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  1. Nice to see, though quite frankly I think by far the best performance came from Bill Burr in Chapter 15. That's the role that definately should have gotten a nomination. I'd also put the writing of that chapter way above that of chapter 16, which I don't think was all that great in that regard.
  2. Uh, experts were saying that this would happen right from the get go. It's the nature of such an illness. Many of the most vulnerable are already dead, with plenty of the rest either being vaccinated or having survived the illness and thus being either immune or at least having defenses that makes a heavy outbreak extremely unlike. The exact same thing happened with the Spanish flu. Absolutely no one jumped down anyone's throat for such a comment... Basically, you take the outcome caused by a gigantic effort to protect the people, and then ignore that entire effort so you can act
  3. Second trend is up. Some drops at the top, some raises right behind. #1 Peter Rabbit 2 125k #2 Godzilla vs Kong 105k #3 Catweazle 105k #4 The Conjuring3 100k #5 AQPII 75k #6 Nomadland 57.5k #7 Nobody 25k #8 100% Wolf 22.5k #9 Monster Hunter 13k #10 Der Spion 10k #10 Ich bin dein Mensch 10k
  4. That's true for me as well. I was so glad that this part seemed to be done and over with at the end of the first movie, only for it to return and take center stage in part two...
  5. No, you think they wanted to do that, that is all. There is zero proof that they had any interest in that. Shia was chosen because a) he was a upcoming young star at that point and b) because it was Spielberg who "found" him. In no way does that mean that they ever had any plans to continue with him. This wasn't the Disney era, they didn't do movie after movie because just they could.
  6. I don't think the movie was meant as passing the torch at all. If anything, they made it abundantly clear that they wouldn't do that by having Indy snatch his hat out of Mutt's hands at the wedding.
  7. That's just a theoretical exercise though. They went through multiple writers with multiple stories already. There isn't really any reason to assume that they are hellbend on one specific story, to the point that they would tell Mangold that he would need to focus on it. Who exactly would tell them to focus on a story anyway? Lucas? He isn't involved with the movie. Spielberg? He may still be involved in some capacity, but he was hardly interested in the space stuff the last time around, so why would he force the issue now? That leaves Harrison Ford, and he wasn't really into
  8. That's a really odd way to judge things... James Mangold is both writer and director of this movie. If the story would include elements that you don't like, why on earth would you blame that on Disney or Lucasfilm and not the person who is actually creating the story? Does anyone really believe that Mangold would write and direct a story that isn't to his liking? Sounds rather like selective picking to me, e.g. "I like a director, he did something I didn't like, therefore someone else must have been the problem". That's little different from the nonsense about Kenn
  9. No, they aren't supposed to get it that way. Nor is it pointless to vaccinate them. If it were, we wouldn't vaccinate children against all sort of stuff. Many illnesses were only dealt with by making sure that children were already protected against them, instead of letting them experience it first hand. It also makes little sense to act as if every Corona-virus was identical. Belonging to one family of viruses doesn't somehow mean that you should treat all of them exactly the same way. Nor does getting one sort of infection from a Corona-virus somehow protect you against the other
  10. Ford was just fine when Indy 4 came out. And whether he is too old now depends entirely on what happens in the movie. It makes no sense to judge a role when you don't know what the role contains in this particular instance. Playing the same character doesn't somehow require doing the exact same things you did when you were younger.
  11. I don't see how one appearance at an award show - something Harrison Ford never was that fond of - somehow is supposed to tell us anything about how he would look in a movie. I once saw Billy Dee Williams, that was back in 2004 or so. He looked completely out of it, tired and barely remembering things. 15 years later he was still alive and kicking, and very much capable of acting in tv-shows and movies. One apperance doesn't mean anything.
  12. Really? I would have said the exact opposite. He kind of lost a bit of interest in Han Solo, though he was just fine getting back into that role later on. He wouldn't have been involved in two new movies if he hadn't been interested in it. When it comes to Indiana Jones though, he was always very passionate about that role. He was the one who constantly tried to get Spielberg and Lucas to get the 4th one going. If anything I'd say it has always been his favourite role.
  13. To be fair, other nations didn't just get a 2nd wave when they relaxed things either. Much of Europe had a quite summer last year, and warnings to prepare for the winter were mostly ignored or accused of being scare-mongering. The 2nd wave then hit once winter arrived, and things turned much worse than before. Who could have known that experts had some idea of what they were talking about, or that spending time to prepare for the next wave would have been a good idea
  14. I don't think that comparison really works. Star Wars returned to its old hero characters, while Indy 4 never left the hero behind in the first place. I don't think the interest will come remotely close to that of Indy 4. I'd also say that some past movies get a bit of an reputation that they didn't have back in the days. ESB and ROTJ didn't have particularly good reviews when they came out, that only changed later on. Same with Temple of Doom, which had a very mixed reaction when it came out. Now it generally sits below the 1st and 3rd one, but is still considered a classic, while
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