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  1. Sooo are we doing one this week or what?
  2. Lots of factors to consider but.... Bear Case MOM = $290M L&T = $330M Base Case MOM = $380M L&T = $420M Bull Case MOM = $450M L&T = $500M
  3. Yes. He’s a bigger character and the film comes out during the summer. I expect Thor to beat DS by at least $50M DOM.
  4. Are you… The One Ring to Rule Them All?!?
  5. Lol the Titanic number is bigger on Charlie’s list and it seems to only have had 1 release.
  6. According to BOM it only had 1 release and did $145M. Was that release apart of the original run? If it was, not even really worth noting as that’s only $1.699B and would fall before the weekend.
  7. For those that didn’t notice, we passed Infinity War WW-C. That’s probably the last worldwide milestone (vs another film) we will be able to hit, unless it can leg out past Titanic 1st Run WW.
  8. I’m curious what the number would be if it hadn’t played as the NWH post credit. Maybe 200-300k higher? I feel like it lost some “drive” to view it since so many had already seen it. Using “MCU trailer math”, it puts the OW somewhere in the $140-170M range.
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