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  1. Your daughters are secretly WWII aficionados? I am watching this tonight on opening night, hoping there will be some cool Spitfire vs Messerschmitt dogfights!
  2. I am expecting Ragnarok to genuinely break out as well. The trailer looks terrific, the cast is perfect (especially, Cate Blanchett) and it will lead us directly to Infinity War. I am 100% with you on this one.
  3. But isn't the new Spiderman somewhat ineffective? I know that Marvel went for the "rookie" angle in this one, but for most of the film, the new Spidey comes out as quite ineffective and incompetent. Vulture (in reality, Keaton's acting) is awesome though.
  4. Agreed. But Apes defeating humans, even when using far inferior technology? It just looked so stupid. Since Apes are intelligent in these movies, at least have them use equal tech to that of men. Look, even if you violently disagree with my claims, I am willing to listen to your counter-arguments, but this type of juvenile reaction probably indicates a lack of seriousness on your part. Oh, you misunderstood me. What I meant was that non-Anglophone audiences, have difficulty in comprehending the subtlety of English-language films, not subtlety in general. Of course, the Europeans, Japanese, Russians or South Americans can and do make quality and intelligent films. In my opinion, there's a very obvious agenda. I mean, standard left-liberal talking points are repeated verbatim in many of today's Hollywood movies. Also, standard left-liberal fantasies are reproduced on the big screen in motion pictures with massive budgets. I am sure that schools in Queens, NY are ethnically diverse, but does the movie reflect those demographics faithfully? I am quite unaware of the demographics of that part of the USA, but the casting in almost all Hollywood films nowadays, looks much more artificially and strategically designed, rather than an effort at a faithful representation of real-world demographics. I can go into detail regarding this point if you want. But allow me to give one very obvious example from Hollywood in general. In the US (and this has been the case for more than a decade now) Latinos have outgrown blacks as the number 1 minority in terms of % of the total population. Is this demographic reality faithfully reflected in Hollywood movies? Not at all! As for SPH itself, is the movie merely attempting at reproducing an accurate reflection of Queens demographics and group dynamics? Or is it strategically picking and choosing each role, line of dialogue and plot point carefully so as to present recent demographic developments in a very positive light? I reckon the latter. No ideologist perceives himself as an ideologist. For a Marxist, the class-struggle is the most self-evident of truths and the locus of history, for a fascist, the struggle of nations for supremacy and the survival of the fittest is the great lesson of history, for the libertarian, individualism, selfishness and the free market are as natural as wind and rain. For the left-liberal, multiculturalism is an end-in-itself and the inevitable result of historical progress and so on and so on. No ideologue perceives his own ideology as well as his own propaganda for what they are, even though they would readily accuse their opponents of doing exactly that all the time.
  5. I thought it was bang-on average tbh. The climatic battle in which apes with primitive technology defeat the humans was ludicrous in my opinion. The first film in this series, was pretty good though, no doubt about that. Absolutely. Non-English speakers have a hard time appreciating films, especially those with any kind of subtlety, so they just go for the spectacle or kiddie fare. But to the defense of non-Anglophone audiences, they are also far less susceptible to Hollywood's increasingly aggressive ideological agenda. SMH, is more of "coming-of-age" movie that is integrated into the MCU, rather than an epic superhero spectacle. It leaves the blockbuster fan in want for that "WOW" sequence that is never delivered. DC fans, want to get one back over Marvel fans who so provocatively shat all over BvS & MoS. Definitely. But that is from a very low base. Not great in and of itself. Really? In such a case, it would be quite disappointing. Having seen the film, I can confirm that this accusation is 100% valid.
  6. Am I the only one who thought that Apes 2 was stale and a bit ludicrous? (I just can't accept the concept of intelligent apes)
  7. Spiderman H gets a lot things right, but the shocking lack of epic action scenes, the long running time and the very sparse use of RDJ really compromise it. It's also too self-referential (which will be a major issue for MCU movies going forward, since we are now approaching two dozen movies in this franchise) But, I have to repeat again, that SH, failed to provide the awesome action scenes that audiences demand nowadays.
  8. Your claim is debatable. Is there any evidence that August blockbusters tend to over-perform? If that was indeed the case, wouldn't Hollywood's accountants taken notice by now and behave accordingly? I think Suicide Squad rode the wave of hype around Harley Quinn and the Joker. Had it been a better film, it would have smashed through the $400M domestic barrier. I am certain of this.
  9. I think that the SMH OW is a bit disappointing after such positive reviews. Maybe we can expect mighty weekdays?
  10. SMH's first Saturday is lower than Suicide Squad's equivalent by $1.8M. Good, bad or not that meaningful?
  11. It means that Selina Kyle (especially as portrayed in Batman Returns) far more accurately reflects feminine nature and psyche (albeit, in a highly stylized and idealized form) just as Batman/Iron Man better reflect masculine nature and psyche (again in an stylized/idealized form) in comparison to the one-dimensional Superman.
  12. Yes, that's precisely the point, Selina Kyle is both more awesome and more realistic than Wonder Woman.

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