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  1. But don't forget that ER in 2011 was extremely favorable. I don't know where DH2 is when it's calculated with todays ER. If China and Japan make big amounts of money the movie is safe. But Japans DH2 gross would be about $35M less, GB $15M, Ger again $15M less and so on... It really has potential to be big. But $1B is much even today. I think $250M/$600M/$850M should be safe unless it's totally crap. But it won't gross more than $300M/$850M/$1150M. I think Fantasy isn't as big as it was nowadays But I could be wrong as many were with JW or SW
  2. These legs are really incredible! 1. Monday: $4.54M, 2. $4.6M, 3. $3.72M, 4. $4.74M (Of course it's holiday nonetheless it is outstanding)
  3. BvS with 630.432 admissions over the weekend. A bit up from the estimate, probably a good sign. Zoomania with 2.311.969 admissions cume. SW won't hit 9M admissions. In its 14th week it had 8.589 admissions for a total of 8.953.518. Kind of depressing that it is that slim... But it's an great result! It will probably end at €101,9M. It will miss $110M.
  4. That's nearly three times the MOS opening weekend. The OW records change fast in Romania these days
  5. Great for Zoomania! 330K admissions (Cume 2.3M) mean only a 3% drop! It had nearly 200k in midweek, maybe it's able to top that or come close to it - this week should be Holiday everywhere. With a good hold it could be at 2.75M after next sunday (~25$) and in two weeks it could get over 3M.
  6. $30M should be the goal for Zootopia. Needs about 3.2M admissions to reach that mark which should be doable. $30M to $35M is probably where it ends. $40M seems to much, would require 4.25M admissions and after that weekend it'll probably be at 2.23M. With old exchange rates $40M would have been the goal (Probably it's not good to think about exchange rates)
  7. With today's exchange rate that would mean at least $23M 3-day and $26M 4-day?
  8. And BvS still is on track for 650k so not to frontloaded. Today weather is sunny but tomorow should be rainy again. Bad for children who are looking for their easter eggs, good for the cinemas
  9. Bom: $1,127,407,076 / $2,060,264,604 The numbers: $1,122,000,000 / $2,054,857,528 Which is more reliable? Since the higher number was posted it should be the Bom number. Seems like Numbers wasn't updated for a long time...
  10. That drops are ugly... Why? Weather is rainy. Should have been better, especially for family movies... Maybe it'll go up. BvS isn't bad at all if you compare it to other SH movies in Germany. Hopefully it isn't to front-loaded.
  11. You are a real optimist ^^ TDKR opened with about 1M admissions in 5 days. I would say 700-800K admissions would already be a success. But of course I hope for more. Easter will affect it. Are there cinemas closed on Friday?
  12. 3. Trend Zoomania down to 325k is probably the biggest change. Not a good weekend But holidays will be better It's a 35% drop for Zoo which isn't that bad considering Panda opens (But KFP isn't a strong competitor)
  13. 5M would be enormous. For the moment - in my opinion - it seems to much. The JungleBook is widely popular but I don't think this one will benefit that much. Even Alice did not cross 3M admissions. And the other Disney Live Action (Maleficent, Cinderella) remakes did not cross 2M. I hope it will play better and there could be potential but I see rather something like 3-3.5M maybe less. But I could be wrong which would be good in this case
  14. As MarkG wrote, on Thursday 2% of the population are in holidays and on Friday 18%. Next Monday more than the half will have holidays. So on the weekend there will already be some impact.
  15. And not to forget: Easter holidays start at this time. I hope KFP doesn't hurt Zoo too much
  16. Why are there so much records? Do tickets cost more in Rubel now or how can that be explained?
  17. With nearly $60M ffrom China alone, can it hit $90M OS this weekend?
  18. If this numbers are true the first Hobbit made 6.560.480 in its actual run and 6.642.047 as a whole... That would be about 80k with the two further showtimes. The second Hobbit made 6.005.724 first and 6.098.029 as a whole which would be over 90k If anybody wants to check I used the "Rekordejagd 2012/2013" on InsideKino for the initial run and a yearly chart (again InsideKino) for the whole run. Should be correct numbers but it's strange that TH2 would have made more in one re-release than TH1 in two... But if that numbers are correct SW could have a chance of becoming the mos
  19. 2. Trend Zootopia 525k (-25%) Der geilste Tag 185k Deadpool 105k London has fallen 100k Dirty Grandpa 75k
  20. WE Admissons Theaters PTA Cume Weekend € Cume € Week 1 690.464 --- 636 1086 715.445 Zootopia 6.038.073 6.175.747 1 2 293.673 -14,00% 686 428 792.365 Der geilste Tag
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