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  1. Third trend is up, with hardly any changes. Only Halloween Kills drops by 2.5k, and two of the movies behind the top 6 drop by the same amount. #1: NTTD - 475 #2: Venom2 - 350k #3: Die Schule ... - 225k #4: Halloween Kills - 122.5k #5: BossBaby 2 - 75k #6: Dune - 65k
  2. Most likely because the UK was hit quite badly early on by the less severe variants, which wasn't all that bad in Germany. That meant by the time Delta came around, there were far more fulnerable people left in Germany than in the UK. Another point would be, that the UK has exploded in case numbers over the last few months, a time with little to no restrictions, while Germany never stopped all restrictions entirely. That meant that the UK almost doubled its case numbers since May 1st, a rise of over 4 million cases. Germany only added about 1m during that time. Both saw roughly the
  3. I really wouldn't say that it is divisive. If anything I'd say the exact opposite. It had a very good reception when it came out, and it has only gotten better since then. There isn't really any hatred for it either, the worst accounts are more along the lines of "meh". By now it seems to have taken over as the most popular Disney Star Wars movie among the general audiences. It's really the only movie that has trended upwards since its release. TFA went down due to its connection to the other sequels and overall lack of something new. TLJ and TROS were both divisive. Solo kind of g
  4. He still wouldn't be correct though, as the vaccines didn't happen because of capitalism. Developing something in a capitalist society doesn't automatically mean that capitalism caused the development. Correlation doesn't always equal causation. Even more so when there are vaccines out there that weren't developed by private companies or under a capitalist system...
  5. I really wouldn't call anything we have "more socialist". There is very little socialist about anything in Germany, or Europe for that matter Replacement days are common, but not exactly the standard either. Less than half of all countries have it, though I couldn't tell you how the share looks in the western world. As mentioned above, Germany has a minimum of 20 vacation days per year (well, 20 weekdays or 24 "Werktage", which includes Saturday), and the norm is above that, so holidays have a bit of a different character here and aren't as necessary as for example in t
  6. No, we don't have replacement days here. If a holiday falls on a weekend you don't get anything out of it, unless you happen to be one of those who work on the weekend. This year it is particularly pronounced, because basically all holidays linked to a date fall on the weekend. In my state, out of the six holidays that are bound to a date instead of a weekday, five fell on the weekend, only January 1st didn't. That left just the four days that are linked to a weekday instead (Good Friday, Easter Monday, Ascension Day and Pentecost), and they all happen in the first half of the year.
  7. Theaters are still operation under pandemic-rules though. They have only limited capacity available, and, depending on the area, you either have to wear a mask even at your seat, or, at least everytime you are not in your seat. You also need to be vaccinated or have a negative test from that day. Some places also allow to drop all further rules (so no mask, no limited capacity) if you only allow vaccinated people into the theater. But that is only available in some states, and it is entirely optional for the theaters whether they allow only vaccinatied or vaccinated + tested people
  8. How noteworthy is the Hollywood Critics Association? Been a bit surprising to see The Mandalorian winning "Best streaming series, drama" over shows like The Crown or Handmaid's Tale in their Awards show.
  9. Even Infinity War barely made it past 2b. No single-character Marvel movie ever even reached 1.4b. There is nothing that hints at this coming particularly close to 2b pre-pandemic. That's just getting caught in the hype. Endgame was the culmination of a long build-up, and it had the advantage of being an Avengers movie instead of being about a single character (with some support). Those are a far bigger draw worldwide than the single character ones. This movie wouldn't have matched Endgame domestically. Much less cleared the Infinity War level international performance necessary to
  10. Nice to see, though quite frankly I think by far the best performance came from Bill Burr in Chapter 15. That's the role that definately should have gotten a nomination. I'd also put the writing of that chapter way above that of chapter 16, which I don't think was all that great in that regard.
  11. Uh, experts were saying that this would happen right from the get go. It's the nature of such an illness. Many of the most vulnerable are already dead, with plenty of the rest either being vaccinated or having survived the illness and thus being either immune or at least having defenses that makes a heavy outbreak extremely unlike. The exact same thing happened with the Spanish flu. Absolutely no one jumped down anyone's throat for such a comment... Basically, you take the outcome caused by a gigantic effort to protect the people, and then ignore that entire effort so you can act
  12. Second trend is up. Some drops at the top, some raises right behind. #1 Peter Rabbit 2 125k #2 Godzilla vs Kong 105k #3 Catweazle 105k #4 The Conjuring3 100k #5 AQPII 75k #6 Nomadland 57.5k #7 Nobody 25k #8 100% Wolf 22.5k #9 Monster Hunter 13k #10 Der Spion 10k #10 Ich bin dein Mensch 10k
  13. That's true for me as well. I was so glad that this part seemed to be done and over with at the end of the first movie, only for it to return and take center stage in part two...
  14. No, you think they wanted to do that, that is all. There is zero proof that they had any interest in that. Shia was chosen because a) he was a upcoming young star at that point and b) because it was Spielberg who "found" him. In no way does that mean that they ever had any plans to continue with him. This wasn't the Disney era, they didn't do movie after movie because just they could.
  15. I don't think the movie was meant as passing the torch at all. If anything, they made it abundantly clear that they wouldn't do that by having Indy snatch his hat out of Mutt's hands at the wedding.
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