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  1. The "GA" has absolutely no interest in release schedules, and has not been paying attention to Avatar 2's release date changes over the past 5 or 6 years. In fact, the GA probably doesn't even know an Avatar 2 is coming out yet, and won't know until the marketing starts. The people who religiously keep up with movie news — the types that post about movies on Reddit, Twitter, YouTube etc. — are not the GA by any stretch.
  2. We are now closer than we've ever been to the release of Avatar 2. Just over 500 days to go!
  3. It's less than 18 months away (again), I believe we're off the Lot. Edit: Thread's been moved, thanks mods.
  4. Just to update: Fellowship has actually jumped up to 20k showings on Saturday now, so more in the ballpark of the other rereleases, although still quite a bit smaller.
  5. Seems to be very small-scale. Currently has about 5k showings on Saturday, and will probably end up at around 6k in total. The Harry Potter and Avatar re-releases both had about 60k showings on their first Saturdays, for comparison. There's obviously more competition at the moment with Detective Conan opening this weekend, Sister and all last week's local openers still playing, GvK, etc., but even so. I don't think the re-releases are only going to be playing for a week, though—where are you getting that from? Presales for the second/third/fourth weeks will only show up later in th
  6. Won't hit $60m. Heading for a total of just over $56m—think it's at about $54.5m currently, through Sunday.
  7. ¥22.6m ($3.5m) for the weekend. Passed $50m on Saturday as expected—current total $51.7m.
  8. GvK's gross on Maoyan has been stuck at 13,647.85万 for roughly the past half an hour.
  9. Weekend ended up at around $14.1m, down 33% from opening weekend. Total currently $44m, will pass $50m next Friday or Saturday.
  10. Avatar's doing really well today, better than I expected—seems to play especially well at the weekend. Currently at ¥38.5m for Saturday at 9pm local time, and should hit ¥40m by the end of the day. Sunday presales are at ¥4m right now and should end up at around ¥5m by 12am, compared to Saturday's ¥7m. The Sunday drop won't be as good as last week's non-drop but it should still be pretty decent. Total weekend should be around $13.5-$14.2m, a great result.
  11. Didn't quite reach ¥19m or ¥20m in the end, ended up at around ¥18.8m ($2.9m) for today. I was probably a bit overzealous with the ¥20m, but it slowed down quicker than I expected for a Friday and the gross also froze for around 30 minutes. Still, presales for Saturday are good at just over ¥7m currently, and it should be a good weekend for Avatar.
  12. Think ¥20m is likely today. With that kind of a Friday, we could see the weekend hitting $13-$14m.
  13. Monday: ¥18.05m ($2.78m) Tuesday: ¥15.37m ($2.36m) Wednesday: ¥13.00m ($2.00m) Thursday: should be around ¥12m ($1.85m) I agree with others here that this weekend should be $10m+, maybe around $11-$12m.
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