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  1. Just want to correct you here, the mafia are actually speaking Polish in those rare words they're saying, not Russian.

    I know because I speak Polish decently well. And also the actor is Polish.


    I liked this, Jeremy Renner is all right, Hailee Steinfeld is crushing it as usual. She's so good, how does she do it? Like her role isn't even that good to begin with, but she manages to lift any role to a higher status. Every time.


    I don't know where this will land ultimately but right now I think it's right in the middle in terms of MCU Disney+ shows quality. Has lots of room to grow though, the first episode was all exposition so didn't do much.


  2. 4 hours ago, Barnack said:

    For the movie that spawned the conversation, Ghostbuster goes from 90 on metacritic to 10, with almost a perfect normal distribution spread (14 positive, 22 mixed, 10 negative)


    That is about the less all the same/clique critical reaction to a movie one can make.


    What do you mean 90 to 10?


    The current score is 45 critics score, 8.5 user score. Let's say it started with 90 critics score, where does that 10 come into play?

  3. as usual people doom and gloom at reshoots when we have literally no idea why they have been ordered, what they are fixing or adding, and whether it was (partially) planned or not.


    The only thing that matters in a movie is the end result, so just please stop with the baseless rumors when you know nothing of how movies are actually made, especially big studio tentpole movies like this. It's nothing more than guesswork at this point and anyone claiming otherwise is full of themselves.

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  4. Just gotta say that I love that marvel are finally releasing their movies in Imax format.


    It was a long time coming and many were losing out hope after a decade of seeing IMAX-sequences never making it to the small screen.


    Well the wait is over. Might have to binge watch a few MCU movies soon lmao


    The ones that benefit the most are the last 2 avengers movies (100% IMAX A/R), Guardians of the Galaxy, Shang-Chi (100% IMAX A/R), and maybe like Captain Marvel or something

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  5. A clear step down from the 1st installment but still decent.


    This movie suffers hard from Prequel Syndrome, where the story is limited in scope and possibility by what comes after. 

    The self-contained part of the story was great, it's what comes after that's the problem. The ending montage, while fun, reeks of "hmm here is where the characters need to be so this has to happen."


    It also seemed to be aimed at American audiences a bit too much, basing the Monsters school system fully on America and all. For non-Americans, the "college life" reality in the movie doesn't really reflect theirs and can be a bit confusing as other countries use other systems, while the movie simply just fully embraces the US version of it unapologetically and passes it as a "given" that this is how it works.


    But there were a few kind of magical moments in there as well so I have to give it a pass overall. It was amusing to see a good-spirited Randall in the beginning.



  6. Starting a sort of Pixar marathon but I'm gonna skip a few that I've already seen way too many times, like the Toy Story movies and Finding Nemo. So it's more like a random Pixar binge watch due to the fact that I have an active Disney+ subscription.


    Kicking it off with this one what I liked the most about this movie were the themes and the great characterization of both the protagonists and villain.


    It's a fun movie with lots of heart and imaginative sequences. It tricks you into forgetting that it's quite disturbing that the (likable) protagonist is in fact scaring children for a living. All day, every day. Out of sight, out of mind, as they say?


    There are a few plot conveniences but it's a well-made movie, if perhaps a bit formulaic and unmemorable. Great ending though.

    Doesn't hold a candle to the best of what Pixar has to offer however, in my opinion. Curious to see the sequel!



  7. 7 hours ago, Cap said:


    This woman is my HERO. I hope she knows I am working on Eternals fan fiction right now 😂🥺


    I write fics too, I'm not even a woman nor asian but she's such an inspiration for writers


    She just does and says things without giving a fuck about what people think, but contrary to most people doing that (they're assholes), she's so genuine and kind and intelligent


    A role model for those who know where to look

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  8. top 10 actuals


    1 N Eternals Walt Disney $71,297,219   4,090   $17,432 $71,297,219 1
    2 (1) Dune Warner Bros. $7,790,194 -49% 3,546 -579 $2,197 $84,116,356 3
    3 (3) No Time to Die United Ar… $6,038,799 -22% 3,007 -500 $2,008 $143,010,207 5
    4 (5) Venom: Let There be C… Sony Pict… $4,465,015 -22% 2,640 -638 $1,691 $197,007,650 6
    5 (8) Ron’s Gone Wrong 20th Cent… $3,573,638 -5% 2,650 -910 $1,349 $17,550,963 3
    6 (10) The French Dispatch Searchlig… $2,582,949 -1% 1,205 +417 $2,144 $8,452,021 3
    7 (2) Halloween Kills Universal $2,334,460 -73% 3,098 -518 $754 $89,699,535 4
    8 N Spencer Neon $2,104,767   996   $2,113 $2,104,767 1
    9 (6) Antlers Searchlig… $1,971,250 -54% 2,800 n/c $704 $7,577,158 2
    10 (7) Last Night in Soho Focus Fea… $1,801,875 -57% 3,016 n/c $597 $7,640,510 2
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  9. 52 minutes ago, Plain Old Tele said:

    I mean, my anti-CBMness aside, no chance in hell I’m taking my kid to a two and a half hour movie. 


