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  1. I mean, there is a lot of videos and posts on Internet which perfectly explain why the movie itself with its story/plot/subplot is meh and why it’s a mediocre Star Wars Don’t generalize Star Wars fan or just moviegoers who don’t like TLJ
  2. After one hour, it's down 63% liked it Average Rating: 3.4/5 User Ratings: 17,110
  3. Some news from France : 767 431 tickets sold from May 9th to May 15th (only -27% week to week) Total : 4 384 210 It just tops Ultron (4.33M total) and will top Avengers (4.50M) this week. Top All Time Super-Hero movie : 1) Spiderman : 6 459 120 tickets 2) Spiderman 3 : 6 336 433 3) Spiderman 2 : 5 335 224 4) Avengers : 4 505 704 5) The Dark Knight Rises : 4 413 773 6) Iron Man 3 : 4 386 939 7) Avengers Inifinity War : 4 384 210 8) Avengers Age of Ultron : 4 331 356 Projections for this week : 500k tickets (only -35% from 767k) thanks to Pentecost Monday which is public holiday in France (and many countries in Europe)
  4. Considering the movie will release Wednesday 24, April 2019 in France for example, Marvel will also avoid spoilers for this one so they will surely move up
  5. Official France Box Office Thread

    From : http://lestoilesheroiques.fr/2018/04/avengers-infinity-war-box-office-france-usa-records-monde.html An very good 1st day For comparision to non-comic book movie (in admissions) - Spectre : 850 000 (public day) - Star Wars RotS : 642 000 - Star Wars TFA : 619 000 - Star Wars TLJ : 504 000
  6. France TLJ : 900k admissions in 2 days (including 503k first day) TFA : 1.2M admissions in 2 days (including 619k first day)
  7. Official France Box Office Thread

    Last article 27 nov : He waits for DVD/BR sales, if sales are good, he wants to do the sequel
  8. The movie is very disappointing As Star Wars movie, it's mediocre... worse than copy/paste Ep7 If you loooove Ep7, you have bigger chance to like this one But like me, if you dislike what they've done with Ep7, you won't like this one
  9. To precise, it's just admissions in Paris at 2pm And that's the : - 3rd best score for Star Wars - best opening 2pm Paris of the year - 11th best of all time
  10. Nolan didn't have god-like heroes or vilains ! Same with grounded stories, hard to have this when your enemy is Brainiac or Darkseid
  11. Exactly ! Now I'm wondering what WB will do next (fortunately Aquaman and Shazam are safe but we can say goodbye to Flash, Cyborg and Green Lantern)

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