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  1. It’s because of TLJ and its non story that JJ Abrams had to do this movie... there was no stake/story for the characters coming from previous one. That’s why he had to put that McGuffin at the start of the movie and tried to tell a story which should have started in Ep7 and then continue in Ep8. I fully understand why RJ did what he did in Ep8, because of JJ Abrams remaking Ep4 in Ep7, RJ knew that we would have an OT again... he wanted to do something different but story wise, there was nothing Just to say, we can totally blame TLJ for TROS meh reviews, he did what he could to save that poor storyline sequel trilogy but ultimately it was poor. But the one to blame is JJ Abrams because he (and Kasdan) did a poor introduction to that trilogy and for sure, you can feel it when you see « the conclusion » of that saga. As a standalone movie, TROS is somewhat entertaining with too much fan service (not well done) but as a Star Wars movie (and a conclusion), it was mediocre
  2. Star Wars: TROS - 1st day in France - 392 483 admissions (including 1200 previews admissions) = €3.1M or $3.5M Top Star Wars - 1st day in France (in admissions) 1. Revenge of the Sith : 641 799 2. The Force Awakens : 619 200 3. The Last Jedi : 503 727 (-18.65% vs TFA) 4. Attack of the Clones : 453 203 5. The Phantom Menace : 450 531 6. The Rise of Skywalker : 392 483 (-22.08% vs TLJ / -36.60% vs TFA) 7. Rogue One : 271 502
  3. Look forward to OUATIH's performance, just to see if it could break even I can't see the movie doing more than Django, both dom and worldwide but we'll see
  4. Marvel went to Sony to ask if they wanted to make a good AAA Marvel game and Marvel suggested several developers including Insomniac, then Sony contacted them to see if they wanted to do a Marvel game. Of course they wanted, they asked what character Marvel wanted and Marvel said they could choose any character and Insomniac chose Spider-Man. Yes RoTR was announced as Xbox exclusive (but no the future for Tomb Raider games) and people were mad because the sequel has been greenlit and made thanks to sales of the first one and a big part of sales have been made thanks to PS3 and PS4 versions. Then when RoTR released, it bombed because of Xbox exclusivity and the backlash was so huge that Square had to announce few weeks after release that the PC version was planned for January 2016 and then a PS4 version 1 year after the original Xbox release
  5. No it doesn’t work like this. If the game was multiplat, Sony wouldn’t be the publisher and Insomniac the developer. Therefore, the game would have been maybe not as good as this one given the talent of Insomniac and the creative freedom, support and budget Sony PlayStation gave them. Spider-Man benefited from PlayStation exclusive hype, PlayStation juggernaut marketing for 1st party exclusive, stellar reviews and word-of-mouth from GA, etc... All stars were aligned for that specific success, story would have been different if the game would have released on Xbox too And no, there wasn’t any statement like this for Tomb Raider.
  6. I saw it last sunday To put the context, I do not read the comics and I do not know the Spider-Verse and it never interests me. For me, Spider-Man was Peter Parker and nothing else. I loved the Raimi trilogy (even the 3 which is not so good but I still enjoyed), I appreciated TASM (and hated TASM2) and I liked Homecoming. And for me, Spider-Man PS4 was the best story I had ever seen for a Spider-Man! This film is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G It was incredible, between the animation never seen but so good, the characters, dialogues, jokes and the fact that it is super touching at times! Everything is perfectly managed and I would have liked the film to last longer so it was good... This film made me discover Miles (more developed than Spider-Man PS4 for a first acquaintance of the character) and I loved it. I loved to see all the other characters in Spider-Man (Gwen, etc ...) and this film made me want to discover this Spider-Verse (me who was very resistant to it, not being a comic reader) !!! The trailers had not hyped me more than that. Frankly, it's probably my favorite movie of 2018. And god knows I loved Black Panther, Avengers, Ready Player One and Mission Impossible 6 so much. In any case, this is without a doubt the best animated film of 2018 and of recent years (and I loved the Incredibles 2). I hope that it will do very well in the USA and in the world because it deserves it amply! Sony is extremely good for video games and we know, they are very very inconsistent or even meh when it comes to their cinema business and its management but there are exceptions and this Spider-Man is a beautiful one that I recommend to everyone to go see, fan of Spider-Man or not !
