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  1. I feel like you are underestimating Frozen's admissions in Europe ( and maybe in US as well though to a lesser extent). Don't forget it's an animated movie so kids prices should lower its average ticket price quite a bit. For example, you have its ATP in Europe at$8.22 but I don't even think there's any country there where its ATP was that high (maybe Germany? and if so, just barely).
  2. That might be true for DC or Marvel but not for Star Wars. As someone who often browses reddit, I can tell you that no one hates Star Wars movies more than its own fans.
  3. 10 actually, as there's also two chinese movies which will make more.
  4. By the way, for this data, I need to credit not just tyrannyreborn from the BOM forums (whoever that is) but also Inny Binny from the WOKJ forums since that is the one from whom I actually saw it after BOM was nuked It seems you @Jiffy even posted on that same page (assuming that Jiffy is the same user as you) and are the one who prompted him to post those numbers there so you can retroactively thank yourself too lol.
  5. I think this is what you are talking about:  I actually posted that here, like three years ago My commentary at the end there isn't quite right however. Titanic opened on December 20, 1997 in Japan so the $4.0m is actually for the first four days rather than the first weekend (which is just Dec 20-21). It's first weekend was probably around $3m so its overall multi should be like x70 or so.
  6. That's pretty much my point though. I'm arguing that every year, there is always something to watch even though some years are undoubtedly stronger than others. Charlie and some other users (like @JimiQ) seem to be implying that without the MCU/Disney, the WW BO will simply collapse despite the fact that no such thing has ever happened in the over 100 years of movie making.
  7. We did not have the MCU or Star Wars or live action remakes but we instead had Potter, Transformers, and Ice Age franchises. Also, I disagree with your assessment that The Lion King would have done $1.3 to $1.4Bn in 2009, that would require $850m-$950m which no movie even came close to doing in the 2000s besides Avatar, not even Spider-Man, Shrek 2, Dead Man's chest, Transformers or The Dark Knight despite all making over $400m dom, yet another proof of the effect of international market expansion. Box office is in fact very close to a zero sum game. In 2012, the biggest franchises at the time all had a movie released and each of them achieved franchise heights worldwide, or came close to it (Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, Skyfall and The Hobbit) while 2013 had none of those yet the WW box office was mostly unaffected. Why? Believe it or not, people will find something else to watch. 3D existed before Avatar. Ice Age 3 and Up for example were available in 3D and generated over 40% of their gross in that format. But none of them made $2B+ showing that you need more than just being in 3D to achieve such phenomenal heights. I'm not sure how the rest of your post is a rebuttal to what I said though. Are you saying that Avatar is partially responsible for the blowing up of the box office since then? Sure, but that seems to be a tacit acceptance that it is indeed easier to gross more today.
  8. The thing though, is that all the movies released in 2009 had the same advantages and disadvantages that Avatar had, and all the movies released today have the same advadvantages and disdvantages that Endgame has. Yet no other movie grossed over $1 billion that year whereas at least 5 will do so this year. That to me is the best possible proof that Avatar had the more impressive run.
  9. Avatar ended up at #1 (in lc and US$) in most Latin american countries in 2009, that's not remotely "weak." Ice Age did surpass it in some countries (or most, if you use admissions) but that's also going to happen this year with Endgame and Toy Story 4 and no one would consider Endgame's latin american performance as weak. This territory is just extremely friendly to animation.
  10. This is an interesting chart but I don't think it does that (the part in bold). The argentine number (among others) shows that you can't dissociate ER from inflation.
  11. Well, people were willing to pay for that price so that's not really a negative.
  12. Avatar is not the weakest all-time grosser. It beat the previous record owner by $900m+ (50%+). Endgame would be a better candidate to that title since it barely squeaked by.
  13. So begins the era of sequels dominating the Top. Though since it had to happen, I'm glad Endgame is the first one to do so. This is not just a win for Endgame but it is one for the entire MCU. Over 20 films with over $20 bllion WW, definitely the greatest cinematic achievement of all time.
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