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  1. What the hell are you on about again? Seriously, you just make stuff up at this point. Inventing things that only happen in your head, which you then project onto Lucasfilm/Disney. None of this has anything to do with Lucasfilm having or not having confidence in anyone. Heck, you have no idea whether what Mark Hamill is even tweeting about Star Wars. You are confusing what you would have done with what is the "right way" or with what Lucasfilm had in mind. Just because you thought something was the right way to handle things doesn't mean that everyone has to think so, or that Lucasfilm somehow failed with their plans just because they dared not to go with what you think is the right course. That doesn't even include you randomly connection stuff that isn't in any way connected. Episode IX was never meant to be a movie that was carried without OT-actors either. It was blindingly obvious from the get go that the big three would be involved in all three movies (apart from Harrison Ford, who probably wanted Han to die in VII). In fact, they all but said that each of them would be a key figure in one movie, with Harrison Ford filling that role in VII, Mark Hamill filling that role in VIII, and Carrie Fisher originally being planned to playing that role in IX. It was only Fisher's death that prevented that from happening. Having Luke as force-ghost was all but a given, even before they even started filming the trilogy. And beyond that, they could hardly just ignore the character of Leia in the middle of the story just because Carrie Fisher had died, that would have been as atrocious of a story-telling as you could possibly find. They are doing exactly what they always had in mind, a combination of new characters and the old heroes. These characters made Star Wars famous, it is utterly ridiculous to assume that they were ever supposed to just lead into the new story and then vanish into the shadows. Maybe that is what you would have liked to see, but your opinion doesn't decide how things should go or what Disney had in mind, nor is your opinion the definitive one that declares what is right or wrong. Which doesn't stop you from acting like it is.
  2. Monday Numbers: #1 HT 3 115k #2 Sauerkrautkoma 105k #3 The Equalizer 2 102.5k, #4 Bad Spies 82.5k (60k without previews) #5 M:I 6 75k #6 Mamma Mia 2 70k #7 Christopher Robin 57.5k #8 Meg 55k #9 Safari 52.5k (32.5k without previews) #10 BlacKkKlansman 42.5k
  3. I agree, his time as the doctor was the best. Great companions, and he was the perfect fit as the doctor 😎 He looked young and could show a childlike joyfulness, yet at the same time you could see the actual age and wisdom of his character, and if needed he could be dead-serious as well. He was also great at playing a villanous version of himself in one episode as well.
  4. The only similarity between TLJ and ROTJ is the main hero being accompanied by the antagonist to meet the big villain. Beyond that, there are no similarities at all.
  5. It's kind of funny, the new Terence Hill movie on its own will probably not interest many people at all, but combine it with a visit from Terence Hill himself and the roof blows off. I guess the chance to actually see a legendary actor / childhood hero is too unique to ignore. Reminds of the time when Bud Spencer visited bookshops to present his autobiography, you had people queueing up ten hours before he was supposed to arrive, clogging the whole area. I think in Berlin they even hadto shut things down because there were way too many people around, and they also ran out of books, even though they had more than 1000+ at the store. And this wasn't the usual hype-crowd, it was grown men and women of all ages, from the entire social spectrum. *Sigh* the good old days
  6. You truly have a remarkable ability to twist the truth into something else entirely... The only ones who conflate criticism of those who make sexist and racist remarks with criticism of people who dislike the movie itself are people like you. Constantly playing the victim card by putting words into other people's mouth, making claims that aren't supported by reality. Those who criticise the sexist and racist comments tend to go out of their way to clarify that this criticism doesn't apply to those who merely dislike the movie in general. They also don't pretend that criticism of the movie comes almost entirely from those who makes sexist and racist remarks either. Playing the "both sides do it" card is utterly absurd. Then again, it's hardly the only case where you try to use that argument for some unexplainable reason.
  7. I don't think this has all that much to do with exit polls and all that stuff though. It is - once again - Lordmandeep taking comments completely out of context to further his own agenda. Rian Johnson did make a comment about how most of the comments made towards him were positive. At no point did he claim that this was definite proof of how the movie was received, nor did he in any way suggest that this was more than anecdotal evidence based on comments directed at him. All he did was state the reception he himself was witnessing, because that was what the question in the interview was about. There are a bunch of people out there desperate to throw garbage on Rian Johnson for whatever reason, regardless of how low they have to steep or how much nonsense they have to make up for it. This includes grossly distorting his comments (or those of other people involved), or even suggesting that he was in some way bashing fans and couldn't accept someone not liking the movie, a statement that is downright laughable. What makes it even more funny is when you look at how utterly disrespectful and insulting those specific people have been to Rian Johnson himself. Just a complete disconnection from reality. To make matters worse, when called out on that bs, they often try to pull the "everyone who dares to criticise the movie gets attacked" nonsense, which literally has nothing whatsoever to do with what these exact people get criticised for.
