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    Tuesday's Numbers: MI6 - $5.66M

    MI6 has already surpassed MI3's total ($134M)

    Thursday Numbers: MI6- $5.63M

    A bit stupid to quote oneself, but it has also occurred to me that summer 2015 also had an Avengers & a Transylvania film. Was there a purge movie as well?

    Thursday Numbers: MI6- $5.63M

    Am I the only one in here who does not give a flying fuck whether a movie makes 699.999999999999M or 700.00000000000001M? I mean, what's the difference?

    Thursday Numbers: MI6- $5.63M

    It seems so. But of course, years between sequels can vary wildly.

    Thursday Numbers: MI6- $5.63M

    Fallout seems to be translating at least some of its critical acclaim into BO legs. That is good to see. Now, for something totally random, it just occurred to me that summer 2015 also had a Jurassic, an Ant-Man and an M:I film as well.
  6. $600M worldwide absolute minimum guaranteed.
  7. Well, that MI6 Friday number may be big or not-so-big, but if the movie is as good as everyone says it is, it should leg it out from here on forward.
  8. I am unfortunately old enough to remember a time when Tom Cruise was the biggest star in the world. Back in the eighties and the nineties, a movie only needed to have his name on the poster and that was more than enough for it to be an event. No gimmicks, no great special effects, no cinematic universes were required for a Tom Cruise movie to be eagerly awaited and make tons of money. Now seeing Mission Impossible 6 is getting rave reviews, makes me wonder, is this the film to revitalize some of Cruise's old glory by genuinely breaking out? I certainly hope so.
  9. How can I know that? But I would wager, Dr Strange numbers, and maybe a little more than that.
  10. Comparing DP/DP2 with AM/AM2 is highly misleading. The former was a massive break-out hit, the latter a minor hit. Decreasing from $370M is one thing, staying put at sub-$200M is another. I would think that that should be obvious.
  11. a) I have not seen anyone call AM2 a "huge flop" b) Are you certain it will make $650m? c) AM2 is a disappointment relative to its MCU brethren. This is I think a fair description of objective reality.
  12. You do realize that some movies that lose money, do in fact get sequels. If a studio has nothing better to do, they will try and revive a franchise. Not every movie that gets a sequel, was a success, far from it. Moreover, are we really getting a Kong sequel? From what I know, it will be a Godzilla-Kong team-up. The plans for a Kong sequel were indeed scrapped. X-Men Apoc was a flop, hence the move to reboot yet again. Are you doubting that the first two Wolverine movies were relative failures? The fact that another one was made, does not change the obvious fact. The 3rd MI was indeed a flop, like I said before, even some flops get to have sequels. Why is anyone even contemplating another Mad Max? ---> Excellent question that rational reflection cannot answer. Maybe D. Johnson has no problem showing his face, but Rampage was disappointing, and Skyscraper looks a lot like a flop, he and the financiers of his last two movies won't be too happy, I can assure you of that.
  13. Even if it does, it will be infinitely less than any other recent MCU movie. That is a major factor for any industry decision.
  14. Maybe it's doing well overseas, but its domestic BO is not OK. And the domestic BO is always the best benchmark. Also, do keep in mind that the studio only gets a fraction of the total WW BO, as well as having to shell out dozens of millions more for promotion and distribution. Making money off movies is not easy at all.

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