  7. Paris and suburb OD : 143 144 tickets —> 4th best Paris OD of all time, just behind Spectre out on public holiday (11 Nov) with 144 065 tickets --> 2nd best Paris OD of all time for an animated movie, just behind Ice Age 3 with 156 881 tickets France OD : 694 361 (including 93 826 previews) --> Best OD of 2018 --> Best OD of Pixar --> 2nd best France OD of all time for an animated movie --> 7th best France OD of all time Comparison OD France : 1) Spectre : 900k (including 265k previews) 2) Spider-Man 3 : 804k 3) Taxi 2 (local movie) : 802k 4) Ice Age 3 : 767k (7,803M total) 5) Harry Potter 7.2 : 732k 6) Harry Potter 6 : 720k 7) Incredibles 2 : 694k 8 ) Pirates of the Caribbean 2 : 693k 9) Star Wars 3 : 641k 10) Harry Potter 2 : 631k ... 13) Star Wars 7 : 619k ... 15) Minions : 596k (6,588M total) Pixar Opening Day : Incredibles 2 : 694k Ratatouille : 436k (7,84M total) Toy Story 3 : 390k (4,36M total) Cars 3 : 323k (2,76M total) Coco : 289k (4,5M total) Finding Nemo : 279k (9,31M total) Cars 2 : 274k (2,97M total) Up : 259k (4,5M total) Finding Dory : 195k (3,43M total) Incredibles : 194k (5,49M total) Wall E : 190k (3,26M total) Monsters University : 181k (2,13M total) Monsters Inc : 153k (3,52M total) Toy Story 2 : 145k (4,53M total) Inside Out : 121k (4,51M total) Toy Story : 99k (2,75M total) Cars : 91k (2,06M total) EDIT : Finals go up with 694k instead of 636k previously reported
  8. Paris and suburb 2pm : 41 082 tickets sold (SW7 : 36 360) France 2pm (including Paris) : 150 171 --> Best opening of 2018 above Avengers IW and above SW7 (139 169) Thanks to "Fete du Cinema", weather, holidays and no match of World Cup today until Friday (France-Uruguay)
  9. Expect a big OD in France, inflated by « Fete du Cinema » where all tickets are at 4€ (instead of 10-12€ average) UGC Les Halles - 9am Biggest debut ever for animated movie I talk about the theater « UGC Les Halles » in Paris because :
  10. +1,5% from WED -22,5% from last THU EDIT : $1,098,950 (+2,4% from WED ; -21,9% from last THU)
  11. FRIDAY UPDATE: Adding 23 offshore markets on Thursday, Universal Pictures/Amblin Entertainment’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has upped its international box office to $39.3M in early play. The J.A. Bayona-directed installment was open in 30 total markets through yesterday. https://deadline.com/2018/06/jurassic-world-fallen-kingdom-opening-weekend-box-office-international-1202405551/ Breakdown: WED : $20.2M (7 markets) THU : $19.1M (+ 23 new markets)
  12. 2.088M first week For a website, I don’t know sorry
  13. It will beat it thanks to brand and bad weather in France, projections have it to 1.250M admissions first week (WED to TUE) OD in France is far ahead Solo (89k) and ahead Deadpool 2 (216k) but below JW (359k) Final figures soon https://twitter.com/boxofficeleblog/status/1004646041524801536?s=21 EDIT : OD in France = 270k (including 70k previews) from Universal Pictures France president/ceo
  14. I mean, there is a lot of videos and posts on Internet which perfectly explain why the movie itself with its story/plot/subplot is meh and why it’s a mediocre Star Wars Don’t generalize Star Wars fan or just moviegoers who don’t like TLJ
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