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  1. BO runs such as that of Titanic were extremely uncommon in the 90s as well. The only movies with ultra-leggy runs (but at a much smaller scale) from that era that I can now think of were: a) As Good As it Gets, b) Good Will Hunting, c) There's Something About Mary, d) Scream. Also, Forrest Gump from 1994 can be considered the next best thing after Titanic and maybe also The Sixth Sense.

    Top Grossing Movies of 2019 Predicts

    Okay, neither of us has a crystal ball. Maybe you are right and I am wrong. Maybe also somehow Episode 9 is great and takes theaters by storm, but if I had to bet, I would say that it won't do that well, meaning that it will gross even less than SW8. I hope we are here this time next year and see what happens then.

    Top Grossing Movies of 2019 Predicts

    The Last Jedi did immense damage, damage that no Jar-Jar or clunky one-liners could ever do. This was reflected in Solo's BO, and will be reflected again and more emphatically with Episode 9. You can quote me on this in a year's time.

    Top Grossing Movies of 2019 Predicts

    No way is SW9 going over $600M. Massive damage has already been done to that franchise. It's coming a lot lower than most are expecting.

    Wednesday numbers

    Gonna watch Bird Box right now. Sounds interesting.
  6. Not only are SH movies a genre, they are a very narrow one at that. The good thing about this narrow genre though, is that it can be combined with elements from other genres with ease. Also, there is so much existing material from decades of comic books, which makes it easier to pitch more and more movies.
  7. Suddenly, it's looking very good for the DCEU. Should they just bring back Cavil & Affleck?
  8. The underlying trend with SH movies is clear. There is absolutely nothing to suggest a turnaround anytime soon. Of course nobody has a crystal ball, and consumer preferences do change, but as things stand, SH movies look like the best bet for many years to come. People have been predicting a superhero fatigue for more than a decade now, and all that has happened is that SH movies have become even more insanely popular all over the world. These are the facts.
  9. All evidence points towards sustained popularity for SH movies. The need studios have for franchises, plus the extensive material provided by decades of comic books, plus ever more potent CGI are the 3 factors contributing to this perfect storm. The thing is that the popularity of SH movies just keeps on growing all over the planet. This will be the major genre for many, many years to come.

    Weekend Thread ~ The Grinch 67m+ per DHD

    Hollywood seems to be having a banner year in 2018, despite there not being too many tent-pole releases. A Quiet Place, Halloween, Venom, The Meg, A Star Is Born, Bohemian Rhapsody, Crazy Rich Asians, The Nun have all over-performed or massively over-performed. Also, Jurassic World 2, Deadpool 2, Mission Impossible 6, Ant-Man & The Wasp have all performed close to high expectations. Infinity War somehow managed to exceed stratospheric expectations. As for Black Panther & The Incredibles 2, well, I think that no comment is required. Question is, can Hollywood really take things to the next level next year with its endless stream of high-profile releases?

    The Firm (1993) - Tom Cruise

    The Firm is my favorite example when differentiating between the current era of BO (almost totally reliant on SH movies & animation) and that of the 80s and 90s, when star power was a massive factor. It also demonstrates how absolutely immense Cruise's popularity was back then. His mere presence in a movie made it a blockbuster.
  12. Amazing numbers for Venom in China. Despite the yuan devaluation.
  13. CRA killing it, ha! So, when is the first East Asian SH film hitting theaters then? I'm sure there will be a race for that!
  14. My bad then. Thanks for pointing this out to me. Is Mamma Mia number one of all time in Sweden?

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