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  1. If this is correct, then 'Eftyhia' sold another 40,249 tickets during the weekdays. 🤯
  2. Assuming it doesn't fall off the face of the Earth in the coming weeks, this has a chance at entering the all-time Top 15 in Greece, surpassing 'Battlefield Constantinople' (751,117 admissions)
  3. Titanic 3-day OW - 60.108 tickets http://www.tovima.gr/culture/article/?aid=95883
  4. I was using the 'actuals' from BOM ($164.03m and $72.75m). Maybe they're wrong.
  5. I think there is a mistake with the UK and France grosses. Former is too low, latter is too high.
  6. TFA: ~$72.9m It should end its run with about $85m.
  7. TFA: Weekend (admissions): 583.388 (-31%) Weekend (gross): ~$7.3m Total (admissions): 7.630.761 Total (gross): ~$93.9m http://www.insidekino.com/DTop10/16/DTop16JAN7.htm
  8. France BO: Last weekend: $12.22m ($66.56m total) Up to Jan 5: $67.84m Up to Jan 10: $76m (according to ERC) This weekend: $8.16m (-33.22%) Don't know where the -65% came from.
  9. Up to Sunday (3/1) SWTFA: €74.776.470 Spectre: €65.182.184
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