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  1. 6/10, pretty meh movie, and the camera keep shaking all the time even in the calm dialogue scene, to the extent that I begin to suspect, there is an earthquake happened on set.
  2. Is Halloween day bump on Horror movies true??? I feel like the bump is more intense if the halloween day fall on weekdays based on last few years
  3. I feel bad for the November movie after seeing all this summer-like money...... Moviegoers might need to take a rest in November after all these event movie
  4. looking at how Halloween, as horror thriller surges to 80m+ with 7.7m preview night, I would say RT effect is still out there
  5. titanic2187

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    I am deeply worried about Roma's oscar glory after I learned that the studio refuse to give up its day-and-date release model, with only 100 theaters are committed to play roma, Roma will have problem to even crack 1m by end of its brief theatrical run
  6. titanic2187

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    kind of like biglow's case when Zero Dark 30 was snubbed for directing
  7. titanic2187

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    I am always wonder, as so many oscar movie premiered or open to public at the film festival, did all those show contributed to the box office gross? Or simply, is the public pay for the showing at film festival?
  8. titanic2187

    Tuesday Numbers.

    Is it just me to think this or just a coincidence? Why so many 25m+ openers leggy film with drama/comedy tone stuck in the range of total of 169m to 175m? the help, bridesmaids, hidden figure(169m), get out(175m), the greatest showman(174m) and now CRA seems to stuck here too....
  9. titanic2187

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    And also, no screenplay nomination....
  10. titanic2187

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    Modern oscar like to spread out their love, sweeping across the board will lost the big prize of the night, just look at la la land, mad max, and gravity, the closet to big 5 sweeping since silence of the lambs, is the king speech, best picture, director, screenplay and leading actor.
  11. Switching career or changing the career direction is not a bad thing either in this highly capitalistic and changing world, it only means that Gaga is more adaptive in this changing world.
  12. Too bad the movie isn't going to receive much oscar bump when the nomination kicks in, Probably another 10m if the movie is leggy enough, and if WB willing to postpone the home media release
  13. Seeing how venom overindex, I suspect that general audience see venom more like a monster flick, as the meg, rampage and jurassic world, instead a superhero film.......

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