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  1. As we get closer to weekend actuals, this is just a reminder that I'm literally always right*
  2. Should be good for a $35M weekend. Won't hit $40M, unfortunately.
  3. Maybe, but they've done them every 2 years so far so I just expect Sony to keep that trend going.
  4. Makes sense. I'm thinking it'll basically split the difference between these two comps (not final Thursday totals) and come in right around $13.5-14.5 million.
  5. Despite your frequently perfect and insightful posts, I knew there was something horribly wrong with you deep down...
  6. Your inability to accurately type that sentence out is extremely funny to me.
  7. Guess it depends on what you mean by “near”, lol. I’d probably put it in the $36-41m range.
  8. Just woke up and saw the headlines saying “mixed reactions” and thought, “aww dang, that’s unexpected.” Then I read the actual reactions… THERE’S NOTHING MIXED ABOUT THESE?! Da fuq?! There’s 10 good/great reactions for every mixed/meh one! This is still going to be 90+ RT 🙄
  9. Same. Put BP2 on Labor Day and leave The Marvels where it was in November. Everything else stays the same. I'm guessing the only reason this didn't actually happen is more likely issues with the 2023/2024 films than the 2022 films.
  10. No official numbers but my 24HR estimate would be somewhere around 120 million.
  11. Yea there's a big difference between spending a few grand (potentially) on a non-commercially viable sculpture or painting VS spending $30M on a film that's only going to make $15M. Streaming is the last bastion for films like this. Not the theater.
  12. I've got a friend who's asking me about a film called Ron's Gone Wrong which apparently comes out next week? It's a kids movie. I hadn't even heard of it until today but does anyone have any idea what kind of OW it could have? I told him I'd check around but my feeling was sub-$10m.
  13. Even if some members are pushing back, this will still get a 90%+ approval rating when the vote comes.
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