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  1. Black Widow Greater Sacramento Area Premiere Night Seat Report: T-25 days and counting Sellouts Showings Seats left Total Seats Seats Sold Perct Sold TOTALS 0 104 16688 18186 1498 8.24% Total Seats Sold Today 185
  2. F9 Greater Sacramento Area Premiere Night Seat Report: T-11 days and counting Capped Sellouts Showings Seats left Total Seats Seats Sold Perct Sold TOTALS 1 0 79 11335 12415 1080 8.70% Tot
  3. Yet when SLOP2 came out, people were surprised by its underperformance, especially with the studio's track record, which while declining didn't signal the kind of drop SLOP2 had.
  4. I'm aware. Hence my "Maybe one was enough for the DOM market". Still, then the question turns to, in part, "Why is it doing better internationally than domestically?"
  5. In a vain attempt to try to move on from Scott M, I know this board was never in love with the first Peter Rabbit, but I do think there's not enough discussion about Peter Rabbit 2's underperformance. Near as I can tell, it's not streaming anywhere, so really can't use that as an excuse. The first one was a pretty leggy hit for its OW. And kids flicks have been something of the one thing that has weathered the pandemic better than others. Yet this is just kinda sitting there. Can't imagine caps were that much of a factor as it doesn't seem to need that many screens to get to a d
  6. Might be a hack, but his analysis was pretty spot on. I understand why people hate on Scott, he is faaaaaaaaar Too Online for this own good, and he has a bee in his bonnet about SH flicks. But that doesn't stop his analysis from being good when he reigns in his more Too Online tendencies.
  7. People give Scott a ton of shit, and I understand why. But as a person who doesn't particularly care about musicals (just not my bag), I read that article and said, "Yep. All points sound right to me." I don't think all points he raises are created equal, and I do think that things can be flukey enough that if even one thing changes, maybe it takes off. On the other hand, Scott raises an excellent point that The Greatest Showman is the exception, not the norm. In the Heights for whatever reason didn't really grab folks attention. The whole "can lead a ho
  8. Black Widow Greater Sacramento Area Premiere Night Seat Report: T-26 days and counting Sellouts Showings Seats left Total Seats Seats Sold Perct Sold TOTALS 0 104 16873 18186 1313 7.22% Total Showings Added Today
  9. F9 Greater Sacramento Area Premiere Night Seat Report: T-13 days and counting Capped Sellouts Showings Seats left Total Seats Seats Sold Perct Sold TOTALS 1 0 79 11394 12415 1021 8.22% Sho
  10. Before F9 I wasn't, but since Cali is transitioning to eliminating social distancing as a requirement starting on Tuesday, I started counting all seats in the Total Seats column with the F9 track even if a individual theater chain was still social distancing on their own, as trying to mix and match social distanced seats from chain to chain would be a nightmare logistically. Not so much in a day-to-day track, but I didn't want to deal with the headache of suddenly having a huge number of seats become available when/if a chain suddenly stopped enforcing a social distance mid-track.
  11. I've seen some discussion in the thread about this the last couple of days, but I don't want to hunt for the quotes. As I look into Canada, not taking caps into account, would it be safe to say that Ontario is the only major holdout right now? Can't find any easy info on Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI, but as I poke about it does appear that of the major areas of Canada, it's only Ontario which is still shuttered. Which, given it's around 40% of the Canadian market ain't nothing. But does make me want to adjust my ad-hoc 90% estimate in regards to pre-pandemic mov
  12. Gonna have to eat my words here slightly, as I have verified that Black Widow IS available for purchase as a PWP at Cinemark for Opening Night. At $199 (instead of $149 as discussed earlier in the thread). However, there's only two PWP showings available region wide at the moment. One at Cen Arden (a 5pm showing, already booked) and a 6pm showing at Cen Greenback (still open, which is how I was able to verify that Cinemark has PWPs available for BW). But all other Cinemark locations? No PWPs available 5pm or later. As of right now. @Inceptionzq might wan
  13. Is curious though that Fandango hasn't said anything about BW's first day of presales from what I can tell. Usually they (or a studio) likes to put out a PR blast even if it is pretty meaningless when actually looked at with a critical eye. Something like "most presales for a Marvel movie since Endgame" would be a natural PR blast (though FFH did well initially, don't forget). I mean, we know it did pretty well, so I'm not suggesting anything here. Just... Curious, is all I am sayin'. (am I posting this in an attempt to will a statement from Fandango/Atom/Disney int
  14. Because they'll still sell somewhat. I mean, right now many theaters are only having one or two 3D showings for BW's preview night. Even setting aside Cinema West, some don't have any. I think having one or two 3D showings is acceptable. Just don't make it so you are "forcing" people to get the 3D showings by putting it in the premium viewing slots/screens. I can say anecdotally that 3D screen space has plummeted over the years here in Sacramento. Even Regal has more or less thrown up its hands in defeat (they used to really be bad in trying to force it on folks here).
  15. I mean, someone has to pick up the slack for JCS and IronJimbo.
  16. More seriously, BW was shot in 2019 and in 2018/2019 3D showings for Marvel movies did well enough. And in China they were/are practically the norm, from what I recall. Still, I think this is the first (major) 3D movie to come out this year, so it'll be interesting to see how theaters handle it in the DOM market. Can tell you locally that aside from a couple of Regals (which have been known to try to push 3D far beyond what the market will bear), it's only a scattering of showings. Cinema West: doesn't have a single 3D showing locally. Not counting them, here are som
  17. If people want something of a guide marker, GvK did 9.6m on its OD. Now even if those local Cinema West theaters get their act together, I can't apply a pure like-for-like comparison due to the immense amount of PWPs that GvK sucked in. This time around, I'll be surprised if there is a single PWP for BW's Opening Night in my market. And even if there are a couple of scattered slots made available, it might be close to a rounding error. Still, if I ignore that, BW would have to sell around 6,000 tickets to match GvK's OD (6,025) when I remove the theaters that are being annoying
  18. That's a given, IMO. How far north of that is the only question.
  19. @Menor Yeah, that's what I figured. Cinemark is still social distancing where mandated by law. See this Cinemark movie theater in NY which has social distancing seats for a BW showing: https://www.cinemark.com/TicketSeatMap/?TheaterId=202&ShowtimeId=410786&CinemarkMovieId=82090&Showtime=2021-07-08T17:00:00
  20. Starting on June 15th, locally here in Cali at least, yes. From what @Inceptionzq mentioned, same in Denver. Not sure about any place that is still mandating social distancing though. Haven't kept track on what states are doing what in that department EDIT::: I edited in an important proviso for local showings as I just double checked and Cinemark is still having social distanced seats in the runup to the changeover on Tuesday.
  21. I went back and checked: CM went on sale at around 7:30pm my time, which would have been about two to three hours of tracking info (versus 17 or so hours for BW today). IIRC it hadn't exploded yet, so I did indeed "pull a Solo" and arbitrarily decided to track around 26 to 27 hours of tracking info the next day: I think that's close enough, personally, for a like-for-like "Day One" comparison.
  22. Black Widow Greater Sacramento Area Premiere Night Seat Report: T-27 days and counting Sellouts Showings Seats left Total Seats Seats Sold Perct Sold TOTALS 0 99 16124 17213 1089 6.33% Total Seats Sold Today 1089
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