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  1. George Parr

    BO Germany/Austria: HTTYD3 wins weekend

    Admissions. There usually aren't any detailed reports about the money until actuals comes out.
  2. George Parr

    BO Germany/Austria: HTTYD3 wins weekend

    It should definately top 2.5m now. The whole next week are still school holidays in the entire country, so movies shouldn't drop much. Though even with 50% drops the rest of the way BR would still reach 2.5m, so it should add a bit on top of that. Epiphany Day falls on Sunday though, not Monday, and it is only a holiday in three states out of 16 anyway, so it isn't going to make much of a difference.
  3. The post didn't mean to say that the movie would make $10m in Japan, but that Japan alone will deliver more than the 10m necessary to pass Ant-Man. Including christmas, the movie stands at 46m or so in Japan, and is heading for a total of 60m+, which is more than enough to cover the distance to Ant-Man regardless of what other markets do.
  4. George Parr

    BO Germany/Austria: HTTYD3 wins weekend

    1st trend is up, everything is up from last weekend, apart from the movie with a christmas-theme: #1 Der Junge muss an die frische Luft 450k (590k 6-day) #2 Aquaman 400k (+15% / +6% with previews) #3 Marry Poppins 275k (+43% / +31% with previews) #4 The Grinch 250k (-21%) #5 100 Dinge 190k (+23%) #6 Bumblebee 175k (+27% / +13% with previews) #7 Fantastic Beasts 2 165k (+22%) #8 Bohemian Rapsody 100k (+33%)
  5. George Parr

    BO Germany/Austria: HTTYD3 wins weekend

    Actual numbers always take a while. From what I have seen it isn't in the top 10 in the estimates for Austria, but I don't think that it was a really wide-release anyway. It's rare for a movie that gets shown in the original language with German subtitles to get a lot of shows.
  6. George Parr


    Last statement by corpse was 7b Yen, which is about $60-65m. Currently it's about 0.5b Yen behind FB1 at the same point in their run, and in Dollar it's about 45m to 49m. FB1 finished with 7.3b Yen ($64m), but the exchange rates seem to be a bit better this time around, giving FB2 the chance to maybe even match part one in terms of Dollar even if it falls short in Yen. it definately should be in the same region as the last one.
  7. George Parr

    BO Germany/Austria: HTTYD3 wins weekend

    Weekend estimates: #1 Aquaman 350k / 377.5k with previews #2 The Grinch 317.5k (+19%) #3 Mary Poppins 192.5k / 210k with previews #4 100 Dinge 155k (+10%) #5 Bumblebee 137.5k / 155k #6 FB2 135k (-16%) #7 Bohemian Rapsody 75k (-1%) #8 Mortal Engines 65k (-40%) #9 Tabaluga 55k (-2%) #10 Spider-Man 47.5k (-30% / -34.5% with previews) Fantastic Beasts 2 is only about 75k behind Infinity War for top movie of the year. It should either pass it by Wednesday or sometime during the upcoming weekend. Afterwards, the only remaining question will be whether the holidays are helping enough to push it to number 1 in terms of Euro as well. Should need something like 3.8m admissions for that. 2018 should still end up with the lowest no.1 ever. A record currently held by 2016, with Rogue One sitting a few k below 4m. Which isn't meant to be a criticism of FB2, the movie did increase over part one after all, making Germany one of the few places were the franchise didn't lose steam. It is however a sign of how putrid the year was. Especially when you consider that 2016 saw another four movies between 3.91 and 3.83m admissions behind Rogue One, plus FB at around 3.5m, while this year only got three movies above the 3m mark, with just FB2 likely getting past 3.5m.
  8. George Parr

    BO Germany/Austria: HTTYD3 wins weekend

    I think that would also be the case even with a Star Wars movie around. Movies held excellently against all three Star Wars christmas releases AND other new releases at the same time. Yes, all songs got a German version. I think that was standard for all Disney movies back then. They wouldn't really let a movie have so much english in it. In this particular movie, the German voice was split into one for dialogue (Uta Hallant) and one for the singing (Monika Dahlberg). And you can definately hear the difference between the two
  9. George Parr

