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  1. Agreed, the majority of the drop simply came from a natural move back down to where the franchise had been in the past. Any issues with the reception of the movie may have impacted the exact amount the movie made, but not the level it performed on. E.g. if it had been really well received by everyone, maybe it would have made 700m domestically and 750m-800m internationally, but it wouldn't have come close to TFA either way. TLJ not being as family-friendly / entertainment for everyone while Jumanji offered just that sounds very much true as well. Without Jumanji around, TLJ probably would have made more. Though again, that would have happened on a relatively small scale, it's not something that would haev elevated the movie way beyond what it actuall made.
  2. Um, you do realize that this isn't any proof for "how the franchise has fallen", yes? It was blindingly obvious from the get go that TLJ couldn't possibly hope to match TFA's international numbers, because those numbers went way beyond what a Star Wars movie normally does in those markets. TFA came in with a ton of hype, which reached audiences that normally don't go out to see such a movie. This in turn lead to record-breaking numbers, which further fueled interest in markets that didn't really know much about Star Wars, mostly because they were too small of a market when the OT or PT were around. All this dropped down to normal levels once this immediate hype was over. Which for the newer markets meant interest went down a ton, because TFA wasn't exactly popular there. Star Wars movies were not at the peak of international franchises. TPM was huge, but didn't even match Jurassic Park worldwide, which came out six years earlier. AOTC was very far away from the international intakes from franchises like LOTR or Harry Potter. And while ROTS fared better, it still had no chance against the big international franchises either. Yet TFA made over 1b worldwide without needing China for it. Something only Titanic and Avatar had managed at that time. Indeed, no movies came eben close to that mark, with the next best one being the last Harry Potter at a tiny bit below 900m without China. This should be a rather clear indication that this sort of performance is not the norm for the franchise. It is the outlier, and therefore useless as guideline for what the franchise "should" do. So no, the franchise hasn't fallen off at the box office in general terms. It merely returned to where it had been in the past as well. TLJ went right towards the territory you could have expected from past Star Wars movies. In terms of admissions its core markets hover around or above the numbers ROTS had, with the occasional market that comes in a bit below (like Japan). This whole thing is merely a repeat of the past. A gigantic movie followed by two big ones, before a new trilogy arrives many years later, which comes in the form of one gigantic movie followd by two big ones. And now, again years later, a new trilogy comes around, with one gigantic movie and (likely) two big ones. Trying to portray this as some sort of shocking downfall is simply absurd, as it ignores the entire box office history of the franchise.
  3. They are currently spamming The Mandalorian spots left, right and center. Maybe they feel like doing the same with TROS at the same time would just be an overload. It's not like this leaves Star Wars out of the news cycle. It's not like they really need to add plenty of tv-spots at this time. The first rush for ticket-sales already happened, right now is he lull before sales escalate again. With Frozen and The Mandalorian already taking lots of airtime due to their upcoming release / recent start of ticket sales, they might just as well wait a bit with TROS and spam the tv-spots slightly later.
  4. Bohemian Rapsody only had a single day in October, its actual opening weekend came in November. Not sure if that really counts as an October start. If you are looking for the biggest total of a movie that started in October, that would be Fack ju Göhte 3 with 53m €. Forrest Gump also had 40m+ Euro if you applied the exchange from DM to Euro. Ratatouille made 34m, slightly besting BR as well. Not quite sure to how much money the 6.8m admissions of 7 Zwerge translates to, Harry Potter came in at about 40m Euro with 6.6m admissions, but that movie probably had a higher average ticket price. Still, 7 Zwerge has a realistic shot of being ahead of BR as well. As for movies with a 16-rating: the first and second Matrix movies had basically an equal admissions total, 4.78m to 4.77m. Though I don't think either translates to 30m+ Euro. Movies simply have become much more expensive since then. The highest total in terms of Euro should probably belong to Fifty Shades of Grey, with 38.6m € from 4.4m admissions.
  5. It's a bit weird really. This voice is kind of fitting for Senator / Chancellor Palpatine, but it doesn't really have the amazing evilness that the original German voice from the original trilogy had, which was far more fitting for the role of Emperor. On the other hand, the voice from Return of the Jedi probably would have been a weird fit for the role of the "nice" Senator / Chancellor.
  6. That's the first time I'm hearing someone complain about Lucasfilm/Disney being "too open" when it comes to future Star Wars projects. Generally it is the complete opposite. Not that all that many people are talking about it. I don't see how handling things any different would have helped with that though. I mean, would anyone really have believed Disney if they had said "oh by the way, this is going to be the last Star Wars movie"? They didn't buy Lucasfilm and the rights to Star Wars just to bury the most important part of it soon afterwards. That wouldn't be in their interest, and that wasn't what Lucas had wanted from the sale either.
