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  1. IronJimbo

    Alita: Battle Angel ***SPOILER THREAD***

    Yep Serg could have been a 10/10. Is that Jai guy a good actor? Motorball champ a big role in the sequel
  2. The club ended up being a decent benchmark which will ensure a sequel. We can go higher than that though JCS.
  3. Everyone with BASIC knowledge of the project knows Jim was on the set for just 1 day, entry level stuff. Jim fans talk about Jim in Alita, the film he has been talking about making for 20 years. NEWS AT 11!
  4. Never really got the people complaining about the talk of Jim, as seen with the marketing and numerous interviews he has been absolutely pivotal. I guess people look for any excuse to come at the Jim gang huh? Little tip, try not to use strawman fallacy so much, anyone with half a brain see's through it.
  5. 5x means goldenjimbo @Deep Wang So $140m is the line then? You didn't confirm earlier
  6. leader of the Avengers turns out to be a pass me down from Avatar, poor Chris Evans!
  7. Weren't you telling me how I should have been listening to "us box office nerds" because it was 30% on RT with like 15 votes? Told you it was a certainity that the movie was good, should have listened to "ironjimbo box office pro" (not this box office pro though (yikes))
  8. He's promised if you loved Avatar you'll love the sequels. Trust in the greatest living director. All of Jim's storys are grounded by characters, that's just his style. Also it takes the Venture Star 4 years to travel between Pandora and Earth each way, so that's 8 years right there. They do have quantum tunneling for sending tiny amounts of data but I got a feeling it won't be until Selfridge has made it back to tell the fullstory the humans will make their move. Not sure if badman Quaritch is on the Venture Star or still on Pandora... anyway 8 years is the minimum for the timeskip
  9. https://www.empireonline.com/movies/news/chris-evans-channing-tatum-nearly-cast-avatar-jake-sully/
  10. The fact of the matter is the budget could be $5b and it could be seen as a success because it's budget has been amortised with the Avatar franchise.

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