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  1. "Making good movies" has little to do with it. The development of a franchise depends on where a franchise is coming from. Big franchises have little room to group, long-standing franchises can at times make a big splash again after a long break, but generally they aren't trending upwards. Franchises that start relatively small can indeed grow, something that is especially likely if the first movie is a sleeper hit that caught on after its theatrical release. In the case of the MCU, you have a unique situation, with various factors coming into play. You have the central movies around the Avengers, and then you have the (mostly) smaller ones about the individual heroes. It's The Avengers that gave the other movies a big boost, and the same continues now with further releases of that kind. Even "less interesting" heroes benefit from the general Avengers-hype. Though one has to mention that these smaller MCU-movies are quite a bit smaller than the regular movies of the other big franchises, which means they have a larger chance to grow than movies that already have a larger audience. That simply isn't a situation that you can apply equally to other franchises. In most franchises you have the main storyline that drives everything, there isn't this whole set of different characters that are mostly independent from each other. You might get the occasional spin-offs, but those are rarely mixed in between, they are more likely to follow after the main franchise is done. And on top of that, spin-offs don't have quite the same effect of playing a role in the grander scheme of things. In the MCU, all movies can work on their own, but they also can add weight to the grander story of the whole universe, which isn't something spin-offs (or prequels) can do in the same way. E.g. Fantastic Beasts can add to the lore of Harry Potter by telling a story from an earlier time, but that doesn't affect Harry Potter, because Harry Potter is already finished. The MCU, on the other hand, can have their heroes do things in their own movies that play an immediate role in the Avengers-story. The one franchise that could - in theory - try something similar, is DC. It has the same setup of individual heroes that can also team up. Problem is, DC hasn't managed to get the ball rolling right away, getting a negative vibe early on, turning that into an overwhelmingly positive opinion (as is the case for the MCU) isn't all that easy. Not to mention that the MCU already kind of fills that role, and being the second one to do something popular is in many ways unlikely to repeat the success.
  2. No they didn't, and no he didn't. It was made abundantly clear before full production on Episode VIIII even started, that there was no outline for VIII and that Rian Johnson would have a free hand to come up with something on his own, provided it was approved by the heads of Lucasfilm. Not that writing the entire story at once is somehow the norm, it rarely happens at all. And it isn't needed either, as evidenced by the original trilogy. I don't see any reason why Disney would like the ST to be over as soon possible just to try and become more interesting in China. That entire idea is completely absurd. Movies outside the ST didn't interest people in China either. There is nothing to be gained by trying to appeal to Chinese audiences. The only thing that would happen, is that they would risk losing audiences elsewhere.
  3. I don't know if the tactics really don't work anymore, it's more like the players that are needed for it are mostly gone now without a proper replacement. It used to be that there was a strong central defense that had good speed and could deliver long-range passes, allowing for quick movement up the field to prevent the opponent from setting up a tight defense after being on the offense. Followed up by a central midfield that worked both ways and a center forward who could score and who had strong instincts for passing-plays into the box. That has basically stopped, with Hummels being somewhat slow and lacklustre in his passes, and Boateng being a walking muscle-injury. The midfield stopped working, mostly because Kroos is devoid of speed and defensive abilities, which requires a strong defensive midfielder to clear up behind him. Khedira stopped being that player because for some reason he started to think of himself as a box-to-box player, which just doesn't work when Kroos cannot cover for him. The only player who has looked pretty good in the needed role was Rudy for 30 minutes during the World Cup, until he had to leave the game due to an injury. He never got another chance afterwards, and no one like him was tried either. Moving Kimmich there is just desperation. Losing Klose might have been the biggest blow though. He was a very good goalscorer, excellent at give-and-goes, with a strong backcheck. That was the perfect fit for the German system. There is no one like him around, and a huge lack of forwards in general. It seems like the German youth system has led to a shortage in certain positions, creating tons of jack-of-all-trades instead of making sure all kinds of players existed. With Löw's stupid handling of the Wagner-situation, there isn't really anyone remotely resembling a physical striker anymore either. Not that Wagner was particularly good, but he had his advantages and was suitable for a specific role. And then there is the issue of Löw seemingly not training specific set-plays going into the box. It's like everyone knows how to move up the pitch, but once they arrive near the box there isn't really a coherent plan, so everything runs on players improvising. That only works if the players think very similarly and/or if you have someone so brilliant that it doesn't really matter because they will score in bunches anyway.
