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  1. Lorddex you're lovely you know that, a real great person we should all strive to be like 👌🏻
  2. Imagine being such shills that you call anyone suggesting Disney had influence on the critics a troll. Being so disingenuous (or dumb) to conflate buying critics with influencing them. Things ain't black and white, guaranteed a large portion of "vote brigaders" saw the movie... Its Star Wars. It's like you've been living with your eyes wide shut your whole lives. This is the reality of the capitalist world we live in, its not any different for the film industry.
  3. What? How do you know this. A lot of people saw that film, chances are a lot of these "trolls" did too.
  4. What makes an "alt right troll vote" less worthy of than a regular vote? They're people too surely. They're allowed to dislike a movie.
  5. "Disney has no influence over critics" Critics' Darling is Star Wars: The Last Jedi... an arthouse piece the masses simply don't understand!
  6. I've got another formula. Jim's only sequel to his own film is Terminator2, that's over a 8x multiplier. We could be looking at 16 billies here folks. @JB33 You're so clever JB33. Let's hear your prediction for A2 then, it surely will be bang on.
  7. Ironic, suppose it's hard to realise that in a marvel echo chamber. sws!! marvel!!! disney!!! clowns..
  8. lmao Avatar 2 less than 2.8b reeks of desperation. literally just says "it won't make that much because I prefer EG" who cares if you love childrens comics in film form
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