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  1. Well, how many spy thrillers have come even remotely close to such a success, regardless of gender? There's Jason Bourne, which was big but hardly a box office giant either, Mission Impossible, maybe the Jack Ryan movies, and that's basically it. Maybe you can add Austin Powers to that, but that's more a humerous take on James Bond anyway. The odd single movie has been somewhat successful as well, but not to the point that a character turned into a household name. The whole genre moves between not noteworthy and pretty decent hit, and only James Bond has managed to go much beyond that. Though even that is mostly internationally and not so much domestically.
  2. I guess it could backfire among a few fringe audiences, but the general public probably won't care as much. If there can be a new M or Q, then I don't see why there couldn't be another 007 as well. There have been multiple 00 agents in the series, and I think even more than one 006 as well. In the end it is just a designation. If, in this movie, James Bond were in retirement of some sort, then it wouldn't be all that weird to have another agent carry that designation. It would probably just be a temporary thing anyway. I do agree with Barbara Broccoli's comment that there shouldn't be a female James Bond though. There really is no reason for such an idea. James Bond is an existing character that has been fleshed out for ages, you shouldn't change that on a whim. It makes much more sense to try and create a new iconic female character than to try and turn an existing male one into a woman.
  3. I don't think that Star Wars movies have any advanced screenings at all. At least the last few ones didn't have any. With that I obviously mean to a public audience. There should of course be limited viewings for those who worked on it or who are part of the close circle
  4. Well, this particular fan was perfectly fine with TLJ, as were plenty of other fans. Just because there was a sizeable portion of fans that didn't like it, doesn't somehow mean that they get to define what "fans" like or want to see, as much as some of them like to pretend otherwise (not talking about you here). "The fans" don't want anything, because they aren't a coherent group. In fact, they hold so many different views that you couldn't possibly appeal to everyone. Of course you need to try and convince as many people as possible with the trailers, but it's not like a trailer actually does tell you a lot about what is going on. The trailers for TLJ certainly didn't invoke any particular dislike about the movie among those who ended up disliking it after seeing the final product. If it did, their outcry wouldn't have been nearly as big.
  5. I guess the confusion came from the "this christmas" bit in the teaser. But that was meant as a general timeline (i.e. close to the holidays) and not as the opening actually happening on christmas itself.
  6. I don't know, those numbers seem a bit pessimistic to me. Tough to say how a "§live-action" TLK remake will do, but the original was very popular and the musical helped as well, so I wouldn't exclude the possibility of it doing a whole lot more than 2.5m.It's a bit of a wildcard though. 5m also seems rather low for Star Wars. If you ignore the first movie of a trilogy, which always was a bit inflated to the rest, you have Episode II at 5.7m, Episode III at 5.62m and Episode VIII a 5.9m. That's pretty consistent, regardless of what general opinion may or may not have been.
  7. For those interested in special effects, there is a 2+ hour long video available on the Oscars youtube-channel (plus some smaller tidbits from the same event), about the development of special effects over the last ~40 years, using the original Star Wars and Rogue One as comparisons. The event involved multiple people from the productions of the two movies, including John Dykstra, Dennis Muren, John Knoll, Ben Burtt, Marcia Lucas and quite a few more. Apparently the video will only stay online (on that channel) for two days though, which means until sometime on Sunday. Interestingly, as part of the event there is also a double feature of the two movies at Samuel Goldwyn Theater today, using a 70mm print of the original Star Wars.
  8. I agree. It would take a miracle for TROS to be closer to TFA than to TLJ, domestic or worldwide. And there is just no chance whatsoever of it passing TFA. Expectign it to make those kind of numbers can just lead to disappointment. There isn't really any reason to assume that it will deviate a whole lot from TLJ in terms of gross. I mean, maybe it could go above 700m again, but it's not suddenly going to be on a whole different level (positive or negative).
  9. How is not bothering to show something "being scared"? Someone who is scared markets the heck out of his product, he doesn't let an opportunity slip away. Not that your comment makes sense anyway, as they haven't shown a trailer at SDCC for any of the new movies. All there ever was in terms of an actual look at the movie, was a bts-reel, and that will come at D23, just like in the past.. Not that it really matters, because one video months away from release has virtually no impact at all, and neither does the timing of any posters. All in all, it sounds more like you wanted to trash them for the sake of trashing them.
  10. Too low to be listed. Only movies above a certain threshold get mentioned in the early trends. The only mention of it was from the first trend, in which it was stated that it has passed the 5m admission mark.
  11. Second trend sees drops from the first one: #1 Aladdin 125k #2 Five Feet Apart 120k #3 Men in Black 85k #4 John Wick 3 50k #5 Long Shot 47.5k #6 Rocketman 45k #7 Dark Phoenix 37.5k #8 Brightburn 37.5k #9 TKKG 25k #10 Pikachu 25k
  12. I agree, I don't see any particular retcons in TLJ, much less any plans to "re-retcon" anything now. Someone above criticised Kennedy for "allowing Johnson to throw out the plot for TLJ". I have no idea where that is coming from, because it couldn't be any further from the truth. There was no specific plan for Episode VIII. There is a reason why Abrams left a lot of stuff rather vague in TFA, to allow the next movie to take it anywhere its director wants to go. He might have had some ideas where he would have gone with it if the next movie was his, but there never was any plan that got ignored in favour of what Johnson came up with. As multiple people involved with the production of the trilogy have confirmed by now, there was a rather unspecific plan for the trilogy as a whole. So claims that they just made things up as they went aren't entirely true either. They knew where the characters would start, and they knew where they would end. What they left open was how they got there. This allowed for creative freedom for the individual episodes. This isn't really all that different from what Lucas was doing. If you look at all the source material for the prequels, he knew how they would end, but the story of each movie still only was developed right when it came up. If Lucas had pre-planned the entire OT, we never would have gotten the biggest movie twist of all time. Heck, that's a point where Lucas actually had to retcon stuff, creating the "from a certain point of view" argument, to prevent Obi Wan from looking like a complete liar. Sometimes you get even better ideas when you are right in the midst of it, than if you just planned everything in advance. Because with the latter, you can't really react to spontaneous ideas or interesting developments that you couldn't anticipate beforehand.
  13. That seems like an extremely optimistic view to me. IW made about 15m the rest of the way, and if you start at the point in time that saw IW make about as much as Endgame does now, there are less than 10m left. Seeing how Endgame is constantly dropping slightly worse than IW did, there isn't really much reason to assume that this is suddenly going to change. Unless there is a very drastic spike in interest, it should be around 840m in the end. And even with a spike it's very unlikely to get past 845m.
  14. Actually no. Only one person brought up TLJ, and it didn't really fit to what others where talking about, unless you consider Kathleen Kennedy or the saga as a whole to be the same topic as TLJ, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
  15. This third trend surely will lift up everyone's opinion about the weekend Seriously though, all numbers are up from the second trend: #1 Aladdin 115k #2 MiB 110k #3 John Wick 65k #4 Dark Phoenix 52.5k #5 Rocketman 50k #6 Godzilla 35k #7 The Dead Don't Die 32.5k (with previews?) #8 Pikachu 27.5k
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