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  1. Amrwael22

    Monday's Numbers

    correct.. we are from North Africa but Arabs are usually called middle eastern tho
  2. I hope the actuals are 199M and they report it 200M so everyone would be happy
  3. People here especially in the China thread make alot of effort to predict numbers based on presales and other movies with the same trend, Actuals being over or under their predictions is not their fault it's just how Box Office works..
  4. So how much will be the final number OD around 390M ?
  5. Amrwael22

    Wednesday numbers: IW $7M

    naah i saw that a couple of times here and some who wanna make the numbers seem bad by any means
  6. Amrwael22

    Wednesday numbers: IW $7M

    When i don't like a movie and it makes a lot of money i shut up like(Jurassic world, Beauty& the beast...). But i don't call a 1.9-2.1 Billion dollar movie i hate a disappointment because i will just look stupid
  7. Amrwael22

    Tuesday (9/5):- Infinity War - 10.67m

    AOU wasn't that bad but it was a bit forgettable i guess
  8. This is making in 3 weeks what most thought it will make in its entire run and still some complain
  9. It's so funny that people here haven't changed since i first found the formus during Man of steel walmart weekend

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