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  1. Man.. What a fun, feel good, funny movie! I've always been a fan of Seth Rogen & always love me some Charlize! 💙 Sucks that this move is being released the 2nd week of Endgame. Overall: loved everything about this.
  2. I loved everything about this movie! Have seen it twice now & it only gets better. Haven't saw get out yet so really cant compare. A-
  3. This is one of my highly anticipated movies of the year.. R-rated animation God I've been waiting my whole life for this.. Long live Rogen & Goldberg...
  4. What I tell you! This movie is a Crowd pleaser.. Saw it twice now.
  5. Suicide Squad deserves everything it makes this weekend. Such a awesome and good movie.. people with a stick in your ass stop hoping for tdk and enjoy the movie.. Can't wait for my 2nd viewing. movie did not feel like 2+ hours.
  6. Don't know what the 2 above me are talking about, I fucking loved everything about this!! It's like most people are sheep and follow what other people(critics) are saying... I have no problem with the pacing they have to get some backstory in there somehow right? The Joker? I swear everyone is expecting Heath's joker.. sorry to break it to yall that man is dead (R.I.P) I loved Jared Leto take on it.. Cast for the most part had great chemistry.. Can't wait to see it again to dive even deeper into it.. PS. got a guardian feel to it and I think this one will be a Crowd pleaser. Can't wait for the numbers.
  7. God damn what a ride all the way through. Went in not expecting much but came out needing to see this again. A. Emma Roberts>>> Dave Franco>>
  8. Man o man. Funny as shit. Amy and Tina can get it!! Mmm I want that sandwich!! A
  9. God damn. SW is fucking shit up at the BO and at my theater. Everyday is feeling like a weekend. Exciting time, it's been awhile since I've been this amped about numbersssss! Yas beach yas.
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