  4. 3rd trend has a few movies up slightly, but no big changes either: #1: Venom: 450k #2: Incredibles 2: 260k #3: ASIB: 155k #4: Klassentreffen: 120k #5: Ballon: 90k #6 Werk ohne Autor 52.5k #7 The Nun 45k #8 Pettersson & Findus 25k #9 The House with... 25k http://www.insidekino.com/News.htm
  5. You do realize that the release dates were not set by Kennedy, yes? In fact, Bob Iger just said about a week ago that he takes full responsibility for the short breaks between the movies, that the timing of them was entirely his decision, and that their market research found out that the main reason for a loss of interest came from overload. You are basically blaming Kennedy for something she had no hand in. And how can you seriously make the claim that Kenndy "ignored OS audiences"? There simply is nothing that would support such a theory. Star Wars was never one of the truly big franchises on the international markets. TFA got the benefit of nostalgia, which boosted it way beyond normal level in its core international markets, and created a hype in markets that usually weren't into Star Wars. You simply cannot take that as the norm, it was nothing but a crazy outlier. TLJ is mostly in line with what Star Wars used to have as an audience, while spinoffs are obviously hard to judge because they don't really get treated like full episodes. Beyond that, they added two big chinese stars to Rogue One (Donnie Yen, Jiang Wen), they had Latinos in important roles (Diego Luna, Oscar Isaac), they very much did the opposite of what you are saying. They tried to appeal to international audiences through the means available to them. The problem is, audiences mostly care about the content, not so much the people involved, and Star Wars was never something that truly worked in Asia (apart from Japan) and was never more than average to good in South America either. The only thing they didn't do - and for good reason - is trying to change Star Wars into something entirely different, so that maybe the rising markets of the world would take an interest. Mostly because that would have been suicidal, as it would have risked the established audience while offering no guarantee that it actually added new viewers.
  6. Isn't that the norm anyway? Most people just randomly rant about the person at the top, regardless of how much responsibility said person actually had. As a fan of the NHL, I have lost count of the people who went on utterly moronic rants against Gary Bettman, blaming him for virtually everything, while having zero understanding what a commissioner actually does and who he works for. The team-owners have to like it though, they make decisions and someone else is the public figure who gets blamed in the end. Um, being white and brunette doesn't mean that they look the same. In fact, they don't really look particularly similar at all. You might as well say "take any black actor, I don't really care, they all look the same anyway".
