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  1. In Germany Zoo managed to increase despite the Opening of JB. Where drops in other countries that bad?
  2. So Zoo (150k) is a bit up again, BvS with a bit less than 50% drop, Single with less than 5% drop excluding previews (20% including), Huntsmen 40% drop. For Holdovers it's a very good weekend with superb drops (if they hold). Tomorow it won't be very good weather, too. As for TJB: MarkG thinks of 375T-575T. If it can have more than 500k on the weekend (which should be doable considering the great reviews) it will be OK.
  3. Deadline: Germany opened Thursday to an estimated $300K, which is +78% over Cinderella and +25% vs Oz. That sounds extremely low like 30k admissions or something like that...
  4. I think TJB will land in the higher region of that forecasts. If it's as good as it is told audience will appreciate. Probably it's a bit disappointing but as long as it hits 3M admissions (definitly doable even with 400k OW if it's good) then I will be OK. We could not expect that this movie will be as massive as the old one. I will call it a disaster if it don't hits 1,5M in the end.
  5. Didn't realize I did not tranlate it... Well, Zoomania isn't German if I think about it - would be Zoomanie. It is pronounced English too. But that is really a bit strange. Tomorowland was called A World Beyond in Germany
  6. 3rd best OD of the year in France for TJB (277.612) after ZOOMANIA (350.512) & DEADPOOL (285.711).
  7. With 8.965.321 admissions and €101.819.720 SW7 is the most successfull SW-movie now.
  8. I wouldn't have known that movies like Constantine or RED are Comics, too. The jump from Batman Begins tho The Dark Knight is great!
  9. BvS is guaranteed to reach the 6th place. Will probably not reach 5th. Could end with 1.6M to 1.7M admissions ($20M to $22M) Biggest DC movies in admissions: 1 79 4,2M Superman 2 12 3,3M The Dark Knight Rises 3 08 2,8M The Dark Knight 4 89 1,8M Batman 5 03 1,8M The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 6 81 1,4M
  10. BvS and Zoo are still fighting for the 1st place (265k - 260k) BvS has a cume of about 1.13M admissions while Zoo has 2.87M now. (Far above my 2.75M prediction) KFP still at 100k. Ticketprice seems to be about 9,3$ now so $35M would require 3,75M admissions. Still doable.
  11. $35M for Zoo should be the goal now. Would require about 3.65M admissions which is really doable. Should be at 2.75M now. Batman v Superman should land between $20M and $25M which would be far more than MoS ($9,8M) did.
  12. I think in Germany there are seldom drops above 50% on the second weekend and if it's so then because of the weather. But Zoomania can hold much better and is a family movie so weather is not the issue. But yeah, in comparison to other countries it's good.
  13. I think the only bad thing about it is the excessive Action (Batman vs Superman fight; All against the Monster). These scenes took too long. But the idea of the movie, to show which results such powers can have and if it's allowed to use them without a democratic legitimisation, is more than good. It's lost sometimes a bit though... Less fight scenes and more story would have been better sometimes. So I hope the Extended cut doesn't show even more action and fight scenes. The music was just perfect. Hans Zimmer is a genius! Beautiful Lie and the Lex Luthor theme are really powerful and wo
  14. Hopefully BvS will go up a bit, good weather will hurt the family stuff more. -25% for Zoo would be quite good considering the temperatures on Sat/Sun (20°-25° in some regions) Summer comes ^^
  15. Best start ever for BvS (admissions from insidekino): 1 2.395.269 Batman v Superman 2 2.372.992 Avengers 2
  16. Anne Frank had the worst drop in the Top 20 I think this result is really unexpected and a bit disappointing... Great for Zoo! Bad for Room... Its Oscar Win doesn't really help.
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