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  1. That's clearly Halloween bump
  2. Yeah. What's interesting is that i looked up WW All Time charts (thanks to Box Office Mojo) and the highest finish without breaking 1B is 970M!
  3. 849M. I think thats above expectations. Now 1B is a lock.
  4. Divisive Last Jedi opened to 220M so why would the Rise of Skywalker open less? (they have it at 200M). I don't see it happening especially thats it the trilogy ending film.
  5. Saw it second time and it's truly phenomenal. So funny but also very topical social commentary. Typical Bong mixing genres. The second best movie of 2019.
  6. Poland: OW: 271 277 admissions 2nd: 244 490 admissions (-10%) And the weather was amazing.
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