  7. As long as you take the positive approach and just go with "not as bad" instead of "not bad", 2019 should be fine 😛
  8. 3rd trend is seeing quite a few changes. Klassentreffen, Pettersson und Findus, The House..., and HT3 are all up quite a bit, while Book Club keeps dropping: #1 Klassentreffen 1.0 200k #2 The Nun 110k #3 The House With a Clock in its Walls 75k #4 Pettersson und Findus 65k #5 Searching 60k #6 Das schönste Mädchen der Welt 55k #7 HT3 55k #8 Book Club 50k #9 Predator 45k #10 Mackie Messer 30k
  9. Not a whole lot of change with the second trend, biggest changes ae Book Club and Predator dropping a bit: #1 Klassentreffen 1.0 175k #2 The Nun 110k #3 Book Club 60k #4 The House With a Clock in its Walls 60k #5 Searching 60k #6 Das schönste Mädchen der Welt 55k #7 Pettersson und Findus 50k #8 Predator 50k #9 HT3 40k #10 Mackie Messer 30k
  10. What the hell are you on about again? Seriously, you just make stuff up at this point. Inventing things that only happen in your head, which you then project onto Lucasfilm/Disney. None of this has anything to do with Lucasfilm having or not having confidence in anyone. Heck, you have no idea whether what Mark Hamill is even tweeting about Star Wars. You are confusing what you would have done with what is the "right way" or with what Lucasfilm had in mind. Just because you thought something was the right way to handle things doesn't mean that everyone has to think so, or that Lucasfilm somehow failed with their plans just because they dared not to go with what you think is the right course. That doesn't even include you randomly connection stuff that isn't in any way connected. Episode IX was never meant to be a movie that was carried without OT-actors either. It was blindingly obvious from the get go that the big three would be involved in all three movies (apart from Harrison Ford, who probably wanted Han to die in VII). In fact, they all but said that each of them would be a key figure in one movie, with Harrison Ford filling that role in VII, Mark Hamill filling that role in VIII, and Carrie Fisher originally being planned to playing that role in IX. It was only Fisher's death that prevented that from happening. Having Luke as force-ghost was all but a given, even before they even started filming the trilogy. And beyond that, they could hardly just ignore the character of Leia in the middle of the story just because Carrie Fisher had died, that would have been as atrocious of a story-telling as you could possibly find. They are doing exactly what they always had in mind, a combination of new characters and the old heroes. These characters made Star Wars famous, it is utterly ridiculous to assume that they were ever supposed to just lead into the new story and then vanish into the shadows. Maybe that is what you would have liked to see, but your opinion doesn't decide how things should go or what Disney had in mind, nor is your opinion the definitive one that declares what is right or wrong. Which doesn't stop you from acting like it is.
  11. Monday Numbers: #1 HT 3 115k #2 Sauerkrautkoma 105k #3 The Equalizer 2 102.5k, #4 Bad Spies 82.5k (60k without previews) #5 M:I 6 75k #6 Mamma Mia 2 70k #7 Christopher Robin 57.5k #8 Meg 55k #9 Safari 52.5k (32.5k without previews) #10 BlacKkKlansman 42.5k
  12. I agree, his time as the doctor was the best. Great companions, and he was the perfect fit as the doctor 😎 He looked young and could show a childlike joyfulness, yet at the same time you could see the actual age and wisdom of his character, and if needed he could be dead-serious as well. He was also great at playing a villanous version of himself in one episode as well.
  13. The only similarity between TLJ and ROTJ is the main hero being accompanied by the antagonist to meet the big villain. Beyond that, there are no similarities at all.
  14. It's kind of funny, the new Terence Hill movie on its own will probably not interest many people at all, but combine it with a visit from Terence Hill himself and the roof blows off. I guess the chance to actually see a legendary actor / childhood hero is too unique to ignore. Reminds of the time when Bud Spencer visited bookshops to present his autobiography, you had people queueing up ten hours before he was supposed to arrive, clogging the whole area. I think in Berlin they even hadto shut things down because there were way too many people around, and they also ran out of books, even though they had more than 1000+ at the store. And this wasn't the usual hype-crowd, it was grown men and women of all ages, from the entire social spectrum. *Sigh* the good old days
  15. You truly have a remarkable ability to twist the truth into something else entirely... The only ones who conflate criticism of those who make sexist and racist remarks with criticism of people who dislike the movie itself are people like you. Constantly playing the victim card by putting words into other people's mouth, making claims that aren't supported by reality. Those who criticise the sexist and racist comments tend to go out of their way to clarify that this criticism doesn't apply to those who merely dislike the movie in general. They also don't pretend that criticism of the movie comes almost entirely from those who makes sexist and racist remarks either. Playing the "both sides do it" card is utterly absurd. Then again, it's hardly the only case where you try to use that argument for some unexplainable reason.

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