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  1. is it a marketing-only sequence? Because the CGI isn't so good. Still doesn't really let us see much of anything. The narrator doesn't even have CLOSE to the gravitas in her voice that Cate Blanchett has, like it's not even close.
  2. I like Shuri as a character and even though I don't agree with the actress' life decisions and opinions, I still think her character is interesting and I hope she's developed more
  3. Like I said in an earlier post a couple pages back, it's having a real leggy run in terms of critical and audience reception. Still holding strong even a year later. It's also the reason why they can't do character assassination of Wanda in this movie. They're not dealing with a C- or B-tier character anymore (because let's be honest, she was before)
  4. So many changes to the books... I mean I liked this season, it was entertaining and the high budget is nice, but when your list of changes vs the books looks like this (spoilers obviously in this link, and major, major changes to the story, basically...) There's bound to be some problems later on. All the changes they made will soon snowball out of control if they're not careful and they won't be able to follow the books' plotlines as well. We're already seeing consequences with big character teleports that make no sense in the last few episodes, all because of the poin
  5. Imagine if she would have taken his offer in THE LAST JEDI Oh the lost opportunities. Remaking the Jedi Order as more grey instead of this light vs dark nonsense Now that would have been amazing. But we'll have to settle for "yes they had great chemistry indeed". Definitely appearing somewhere on my list. random FYC, best mom & dad superheroes
  6. I wish the movie embraced its deconstruction of itself more. Right now it's half a great, thought-provoking movie, half a mindless sci-fi blockbuster love story. I wish they went all-in on the meta deconstruction or dumped it entirely, not this half-assed effort at it. Smith had ZERO of Hugo Weaving's demeanor, a complete failure of casting on all levels. He doesn't even say his signature "Mr. Anderson!", he calls him "Tom" instead. What a fail. He's also completely useless to the narrative and he was fully destroyed in Revolutions and they didn't even attempt to explain his presen
  7. Same here Studios are notorious at getting the wrong takeaways from Box Office success. Especially Sony who gained the most from this. They are also horrendous at taking good decisions for their movies. Before, Marvel Studios could always point to their own movies as the ultimate success story and tell Sony "we know what's up here, leave it to us, we're the best", but now Sony might be like... "wait a minute, can we do this on our own?" and I fear that, because they SUCK at managing their own properties. Let's not forget that private companies are primarily driven by greed, and it
  8. That doesn't sound right. Marvel never release extended editions of their movies. I'd wait for corroboration on that source.
  9. Good luck locking up someone who can rewrite reality though It's like that one comic where Thanos gets arrested by police LMAO as if that would do anything
  10. Seeing the situation here I expect theaters to open in Quebec around February
  11. That post conveniently leaves out every single good action she's done in her life (see my response above), 2 of which contributed to save the planet then the universe (3 if you include her fight with Thanos in Endgame, but that was more personal vendetta than anything else) But I love it, keep them coming. This is why Wanda is pretty much my favorite character: the situation's so complex
  12. Yeah she definitely started off as a villain, but joined the good guys eventually and helped defeat the bad guy who was trying to wipe out humanity altogether via a huge meteor. I'd say that's a significant change of heart and sufficient redemption to atone for those bad actions. Trying to save lots of people, which she did save because had the bomb gone off in the market, there 100% would have been lots of casualties. So it was a lose-lose situation here. Kill people on the ground, or try to save people on the ground and end up killing people above. Can't win, but it's t
  13. For what it's worth I've been monitoring the ratings for the MCU on letterboxd for a while now (sorting "Marvel Studios" by average rating) https://letterboxd.com/studio/marvel-studios/by/rating/ NOTE: Unfortunately the wayback machine doesn't have snapshots of this page, so I took random dates for each entry that it did have. It's imperfect but it'll have to do and you're gonna have to believe me for some entries lol. Here's what I noticed: Among the 2021 releases, outside of NWH (very recent) WandaVision is the one that's holding its score the best by far, easily
  14. Welcome to the lockdown club I have never been so glad to go watch a movie (NWH) on a whim than when I did so on December 19th (literally the day before cinemas closed)
  15. Well, for what it's worth, when the trailer leaked I remember watching it on YouTube and the screams at her reveal were real and numerous Also she placed 2nd and 3rd on a couple big popularity polls on /r/marvelstudios recently (thousands of votes) Doesn't say much but it does say something As for the GA though? No idea. I guess we'll see on May 6th
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