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  1. It was great. Watching them come to terms which just how much 1.0A actually is. Brilliant.
  2. I agree it can do it, however a bigger opening weekend doesn't always equate to a bigger overall gross.
  3. Endgame will be more front loaded than Infinity War, it won't neccessarly make more. Beating Titanic will still be difficult for it.
  4. I love the little burst of excitement capedwellers and sws loons get before their movie comes out. "Avatar is toast!" Yeah ok kid
  5. If Endgame doesn't beat Titanic then Jim is guaranteed the top 4 spots by 2022, then possibly the top 6 spots by 2025 if studio filmmaking can't keep up.
  6. You should expect it to be over 10 years ahead of the curve (as seen by the current CGI vs Avatar). It's going to be truly incredible John, it's going to be a tough 611 days.
  7. The thing is I don't think Jim won't release footage for a teaser unless it looks 99% as good as it will look in the theatrical cut, he learned that all too well with the first Avatar. Then we they were still rendering scenes for Avatar right up until the release.
  8. On a date eating dinner at my place and it's Avatar themed, she doesn't know it though.
  9. Jon cropped Iger out... Guys I think he's warning us the best way we can that Disney are evil

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