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  1. If you are going to see only one film released in 2019, then make it Ad Astra.
  2. It's definitely the best of the Disney trilogy, but the immense damage inflicted by TLJ cannot be undone. Rogue One was much better though.
  3. All states do propaganda, both internally and externally, the Chinese did not invent it. When Trump says that CNN et al is fakes news, he is right. What he wants on the other hand, is that CNN et al does the fake news that suit him. Same goes for any other politician, it's just how the world works unfortunately. Comparing China to (by comparison) statelets such as Japan or South Korea is disingenuous. China has more than 10 times the population of Japan and almost 30 times the population of South Korea which makes it all the more easier (for the latter) to develop by gaining market share in world trade. Even more importantly, Japan & South Korea have the backing of US/Europe in terms of global trade arrangements, precisely because they are geopolitically useful in containing (ie inhibiting) China. The only comparable country to China in terms of population is India, how does that country compare? The point I was making about the Chinese BO is that China has achieved (in the past 4 decades or so) the most impressive feat of economic development in all of human history, this is an absolute statement of fact. In recent decades the Chinese government has presided over the most astonishing reduction of poverty the world has ever seen. I again emphasize, these are irrefutable facts.
  4. Typical western racism of the early 21st century. "Everyone is stupid and brainwashed by their governments, except us." @Somoset China's economy is currently growing at over 6%, way faster than US/EU/JPN. The CCP has delivered economic growth previously unimaginable in both scale and rapidity. These are undeniable facts. This being a forum dedicated to the global BO, you should give more respect to China and their government. I remember when buying Screen International in the late 90s (the only publication which at the time gave numbers for the BO, beyond the US/UK) There were two pages devoted to the North American BO, and another two pages devoted to the rest of the world, which included all secondary markets (Japan, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Scandinavia) Back then, Chinese BO numbers did not exist, because no Chinese BO really existed. Now, a short 2 decades later the Chinese BO is directly comparable to that of North America. Let that sink in.
  5. With all due respect. You are gravely mistaken. It's easily better than most of those. Interstellar: Flawed but epic. Gravity: Simply awesome Fury Road: Mediocre and astonishingly overrated 12 Monkeys: Very, very good and intelligent. 2001: Maybe the best film of all time Apocalypse Now: One of the best ever Arrival: Interesting and well-crafted, compromised by post-modernist gibberish Oblivion: Okayish First Man: The only Ryan Gosling film I could not see through to the end It's easily better than 6 of those. And since this is a BO thread, will it open over $20M? What can it do internationally?
  6. So the even further cretinization of world cinema is down to the age profile of audiences? It could be. I will look into it. Have you seen it? What is your view? In my opinion, Ad Astra is easily better than Interstellar (which as epic and beautiful as it is at times, has some clunky moments, uneven pacing and cheesy dialogue) It's more or less as good as Gravity (both quite unconventional in their narrative approach) But Gravity being more economical and more action-focused definitely is an easier sell to the infantile general audience.
  7. First time I saw it on Thursday night, I was thinking that it would be such a great shame if this film tanked at the BO (which due to its nature I thought quite possible) It's a brilliant film, I have already seen it twice. It should be doing Gravity or Interstellar numbers. The GA is mentally retarded, there's nothing else to it. As for marketing, yes, I was very surprised at how little hype there has been around it. Interstellar & Gravity were aggressively marketed (both are inherently more commercial though) Let's hope that domestic BO, international BO and then awards buzz can carry this masterpiece to at least break even. Because what the world needs, is more films like Ad Astra and less ITs, less SHs and less cartoons with stupid talking animals.
  8. I think that many people will agree with my assessment. IW it's just better in every respect: a) Thanos, a great villain, as good as Darth Vader. b) Great action set-pieces where the viewer clearly understands what is going on and with real consequences. c) Great management of several characters. d) Better pacing. e) Better dialogues, script and jokes. f) Much better CGI. Endgame, even though adequate in itself, feels more like an anti-climax by comparison. I am sure many viewers agree with this evaluation. Edit: The reduction of Thor into a comic relief cliche doesn't help either.
  9. a) It's the saga's finale. b) It has ridden on the mass enthusiasm and tremendous goodwill bequeathed by Infinity War. Any box-office nerd understands this.
  10. Endgame is about to dip below Infinity War in terms of daily grosses. Unsurprising as it is a vastly inferior film. I saw IW 4 times at the theater, Endgame, just once.
  11. Titanic was the most sensational BO run I can ever remember ( especially its WW numbers) It just went so far ahead of what was thought possible at the time. It literally made a mockery of BO records as those were back then. Endgame is also sensational, not only in its massive global haul, but in that it is the 22nd installment in a franchise that has put to shame all others -> U.N.B.E.L.I.EV.A.B.L.E.
  12. Just checked all time UK BO. The Last Jedi did in fact outgross Infinity War, and by some margin. Incredible! In matter of fact, the MCU does not seem to be that popular in the UK as IW is lower down the table than Toy Story 3, BatB, Titanic, Harry Potter finale. If Endgame is doing this well over there, then this does indeed demonstrate (even further) the unique momentum behind Endgame.
  13. It's 34 to 35. Absolutely zero chance for Endgame to have increased from Monday.
  14. So, average ticket price in Russia is $4.40? Affordable.
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