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  1. Damianport1

    Thursday Numbers: ASIB stays over $1M

    I told you guys that would happen but most of you didn't believe.
  2. Damianport1

    A Star is Born OVER 200M club DOM

    It won't need one. It will cross 200M way before oscar noms
  3. Damianport1

    Monday Numbers

    Just 28% monday to monday drop for ASIB. Unfuckingbelievable
  4. Damianport1

    Tuesday Numbers: Halloween 6.36 ASIB:$2.63M

    Very good number for FM. Legs finally kicking in?
  5. Damianport1

    A STAR IS BORN - 216.2M OS - 429.6M WW

    Its gonna do 400M WW
  6. What's the number for ASIB in UK this weekend? RT said about 2.6-2.7 in UK thread
  7. And next weekend is so empty. I expect ASIB to drop even less, maybe 20% or so
  8. If you see the film you will understand why is not doing big numbers. It;s great but very inaccesible
  9. if ASIB follows last weekend, 18.9M (33.5% drop)
  10. Eh, the First Man drop might go over 50% tbh. I would take this 44% easily, wouldnt be so bad if you take in consideration how inaccesible this is Such a shame because its a fantastic film. My #2 of the year so far
  11. Just saw First Man and wow. Chazelle is 3/3.
  12. Damianport1

    Thursday Numbers

    First man is looking at 6-7M weekend with this number...
  13. Yeah, no. Let's slow down a bit
  14. Damianport1

    Tuesday Numbers

    Same as Bridge of Spies. Nearly identical sunday, monday and tuesday https://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?page=daily&id=coldwar2015.htm

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