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  1. I don't think I saw anyone talk about this yet but am I the only one who thought that this movie was too dark ? And I'm talking about the photography, not the mood. I mean most scenes were a little greyish or muddy brown but they were fine. However those first scenes on Correllia and some of the space scenes were so dark I was squinting. How the fuck did they mess that up ? I saw it in 2D so I don't know if the experience was different in 3D but that was weird. Also that blue light scene with the worm queen thing from Corellia was hard to see for me.
  2. Yep. TLJ's plot leave us with a story that need to be fixed. And it's a Marketing nightmare. No Pun, no open ended stories, no new lovable characters, no existing OT characters alive... Well at least we still have the good things that were set up in TFA, well.... half of them since Rian Johnson thought it would be a good idead to close the other half with his amazings explanations : "there is none "
  3. So I was looking to find a second week end with a 30% drop and I couldn't (A quiet place did 34,5% though). Then I thought to look at a known counter example just for the lolz. And omfg Avatar !
  4. Well, yes but it could be middle greyish white or middle greyish black. I don't know if it is the primary cause but it is definitly an important one. Some of my friends were so disapointed with TLJ (even though they like RO) that they are waiting for the VOD release even though I insisted that they should give it a try. Yeah, of course my example is not a generality but nevertheless their reasons is that they did not like TLJ (they actually hated it) and don't trust Lucasfilm to make Star Wars anymore.
  5. TLJ had good photography and was visually good overall. But yes, the story was atrocious, the characters were all underdevelopped and their evolution was plain stupid. I have 100 of examples to back me up but I am fed up of talking TLJ. If people liked it good for them.
  6. I used to only care about if a movie was good or not. And the experience of watching it. Since I discovered this forum I also want the movies I like to have a good BO run and the movies that I dislike to bomb. And I have to say the I'm quite sad about the Solo numbers
  7. Yes I know exactly which one you meant. It was a joke because thise scene was changed for the special edition and I'm a smug who like the original better. Here it is if you are interested (3:33) :
  8. I get what you say. But I think I want to see Solo again, and I'll definitly recommend it. I cannot say the same with previous entries.
  9. I really really loved the "Here they come" and Asteroid music medley during the Kessel Run. The other tunes were okay, I didn't care for them as much. It's a shame that's they have to use the original score so much but that medley was well placed and made sense considering they were both chased by Ties and flying into an asteroid field.
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