  8. Isn't that kind of normal? Directors tend to have their people they usually work with. Dan Mindel, Maryann Brandon and Tommy Gormley have been involved in plenty of JJ Abrams' productions, just like Ram Bergman, Steve Yedlin or Bob Ducsay had been involved with earlier productions of Rian Johnson.
  9. Now the 3rd trend is up, and the top movies all drop. The only movie to rise a bit is The First Purge: #1 Ant-Man 205k with previews #2 Mamma Mia 2 195k (-43% / -55% with previews) #3 HT3 190k (-47% / -68% counting Mon-Wed as previews) #4 Catch Me 40k #5 JW2 37.5k (-49%) #6 The First Purge 37.5k (-52%) #7 Skyscraper 32.5k (-59%) #8 Adrift 25k
  10. Um, first of all, all main Star Wars movies have been about the Skywalkers, it would have been ridiculous if this somehow wasn't something they would use to market IX. And beyond that, you are drawing connections were there are none. Of course the new characters drive the hype less than Luke and Leia, because those two are iconic characters from the very beginning of the franchise. Stating that the new characters are having less buzz than those characters is utterly meaningless, because it simply couldn't be any other way. It's the same in every franchise, and even more so when it comes to what is basically THE movie franchise. Look at Fantastics Beasts, the characters that drive the hype are those connected to Harry Potter, not the new ones. Doesn't mean that there is no buzz for the new characters, just that it is impossible for new characters to match the buzz of the iconic characters who set up the franchise in the first place. In no way could you derive from this that the new characters are lacking it, because the only measuring-stick are some of the most iconic characters in the history of movies, and compared to those, everything lacks buzz. The big buzz in the trailers for TFA was about the "Chewie, we are home!" scene with Han, yet that didn't change that there was a ton of buzz for Rey, and an exceptional reaction to her, especially among females audiences. I have no idea what about this tells you that "this film is being made with the fans in mind" either. There is nothing in this news that is in any way surprising. It's not in any way aimed more at fans than all of the other movies they have made so far. Not that there is even such a thing as "the fans". The fandom - and that is true for every franchise - is split into an endless amount of different opinions, which means that there isn't a specific thing you could do for the fans.
  11. First trend is up, and it looks like a three-way competition for first place at this point: #1 Ant Man 200k / 225k with previews #2 HT3 200k (-44% / -67% if one counts the Mon-Wed numbers as previews) #3 Mamma Mia 2 200k (-42% / -54% with previews) Nothing else above 50k, Tag / Catch Me is on course for 37.5k so far.
  12. Not that weather can truly be predicted more than 3-6 days in advance, but the trends for the next few weeks are truly bonkers. The "worst" day in my city is predicted to be at 28° celsius while being somewhat cloudy, every other day over the next 16 days sits at mostly sunny to sunny, ranging from 29 to 36°, with just one further exception at 27° and sunny! Summer up to now was truly nice. It was often sunny but not too hot, and even the few bad days had nice temperatures, but what is happening now is really too much. It's too hot to do anything outside, and inside it tends to be even worse. Mostly sunny and temperatures in the low to mid 20s is pretty much perfect, this however is not. This might lessen the impact on the box office though. If it's too hot, people might prefer to be inside, and if the weather is great all the time, you don't really need to take advantage of the good weather anymore, because you have it every single day anyway. And at worst, there won't be any huge drops, because all weekends prior to that already had great weather 😁
  13. International starts don't happen on a Friday everywhere, in many European countries it is Thursday or even Wednesday. So you are comparing 2-3 days to 2 days, which makes it much more even. Especially when opening day + eventual previews can be pretty big. Then there is also the possibility of the weather influencing things in such a way that Saturday and Sunday are being smaller than expected, putting them on more equal footing with the earlier workdays which may have had more fitting weather. Or much of the respective nation is on summer holiday, in which case the weekends are of lower importance as well.
  14. Yeah, it's definately dropping while HT3 is rising higher and higher. Everything else is increasing as well, here's the new trend: Mamma Mia 2 415k HT3 325k / 570k JW2 70k (-23.5%) The First Purge 70k (-33%) Skyscraper 70k (-26% / -29% with previews) Adrift 50k (-12% / -26%) Sicario 2 72.5k Ocean's 8 35k (-37%)
  15. Second trend is up, quite a bit of movement. I'll leave out the # due to extented previews making things look so confusing: Mamma Mia 2 425k HT3 280k / 525k JW2 65k The First Purge 60k Skyscraper 55k Adrift 45k Sicario 2 67.5k (with previews) Ocean's 8 30k

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