    Didn't seem to stop people from flocking to see the Avengers movies in record numbers. They are basically the same length.


    There is something else at work here. The movie just doesn't seem to appeal to families at all.

  10. just gonna jump in and say that I legitimately don't understand the abysmal reviews this movie is getting. 


    Lukewarm I can see it, it's a morally complex slow-burn movie that's not for everyone, but being straight-up murdered on RT like it's an abandoned Roland Emmerich's Assistant Director-Directed disaster movie without any disaster scenes in it?


    oh hell no


    That is all

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  11. 10 minutes ago, Kalo said:

    Just saw Eternals... WTF is wrong with Critics? this movie was not only good, but the best marvel film I've seen since Endgame. 

    It was thoughtful, heartfelt, gorgeous visuals and character focused. and yeah it didn't feel like a marvel film and I am so thankful for that, what did people expect?? Did it not have enough action for them? it had plenty imo, but gave time for the film to breath, I was actually surprised a couple times with the things that happened. really really good film. please go see it. 


    Yeah at this point my appreciation of each new marvel release since Endgame seems to be inversely correlated with their respective critics score :hahaha:

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  12. Saw Eternals in theaters today, expecting an entertaining train wreck... Yet I loved mostly everything about this film and am in disbelief at the reviews it's getting so far. Like this is is somehow the worst MCU ever? Wow not by a longshot IMO! At the very very least it's trying to be something and doesn't try to be something it's not, which is more than I can say for 50% of MCU movies.


    I reviewed it in the review forum but... Leaving the theater I just couldn't wrap my head around this movie being the worst-reviewed out of their 24 movies so far. To be fair it's the reason my butt got into the theater, I wanted to see the crash firsthand but actually I loved it, and my friend too. Kevin Feige must be sooooo confused right now.


    I think it might be in my top 5 MCU lmao. So you're telling me that THE INCREDIBLE HULK blows this movie out of the water? yeah fucking right. A movie so forgettable the lead got recast and no one gave a flying fuck. But at least it gave us general "thaddeus" thunderbolt ross...   :hahaha:


    I hope it has good holds but it really looks like I'm in the minority this time, so it's more of a fool's hope than anything at this point.


    Since we have a BOT face for "disbelief", it makes sense that I would use it





    me rn


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  13. I love mostly everything about this film and am in disbelief at the reviews it's getting so far. Like this is is somehow the worst MCU ever? Wow not by a longshot IMO!


    I want Marvel to make more cosmic stuff now more than ever. This was absolutely amazing!


    I loved the moral dilemma that the situation posed, Icarus was an excellent, conflicted villain who struggles with his own purpose vs the grand scheme of things. Both sides of the story are relatable, there are no real "villains", even the deviants are just fighting for their survival, it's entirely morally grey and I loved it. Nothing seemed out of place to me, even when at first I thought the deviants appearing felt a bit forced/happening by chance, and yet the movie later shows there is a reason for that (the "we have 7 days" shack scene). 


    The 10 Eternals felt distinctive enough to me and they all had their quirks and personality. They were funny and badass and interesting. I really liked that and I felt like their actions made sense in the movie, like they weren't arguing near the end because the plot said so but because their philosophies clashed together in a way that makes sense in terms of what we've been shown in the past 2 hours. They had to clash because well, they wanted different things. Also their powers were awesome.


    The plot managed to surprise me a couple times too which I wasn't expecting. Chloé Zhao has fully impressed me. Unfortunately it seems like I'm in the minority with this one though... It's ok, it happens



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  14. 54 minutes ago, TigerPaw said:

    Hehe. You think Disney didn't do background check on Tony Leung's political stance before hiring him?


    Tony and his wife Carina Lau are known CCP supporters, his wife higher profile supporter due to activeness on Weibo - can always see her wishing the state bday or anniversary of CCP etc. Simu Lui also smartly opened a weibo acct in May and say he is practicing Mandarin and hopes to go to China soon.

    I am actually quite surprised the boycotters didn't pick up on these like Mulan. Haha.


    Ya but i don't want to make this post political just some food for thought.



    That's quite informative, thank you. 


    By the way Carina Lau (regardless of her political stance) is an amazing actress and each movie I watch I get to like her more than the last. 


    Can't really blame the actors for not standing up to the CCP though. The alternative is, best case, fading into obscurity and maybe finding a career outside of China, and worst case, get canceled utterly and possibly have worse repercussions to yourself or your family. Or have your name scrubbed from the Internet. Or get arrested.

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