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  1. And the third trend looks even better for Zoomania: 660-750K admissions for the weekend (still a very high range especially for sunday) Most of the other stuff is going down a bit but Anne Frank is now at 70K (still embarrassing PTA) Should have good drops when it can hold many cinemas.
  2. Will Zootopia benefit from any holiday? It's a kids-animation so it should fall steep on monday and will it increase so much next weekend? Will it get more showtimes? Which drop can be expected? Over under 70%?
  3. Admissions Drop Theaters PTA Cume Weekend € Cume € Week 1 342.733 --- 650 527 398.829 Der geilste Tag 2.923.801 3.388.080 1 2 323.032 -37 668 484 1.955.
  4. Are 100M admissions for Mermaid possible? It has 85,5M admissions now (if I'm right informed) after a 11M week. Or will it collapse? I saw it has only 5% showtimes on friday.
  5. Deadpool (500T) (-30%) A bit worse Dirty Grandpa (220T) (-20%) Bibi & Tina - Mädchen gegen Jungs (135T) (-30%) Die wilden Kerle - Die Legende lebt (120T) (-30%) Robinson Crusoe, Hail, Caesar! (100T) SW seems to drop more than 40% with 37,5k but that's better than yesterday. Should be at 8,88M after sunday.
  6. € Admissions Price Movie Director 1 126.204.541 18.809.599 6,71 Titanic James Cameron 3D 2 114.650.950 11.307.305 10,14 Avatar James Cameron 3D 3 102.086.029 9.000.046 11,34 SW - TFA
  7. Deadpool: WE 710K, cume 770K 6th best February opening, Top20 FSK16, most probable 17th or 18th (I thought it would be better since I didn't know there are previews included) Dirty Grandpa 315K DWK 180K B&T 185K (stayed flat) The Hateful 8 155K, The Revenant - Der Rückkehrer 130K, Robinson Crusoe 125K, Alvin & die Chipmunks - Road Chip 125K And SW is at 8,82M admissions and probably crossed €100M as the 3rd movie in history
  8. It was the first week; my fault. I used that movie because it was one of the bigger SH movies and that is one, even if it doesn't work like it. Just to have a comparison for myself.
  9. Avengers 1 had 870K admissions on its first weekend. This will be only about 100K behind and it is FSK16! (If it won't go down of course, but it doesn't seem like it would) This will be in the Top15 FSK16 OW. (insidekino) Admissions OW Cinemas PTA Year Title 1 1.788.781 1.124 1.591 03 Matrix Reloaded (WB) 2 1.353.030 739 1.831
  10. I read two numbers now: 893 (which I wrote above) and 1648. Is it possible that the first number is the number of cities which have a cinema and the 1648 the total number of cinemas? 893 would be extremely few I think now. I saw now that the hobbit for example was shown in 930 cinemas so there are probably 1648 cinemas...
  11. And the official FFA yearly numbers are out: 139,2M admissions (Nearly 140M, why couldn't it reach that mark ) €1.167,1M (up from the record of €1033M in 2012 and 19,1% up from 2014), should be around $1,3B for the year (would have been nearly $1,6B a few years ago ) 37,1M admissions (27,5 %) for German movies. And for the first time in many years more cinemas than the year before (893 with 4692 halls) Average ticket price: €8,39 (about $9,20) , 4% up from the last year (in € only, in Dollar in fact it could be down). 3D share 21,9% (2
  12. Germany: All time list (http://www.insidekino.de/DJahr/DAlltime100bo.htm) Nr. € Besucher Schnitt Verleih Start Film Regie 1 126.204.541 18.809
  13. I don't know if it was already written, but I don't think so: SW is third alltime in euro with €99.015.236M in Germany.
  14. Newbies are stupid and have no idea of box office Sounds a bit arrogant to me but you won't read this comment either...
  15. If we don't exclude China we could talk about not excluding the US With this market it's in a galaxy far far away...
  16. If SW drops only about 31% every week 9M total is still doable... Maybe the "Fasching" holidays (don't know an translation) can help? Insane for B&T3 if you think of the previous parts. This is kind of doubling them. H8... Maybe Revenant was to similar? They seem to have the same target group. But it's a really steep drop, especially in dollars I suspect.
  17. SW is already above HP7-2 and that made $124M? That is awfull... It's about $40M less. ER was extremely high in 2011, it seems, like it was everywhere. Funny how every HP movie was below the previous one except the last film. But especially this first two movies, enormous!
  18. $112M in average is really insane. Which was the highest/least grossing title? The first/seventh one I suspect. The new HP will definitly fall below that mark, doesn't it?
  19. SW had a better 5th weekend than ROTK (203.965 vs. 201.657). That made 750K admissions after that. If SW can do this, 9M will happen Would need to drop 31% next weekend to top it again. Wouldn't have thought that "Hilfe, ich hab meine Lehrerin geschrumpft" plays that well. Seems a bit strange to me, more like a TV-movie.
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