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  1. Now that IO2 is no longer having a historic run, I can go back into my hole. Cya for Deadpool, chumps!
  2. Chances of IO2 having the second biggest, 3rd weekend? It would need to hit $68.5M to pull it off (-32.3%).
  3. Who would have thought 6 months ago that Inside Out 2 would be headed towards being a top 10 all-time domestic and worldwide film? Hopefully we get at least 4, billion dollar films this year.
  4. I would wait and see what kind of damage DM4 does before making that definitive.
  5. I would see $65M as the higher end, not the lower end.
  6. Ahh yea as with all things, the WOM matters most. My disclaimer for all estimates is an expectation of "A" Cinemascore level reception.
  7. IO2's massive performance has me very hopeful for Moana 2. IIRC, Moana was the most watched movie in all of streaming in 2023. I'm rooting for a Frozen 2 type run (domestically, at least.)
  8. With shirtless men tributes, yes.
  9. Nah we don't pay him all this money so he can have a "personal life".
  10. The only way to avoid a doom spiral is for IO2's 2nd WE to be over IO's OW.
  11. I've missed a lot in the past few weeks....or months....but I'm glad IO2 is balling out. I remember getting a lot of shit (not here) for saying it could increase 50% over IO OW. Cheers to some big numbers!
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