    BO Germany/Austria: HTTYD3 wins weekend

    3rd trend is up, Aquaman is down quite a bit, everything else sees limited changes: #1 Aquaman 370k #2 The Grinch 310k #3 Mary Poppins 210k #4 Bumblebee 155k #5 100 Dinge 150k #6 FB2 135k #7 Bohemian Rapsody 70k #8 Mortal Engines 65k #9 Tabaluga 52.5k #10 Spider-Man 45k
  10. George Parr

    BO Germany/Austria: HTTYD3 wins weekend

    Nice for the holdovers, absolutely awful for the starters...
  11. Things look ugly in Germany as well. The latest trend has it at 60k admissions for the weekend, which pales even when compared to Mortal Engines' bad opening (100k). It's at about 1/3 of the size general expectations appeared to be at. As of right now, Spider-Man starts in 7th place, even behind the 7th weekend of Bohemian Rapsody. Not sure how expensive tickets are, but I doubt that this movie will finish its run with more than maybe $2-3m or so unless something truly unexpected happens.
  12. What is it with people and their conspiracy theories? No, just because there are people who have different opinions than you do does not mean that they have a "clear bias" or that they are "Disney shills". It's like some people purposefully cherry pick stuff so they can make claims about others. Not everything is black and white. There are plenty of people at Collider, and they all have their individual opinions about which movies they like and which they don't like. They aren't some sort of hive-mind that collectively roots for Disney while trying to badmouth DC. If the average of their opinions would tend to be more positive towards Marvel than to DC, then that would fit right in with the opinion of the general public, which also has a more positive view of recent Marvel then of recent DC movies. Not that I really bother to watch or read reviews, but doing a quick check of what you hear from the "Collider people", you have their review bit with four people, one of whom really liked it, two of which enjoyed it but felt a bit mixed about it (some truly great and some really bad stuff), and one who didn't like it much. Add Mark Ellis, who was pretty positive about the movie, and I don't really see where you see how they "want this film to fail so badly". If there is one thing wrong with movie-reviews, it's that fanboys somehow feel the need to be vindicated, and lash out against everyone who isn't siding with them. These are just movies, and critics don't exist to slight you or insult your views, they just tell you what their opinion about a movie is. They have little reason to take sides or get involved in any flame-wars.
  13. George Parr

    BO Germany/Austria: HTTYD3 wins weekend

    At this point it feels likely that FB2 will win the year, or at least top Infinity War should another movie surprise and beat them both. Talking admissions of course, money should likely stay in favour if IW. IW's lead should be down to about 60k after this weekend. With the latest weekdays being in favour of FB2 100k+ to 87k, and the third weekend going to FB2 260k to 185k. IW's upcoming weekdays stayed about flat, and the movie actually went up slightly from 4th to 5th weekend, but the combined total of those two weekends still only amounts to about 150k, something that FB2 could best just with its 4th weekend as it would need to drop 40%+ to drop below that total. Though even if it were slightly below that, the 5th weekend alone should still make up the entire difference between the two movies. With the holidays coming up, FB2's legs should be better than what IW could offer, even with plenty of new movies arriving.
  14. I don't really see any reason why that would be the case. A decent writer can get things done in just one movie, I don't see any particular need for two, the story doesn't really require it. At this point, basically nothing is known, making it rather premature to judge whether something might seem rushed or not. Whether an additional movie would have helped the story, is only something that can be considered once you have seen the last movie. It's not like the way things currently are is worlds apart from the situation at the end of Empire strikes Back. Back then, the heroes didn't get one inch closer to beating the villains, on the contrary, they barely escaped and (temporarily) lost a hero on the way. Return of the Jedi still managed to round up the story nicely.
  15. I'd say that is actually a good reason not to show anything this year. If you found out that fatigue and too much in too short a timeframe was very much an issue for the franchise, and had a pretty divisive reaction to one of your movies, it seems best to lay low for a while. This is the first time since the first teaser for TFA came out that there is a chance for a break, why not take it? I can see the advantage of using a teaser to appeal to those who have gotten used to getting a new Star Wars movie every christmas and kind of feel something is missing this year, but I think keeping quiet until next year brings more to the table.

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