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  1. The film industry today faces a problem that share the similarities with our society and climate. Box office number is becoming more and more extreme. Film can go extremely successful than ever but when they flop, they flop bigger than ever. To be profitable, you can only either go extremely big, or be extremely small in budget. The mid-budget films are dying.
  2. Spirited Away is getting extension run in china, through it won't make huge money with that extension
  3. I don't know if Aladdin phenomenon is going to hurt Frozen 2 or help frozen 2, help as in it hype up the future princess story but hurt it because of novelty wear off. Sometime I don't get how SK musical love, BATB only did 37m with 11m opening (Aladdin opening was merely 6m). You can say that SK likes colour-skinned princess but moana did a meh 15m Bohemian Rhapsody had 77m but ASIB just straight out bombed
  4. Any news on the weathering with you? The buzz seem muted, doesn't feel like it is doing 10b yen
  5. I don't think Joker is a just a mentally ill guy in the movie, he is pure psyco, that aspire many psyco after then. The father of Psyco
  6. Many actors and actresses need to thanks marvel for reviving their careers. Paltrow is one of them, Her oscar win on best actress is one of the most dislike oscar wining video ever.And she never seen as a prominent actress among movie community since then, Harveys storm never helped either . But thanks to marvel, she now slowly crawling back to screen.
  7. I first observed this SK+Japan phenomenon leg combo in Frozen's run, then Zootopia (smaller scale), Bohemian Rhapsody and now Aladdin.
  8. Despite being a commercial success, EG is still seen by large voters, as a a unimportant , socially irrelevant, fanboys bait movie
  9. So one problem here, will Frozen still the highest grossing animation film after TLKs release??(providing the film pass 1.276b)
  10. Actually it is a doing quite decent, only if people are not hyped by the viral marketing campaign initially. Somehow this movie come out earlier in home media than EG despite release 3 weeks after EG
  11. With monday a national holidday, I think 2 days 10b yen is quite a done deal. Also, compared to TS3 in 2010, TS4 certainly has stronger competition. TS3 only need to deal with a Ghibli10b yen's Arrietty and inception. But TS4 will have WiY (I see it can be bigger than Arrietty), and one piece, with Aladdin is still strong on steroids. Don't forget there are still TLK and SLOP2 there to grab families
  12. The moment i came out from aladdin showing, I told another friend of mine,who also pay attention to box office, this movie is going to be loved by south korean and japanese. Still, this level of holding power , the movie just basically repeat what Bohemian Rhapsody achieved in both countries, if not, better
  13. I hope this can not only be a critically success but also well received by DC fans, but Todd's approach of not utilizing any comic book material may piss off some DC fans, especially DC fans are known to be very loyal to comic book material
  14. Because it is an Oscar wining masterpiece that resonate in China for decades, from piracy to big screen
  15. I actually think that Frozen 2 will suffer and weathering with you will stay ok because the there is still spaces for local film to breakout.
  16. For a film opened to 1.23b ww ends up needing some push to pass avatar, is indeed a drag, avatar opening was only 230m ww
  17. With so many breakout this year in Japan, I wonder how much space left for Weathering with you and Frozen 2 to be a mega breakout.
  18. I see this movie doing JWs ww range with higher domestic portion
  19. Marvel fans like to say EG already pass Avatar initial run without knowing that Avatar made that re-release number in 2010, way before EG or even the 1st avengers movie. It is not like avatar re-release again after EG passed 2.749b just to reclaim back the crown. Avatar already achieved that 2.788b before EG storm. Plus, it is not like Avatar re-release scale are much bigger than EG. In that case, EG never actually pass Avatar in any sense. Nobody cares about, neither BOM nor Wiki, will recognize EG achievement in passing Avatar initial run. Come to your sense. There is only one record here, 2.788b, that number is going down in mid-August
  20. Based on early number from China and RT reviews, I am so proud to announce that TItanic's number 3 of all time position will be safe now.
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