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  1. Only OS would have been great... But impossible though. So $80M OS? Wouldn't be that great. But it had a huge week so it's ok
  2. $170M OS+US? (Would be very dissapointing) Or OS only? (Would be phenomenal)
  3. So 875k admissions on the weekend (-25%) for SW and 6,6mio to sunday. Still enough for $80mio on sunday which I was hoping for. The other releases with good drops or even increases! Spectre and Mockingjay increase while Peanuts doesent drop much from the 4-day weekend. Maybe the huge week has satisfied some demand for SW. It should be the sixth or seventh top grossing movie after the weekend (€75M) and fourth or fifth after the next week (€80M).
  4. Most of them in the China thread said, that this is unrealistic. It's more realistic it does that in the whole run there, but who knows
  5. The truth lies in the middle (But, who knows, maybe we will all be surprised as it comes way higher to 11mio)
  6. Isn't it more impressive than DH2? Yeah, developing markets but it was most succesfull in developed markets (like this is) and the exchange rates were so massive! Germany would have grossed $90mio by now and not $70mio. So, without China SW is more impressive.
  7. Yeah, $110mio to $125mio (which would be the very high end) are in the range. But I don't think less than €100mio (~$110mio) will happen.
  8. If it makes what ROTK made from this point or slightly more it would come to 9.5mio to 9.7mio admissions. ROTKs legs would be possible. It made 1.17mio admissions on the third weekend (isn't impossible for SW) an 0,48mio admissions in the following midweek. I don't know how the holiday were back in 2003/04 but SW could match that number if you look how many admissions it has this week. 10mio are not out of question but we should wait which numbers the weekend brings before we are disappointed.
  9. "Not sure if the 10 million admission mark is still in play" You're right, I thought the same later. LOTR 3 had 6,6mio admissions after the second week (SW 5,7mio) and made it to 10,4mio. If you use the same multipler for SW it gets 9mio. Maybe that should be the target and - like you said - it would be enough for €100mio, third highest grossing movie of all time.
  10. €13,5mio midweek, slightly below my expectation. €15,3mio to get to €80mio. Seems to high for the weekend. But €75mio and $80mio by sunday are safe, right? How high can it go in that list? Next week there are still holidays in several parts of the country. The biggest territories for moviegoing are in holidays (Nordrhein-Westfahlen, Bayern...). So a good next week I think. It should go over €100mio, so third place should happen I think. And above it could go to €110mio. (Mark G believes that 10mio admissions could happen and if the ticket price stays above 11€... ) Are there r
  11. Germany will be over 80mio$ after sunday, thats obvious. Maybe even 85mio$. I think that shows how big this week is (bigger than the second weekend)
  12. Look at may post Could it be at 80mio euro on sunday? 51mio after the last weekend + 1,2mio midweek (maybe 14mio euro) + next weekend 13mio euro again.
  13. Today it will pass 5,6million admissions, maybe even 5,7mio. Looks like 1,2mio midweek, maybe even 1,3mio. So I was wrong (from Insidekino)
  14. Shouldnt it play more like Avatar which had the same christmas constellation? That dropped 4% in its second and 14% in its third weekend, but had nearly as much admissions on monday to wednesday as it had on the weekend before. Maybe a million admissions in midweek and a million at the third WE? I dont know where the 1,5mio admissions number comes from but if that is right that would - of course - be much better But after this second weekend drop (which clearly isnt as good as many hoped) i am not that optimistic...
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