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  1. Box-office was a different beast back in the late 70s. Moreover, Empire did not fall as much as TLJ did. The original Star Wars film had multiple releases something that TESB did not since the VCR came into play by the early 80s.
  2. You are trying desperately to sugarcoat a disaster. I think that TFA & RO succeeded because they were good movies. The Last Jedi did in fact ride the goodwill left over by the previous two films as its gigantic OW clearly indicates. Then, once people realized the degree of The Last Jedi's suckness, things started going downhill. First with TLJ's bad legs and now with Solo's appalling OW and certain failure.
  3. The Empire Strikes Back made $209.4M in 1980, that translates into $638M in today's money, which is slightly more than what The Last Jedi did. More importantly, the North American population in 1980 was 115M smaller than it is today, a full one/third smaller.
  4. According to your theory, The Last Jedi is an awesome film, and it is "just" the GA & the "noisiest fans" that are at fault. Can you not consider the possibility that at least some of the criticisms hurled at TLJ are legit? That Rey has no arc, that Luke's character was destroyed and perverted to fit some post-modern nihilistic agenda, that Kylo Ren is not much more than a whiny brat instead of a super-villain, that Superman-Leia was an atrocity, that the Admiral with purple hair was more US politics than Star Wars, that the subplot involving Finn and Rose was needless and prequel-esque, that Star Wars should not be slapstick, that there were excessive attempts at humor none of which landed etc etc etc etc...
  5. Why is Solo failing so badly? 3 words: The. Last. Jedi.
  6. Exactly. If the quality is there, the audience will buy the tickets. Disney needs to radically reconsider their Star Wars modus operandi.
  7. If by "new stories" you mean the abomination that was TLJ, then yes, I agree.
  8. To be fair, after the mind-blowing masterpiece that is AIW, everything else is condemned to pale badly by comparison. BTW, I loved DP2, but I also understand why the GA doesn't love it as much as the first one. The first one was 50% SH movie and 50% parody, whereas the sequel is basically 90% parody. Something that I enjoyed, but the GA was looking for something a bit more conventional. As for Solo, I am not expecting to hate it all (only gonna watch it after I have watched AIW for the 4th time) but the immense damage inflicted by the uber-clusterf*ck that was TLJ is pulling it down into oblivion...
  9. Is JW2 going to open in OS markets next week? Has Hollywood gone completely retarded? 4 mega movies within the space of 5-6 weeks? As for Solo, it's not just about turning profit or not. This is a Star Wars movie we are talking about, anything below mega-blockbuster level is a failure.
  10. I'm almost certain that Solo will get badly beaten by Ant-Man 2 in terms of WW BO.
  11. Problem with The Last Jedi was not the money it did or did not make. The problem is the negative legacy (to put it as euphemistically as I can) it bestowed on subsequent Star Wars movies. As we are now witnessing. This was clear from the start.
  12. Well, I meant at least a half-serious club. Samson over BP was merely jest, I guess?
  13. Which club missed by most in BOT history? Whichever it was, it's about to get crushed bigly...
  14. Russia Box Office

    Is that the consensus in Russia/Ukraine? Or is it the consensus among SW fans in general? Because I thought that TFA & R1 were pretty good, especially the latter. TLJ was atrocious though.

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