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  1. Is there any reason in particular for the huge jump in average ticket price for NWH in comparison to other recent blockbusters? ATP for NWH is working out to be around $70 in comparison to around $60 for Endgame, which is a big increase in only 2 years.
  2. We're very much in a situation akin to immediately prior to Titanic's release, or immediately prior to Avatar 2's release, where the full potential of the global box office is untapped. The global box office market holds the potential for a film to gross far in excess of $3b — it would just take an Avatar-like or Titanic-like performance with huge, often record-breaking grosses in pretty much every market to realise that potential. No film since Avatar (and really, no other film in the history of cinema outside of Avatar and Titanic) has had that kind of global appeal where it reso
  3. South Korea, Germany, probably the entirety of the rest of Europe with the possible exception of the UK, Australia, Japan, etc. etc. The only major overseas markets that I'm not confident Avatar 2 will outgross (and, moreover, out-admission) NWH are the UK, Brazil and Mexico.
  4. Seems like Avatar 2's release date is starting to be officially confirmed in a number of overseas markets. Lots of tweets recently about a December 14 release date in France, and a December 16 release date in India.
  5. That's a Box Office Mojo estimate based on yearly average ticket prices. It's not accurate for blockbuster films like Black Panther which make a sizeable chunk of their revenue from expensive premium format tickets. BOM will likely have No Way Home at around 80m tickets sold by the same metric, which, again, won't be accurate. Edit: it's also worth noting that the overall yearly average ticket price (which is measured across all releases) is skewed by films with younger audiences who have cheaper ticket prices, so a blockbuster film is going to have a higher ticket pric
  6. Titanic's initial theatrical run is probably the single biggest box office run of all time. A NWH-like performance comes around every couple of years; Titanic's run is a literal once-in-a-lifetime.
  7. Barely more than a year away now. And 1,000 pages, damn. There's a lot of history in this thread.
  8. I don't think China will allow a foreign film to become the highest-grossing film in China again. A domestic film has held that title from mid-2017 onwards — nearly 5 years now — and given that the title is now held, at least in dollar gross, by The Battle at Lake Changjin, it seems especially unlikely that they'll want to relinquish the title, given the content of that film. All that to say: while Avatar 2 might have the potential to be the highest-grossing film of all time in China without any outside meddling, The Battle at Lake Changjin's ~$900m is likely to serve as an upper l
  9. The "GA" has absolutely no interest in release schedules, and has not been paying attention to Avatar 2's release date changes over the past 5 or 6 years. In fact, the GA probably doesn't even know an Avatar 2 is coming out yet, and won't know until the marketing starts. The people who religiously keep up with movie news — the types that post about movies on Reddit, Twitter, YouTube etc. — are not the GA by any stretch.
  10. We are now closer than we've ever been to the release of Avatar 2. Just over 500 days to go!
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