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  1. In Poland now you can't leave home even with person you sleep in one bed. Only alone and only if you really need it. And keep 2 meters of space in public.
  2. I don't think you can say spread is slowing down in Spain. One day doesn't make trend. They are just at the beginning of epidemy. Look Italy, it's been 3 weeks after lockdown and they are still in the thick of this. Im sure peak is still ahead of Spain and it will be bigger than Italy since they locked down country way too late
  3. Ok, thanks. Didnt know there is so many members from India here. I know only Charlie
  4. Why people on this forum care so much about...India 😂 Don't get me wrong. i appreciate India. Its a big country but every time i open the thread i see India news and they are not even in top10 most affected countries.
  5. Another shift of tone from Trump today. Now he is planning to open country very soon because he can't lose companies. Wow.
  6. Mass testing. Especially in NY State where they have 12K new cases just today. Cuomo is doing fantastic job. I don't understand why California and Washington are not doing the same?
  7. Yup. Look at that. And after today UK has 233 deaths which matches where Italy was at that point
  8. So in last two days i saw both Outbreak and Contagion and i think they are fine movies but not much more than that. Outbreak is louder, bigger scale movie with a lot of helicopter action. Contagion focuses more on the virus itself, relationships etc. But the last scene ruined the movie. completely unecessary reveal. basically the movie said that audience is stupid so we have to explain them everything. What movie in your opinion is better and why?
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