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  1. The situation is very, very bad, at least in Europe. No way it settles for many months come. Theaters are closed.
  2. This wasn't very good and i love Nolan. Clearly his worst film. Too convoluted and the finale wasn't as rewarding, emotional as usual in his films. Also, visually it was not up to his standards, especially cinematography was pretty pedestrian. The score was fine but not even close to Zimmer soundtracks.
  3. Yep. There is nothing that caught my eye. It's too bad that after Dunkirk, which was new ground for him, he decided to come back to the comfort zone. The time travel thing, we already saw it with Inception. I will still go because i'm huge Nolan fan, but i'm not pumped like i was for Interstellar or Dunkirk.
  4. I love Nolan, but this definitely looks like his weakest entry yet. I really don't care about it and i was always pumped for his movies.
  5. Most people will go back to cinema when they open and the new movies are out. You all are overthinking this. The only demo that might be apprehensive and stay home are the old people 60+. Their turn out might be lower for some time but other than that it will be pretty normal.
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