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  1. Domestic only, that would be over $191.3M (AOU). If you go "single market" openings, it would be $201M (IW - China).
  2. Officially, yes. They have "Brothers" and "The Toxic Avenger" on their slate as well but the release is unknown.
  3. I was gonna make a joke about a Ted Lasso Universe of shows but it felt like a joke that might become real and I'm not ready for that....
  4. Ahh yes Invasion wasn't good, I'll give you that. Hopefully S2 is better.
  5. If this was a club, I'd be out. BATB has the March record just under $175M. The Batman will do really well but I'm calling it now that it's not opening over TDK or TDKR.
  6. Which 2 would that be? I assume you mean Foundation and....See? The Morning Show? A lot of people jumped off of Foundation too quickly. It turned it around pretty well the 2nd off of the season. See S2 was also much improved over S1. I don't watch TMS (not my bag) but I don't recall many saying it sucked.
  7. People are still predicting it because it’s still going to open under $200M 🤷🏼‍♂️
  8. No no no no. Pound for pound, Apple TV+ has the best original stuff in streaming. With everyone trying to be Netflix (throw everything against the wall and see what sticks) or Disney (IP’s until we die), Apple is the only one trying to be the streaming version of HBO (and not the content whore owned by AT&T, I mean heyday Sopranos HBO).
  9. Endgame was 2:49 without credits, as I recall. It seems crazy to me that this film will be that long, but here’s hoping it’s worth the runtime.
  10. That isn’t going to happen because the interest isn’t their. Even Demon Slayer, which is a huge global anime, only did $50M DOM. There’s nothing from China that would currently interest the domestic market outside of maybe, $10M max. The point is, nothing is stopping it apart from interest in the films.
  11. This is a fallacy. Nothing is stopping a Chinese film from releasing in the US like that, except for the fact that it wouldn’t make sense business wise because there isn’t that level of interest in Chinese films in the US. That’s not the case with something NWH in China, which would make hundreds of millions of dollars.
  12. I know I’ve got a club that averages out to the MCU OW over $190M this year BUT if I had to make legit predictions right now I’d probably go with…. DSITMOM $160M T:L&T $175M BP: WF $215M The Marvels $160M GOTG V3 $170M AM&TW:Q $125M
  13. If you think that’s weak, just wait until DSITMOM only opens to $130M
  14. Def over a million (948K as of right now) and yea the comps to make are only against the other MCU shows. According to Menor’s theory, this would have opened to $100M or so at the box office 😎
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