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  1. 2nd trend is up, looks a bit worse than the first one, apart from Angry Birds 2: #1 It 2 175k #2 Downton Abbey 120k #3 Rambo 110k #4 Angry Birds 2 110k #5 Ad Astra 75k #6 Gut gegen Nordwind 55k #7 Once upon a Time... 55k #8 TLK 50k #9 Systemsprenger 40k #10 Good Boys 35k
  2. Yeah, no. A query would be something like "so this is in the mold of Agatha Christie, yes?". You, on the other hand, went with a very clear negative connotation (lame, copycat). It also seems rather odd to pretend that this genre was somehow limited to Agatha Christie. This style of storytelling was widespread back in the days. Sherlock Holmes would be another obvious example. There was nothing defensive about what Deep Wang said, just annoyance at people who seem to judge stuff without having any idea about it.
  3. Nothing but the 164564th time of a random person throwing bs out there for the sake of attention. Plenty of people said this time, never was there anything even remotely true about it. And judging by all what we have seen in the past, the idea that "a Disney executive" would have any say on the matter of reshoots is absurd to say the least. There isn't any indication that they interfere with the contents of the movies produced by their sub-studios, on the contrary, time and time again it gets proven that they stay completely out of that. This attempt to portray reshoots as some sort of trouble is rubbish anyway. Reshoots are perfectly normal, they happen with the majority of movies. There isn't anything that suggests any larger changes are necessary, like with Rogue One or Solo. The times they did get involved was on matters of release-schedule (e.g. forcing Solo to come out in May) or if a person's behaviour could perhaps damage the brand (e.g. removing James Gunn over his old tweets).
  4. One measily teaser 13 months in advance is insignificant when looking at the marketing as a whole. All three movies had very similar marketing. If anything, the special view for TROS was a whole lot more than what TFA and TLJ got. And all three got some whining about there being no marketing at some point in time, when all of that was completely normal, as no movie uses a constant barrage of promotion. Beyond that, please go and find even one relevant movie that started a big marketing push 3 months in advance. There simply is zero reason to do so. All you do is blow your marketing budget for no significant gain. It will either leave you having to spend a whole lot more money than what is the norm, because you need to sustain a longer campaign than usual, or you even end up annoying people because there seems to be a marketing push that doesn't end. The movie isd in perfectly fine shape, it had a suffcient number of promotional material so far, and will spam the public with a big campaign in the last two months up to release, just like blockbusters tend to do. There isn't really anything that supports the theory that the movie lacked promotion so far, or that the public isn't aware of the movie.
  5. You mean the same marketing strategy as for the return of the saga with TFA, which ended up with the movie as no.1 alltime domestically? There is no reason for them to deliver any particularly big marketing push right now. All it would achieve is overload way before the movie even comes out. Force Friday in early October, followed by the full trailer sometime in mid October and tv-spots and other stuff following in the period afterwards can do the job just fine. This isn't the time were any production delivers meaningful marketing.
  6. Some random people on youtube who haven't seen the movie or really know much about it at all aren't exactly an indication for anything. They either hate it because they want to hate on something, or they are just of the clickbait-variety and try to get views by pretending there was some sort of drama. I also wouldn't count a handful of those guys to speak for people on youtube in general.
  7. Being good or not has little to do with anything. What matters is creating interest in a movie. It's not Disney's fault if other companies don't manage to achieve that quite as well as they have in the past. You also have to take into consideration what audience you are trying to reach. No matter how good Into the Spider-Verse may be, it's not exactly something that screams "this is a 4 quadrant movie!". You want a big hit, offer something that looks good and interests a ton of people. It's not like other studios haven't managed to achieve just that over the last few years either. Believing that breaking up Disney would somehow change anything about that is absurd to say the least. People don't have a blind affiliation with a studio, they watch what interests them. No one goes "oh this movie looks nice, but it's not from Disney, so I'm not going to watch it". Other studios have the necessary money to produce and market their movies. The existence of Disney doesn't somehow prevent them from reaching people. That doesn't even take into consideration that Disney owning multiple studios doesn't somehow mean that they are giving them explicit orders on what to do. From the sound of it, very much the opposite is actually the case. They let their studios decide, which is why they succeed. So what exactly is the problem? Would one of Disney's studios somehow produce something drastically different if they weren't part of Disney? No. Do all of Disney's studios produce movies by exactly the same formular? No. So where is the problem?
  8. The show is playing a few years after RotJ, not between ESB and RotJ, which is right where you could run into the first elements of what would turn into the First Order.
  9. There are quite a few German movies of that kind. "Er ist wieder da" is a satire in which the real Hitler wakes up in modern day Germany and turns into a media star; then there is the comedy about Hitler in which comedian Helge Schneider plays Hitler. Not to mention "Der Wixxer", a spoof of old Edgar Wallace movies, which includes a butler called Hatler, who looks and sounds like Hitler. And, following up on that, there is a comedy-show that included a series of clips called "Obersalzberg", which was basically spoofing the German version of The Office, replacing the main character with Hitler. If even Germany has quite a few of those, you can bet that there are quite a few more elsewhere...
  10. Well, there also have been people who complained that TLJ was too little about her and that she wasn't enough of a focus in this movie, so it seems like there are quite a few different takes on the matter I haven't really seen anybody laughing about it, much less remotely close to as many people who got extremely excited by it. Not that getting excited means that you believe that there is a big meaning behind it. If it were a large twist that you aren't supposed to see coming than it wouldn't be shown in a video like this. Thus you have those who are wondering what this is all about, and those who already believe it must be some sort of vision or dream. And that's exactly how they wanted people to behave. While they certainly did play a lot with the emotions of their characters in TLJ, there's still plenty of room left to use. Even Daisy Ridley thought that they might have played the relationship for much of what it was worth, only to now say that she didn't know how wrong she was. Granted, the people involved are obviously trying to increase the hype for the movie, but still, you wouldn't really need to go with what she said to create hype.
  11. I still don't see where TLJ supposedly turned everything on its head. And I see even less where TROS is supposed to retcon a lot of that again. That sounds more likey wishful thinking on your part than anything based on what they have said or shown so far.
  12. Nice list, though there is one minor correction that I would suggest: 2012 needs to have a 1 instead of a 0 in the list of movies above the 9m mark, as Intouchables stands at 9.2m.
  13. It's not like a force power is always exactly the same. Look at what Yoda did with Dooku's lightning (which easily took down Anakin) and compare that to the effect of Palpatine's lightning against him. Kylo Ren was hit by lightning when he tried to act against Snoke on impulse, he wasn't exactly prepared to face it, nor would it have mattered when facing someone who is obviously extremely powerful. It's one of the reasons why he realized what he had to do to actually take him down later on. Not to mention the different emotional stages a person is in. It's one thing to act like a boss when you are in control of a situation and no one around is a threat to you, it's something entirely different when your emotions are all over the place. Vader couldn't keep up when Luke lashed out in anger in ROTJ either, even though he had little problem besting him in ESB. That's what happens when you are conflicted. I mean, it's not like you can't find countless instances where a hero wasn't able to use skills he had shown before, it's all over fantasy- and action-movies. It's even true for other Star Wars movies. E.g. why would Obi Wan need to fight Grievous or his guards when he could just crush them with the force? They don't have the force to counter such a move, yet obviously something kept this from happening.
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