  7. Official confirmations come out after proper numbers have been released, not with some trends that get listed. But seeing how this is just the fourth weekend, which puts the number of days below 30, and estimates are above 3m you can be certain that it did. Not that I have any idea where these odd day-limits come from, because they don't exist for the Goldene Leinwand. The actual guidelines are as follows: Goldene Leinwand: 3m admissions in 18 months since the release in Germany Goldene Leinwand (with star): 6m admissions in 18 months Goldene Leinwand (with two stars): 9m admissions in 18 months Goldene Leinwand (with three stars): 12m admission in 18 months Titanic and the first Harry Potter got the last one. Titanic was a special case in that it got the Goldene Leinwand with the Heart of the Ocean fictional diamond from the movie for 15m admissions and then the Goldene Leinwand with the Heart of the Ocean on a necklace for 18m admissions. Then there is the Goldene Leinwand with star and brilliant-cut diamond for movie-franchises of at least 6 movies that have topped 30 million admissions in total (achieved by Star Wars, James Bond and Harry Potter). Apparently LOTR and The Hobbit don't count as one, as the requirement is that it is one connected story. Though I wonder how James Bond fits into that. edit: ah, there is another award for that kind of stuff that has these 10, 20 and 30 day limits. Never had heard about that one before, the usual one that gets mentioned everywhere is the Goldene Leinwand, not the Bogey. Didn't realize how old the Bogey actually is, but still, it doesn't seem to grab all that much attention.
  8. Mhm, a bit too much stuff from the last trailer for my liking, but I guess that just leaves more stuff for the movie itself
  9. That's not really what they said. And it doesn't really matter anyway, because they still deliverd a fantasy-show, now did they? They promised HBO that they would keep the fantasy-elements in check, so that the show would target a larger audience than just fantasy-fans. That's all they really said. I really don't know why you would try to judge them based on their comments about the pre-production of GoT instead of judging them by GoT itself.
  10. Or the help of Oscar-winning writer Chris Terrio, if you want to look it at from the opposite end... Seems a bit odd to reduce him to two "failures" that were the work of multiple writers and directors while completely ignoring his big success. Who knows what kind result will come out of this. Even if one could clearly define whether Terrio is a great writer or a bad one, which isn't really possible at the current stage of his career, you still wouldn't know what it would mean for the movie. A writer without great reknown or even plenty of bad movies on his resume could still be just the right fit to get a specific project done, just like a great writer could be an abject failure at helping with the same project.
  11. 3rd trend is up at insidekino, IwnniNY with quite a few drops over all these trends, going from 130k to 90k now: #1 Joker: 450k #2 Maleficent: 175k #3 Terminator: 130k #4 Addams Family: 105k #5 New York: 90k #6 7. Kogustaki M.: 50k #7 Parasite: 47.5k #8 Dem Horizont so nah: 40k #9 Bayala: 35k #10 Gemini Man: 35k
  12. Yeah, kind of hard to argue with such an incoherent hot take... I mean, it didn't even have anything to do with my post that you were quoting. So I guess the point went right over your head. Hint: it was about lists not deciding on whether someone was a fan or not.
  13. What's that supposed to have to do with anything? No arrangement of such a list says anything about whether a person is a fan or not. Unless you are one of those people who think a "true" fan would only ever share your views. My list: Star Wars as a whole I don't really rank the individual movies. All of them have been enjoyable. Whether I'm more interested in one movie or the other depends entirely on the mood I'm in at that point. Things are in way too much of a flux for me to rank them at any time.
  14. What I mean is: why are you referring to Aquaman as if it means anything? Atom promoted it because it is what happened. Aquaman has zero bearing on any of it, because it is asevere outlier due to its special circumstances. No idea wha makes you think the uptick wasn't as big. The graph clearly shows that the bump is virtually identical to that of TLJ. Mostly because all the trailer bump can be seen on the 22nd, not the 21st. Your whole monthly comparison is rather meaningless anyway, because it completely ignores the circumstances. E.g. TLJ's final trailer came out October 9th or so, TROS's final trailer came out around the 21st. Seeing how the post-trailer time sees a slight uptick from the pre-trailer period, a direct comparison of the October is completely useless, as TLJ would have a much longer post-trailer run in that month than TROS will have. Thus it would be rather astonishing if TROS would have a stronger October than TLJ did.
  15. Then why did you mention it as if it were? And as for the general point of your original post: Maybe you could have zoomed in, that way you would have recognized that your statement was wrong. There has indeed been a significant uptick, but as google itself points out: the data isn't complete yet, which is the reason why it doesn't show up in your chart. Therefore it makes no sense to talk about it yet.
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