may survived in the final cut of the movie. They just removed it for some reason Like how they did with IW's trailer, many parts were just deceiving and try to mislead fans from guessing off the plot.
  10. Black panther is far from done deal for oscar, deadpool got both GG and PGA awards, ryan reynolds himself even get GG best actor nom but still ended up nothing in Oscar. No love for the entire cast for black panther, SGA will further confirm that. That being said, BP is not a trash film, it was just less fan boys-bait, less fan boys self-rubbing stuff in it. And, indie-mid drama for the win!
  11. titanic2187

    Golden Globes thread

    And the movie was in French, so they really love him
  12. titanic2187

    Best Animated Feature 2018 - Predictions

    Can I say Mirai's oscar chance shot higher, as it received nomination by both golden globe and annie!
  13. titanic2187

    Golden Globes thread

    I am so happy Mirai was in for golden globe, rarely golden globe go for japanese anime. Black panther got BP nomination without directing or any acting categories or screenplay, suggest that it is not firm as it is.

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