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  1. Top Gun 2 will likely be a big gay event too.
  2. M:I6 is pretty great. Great legs should come.
  3. This will do wonders in Latam. Horror always does great here, but La Llorona is part of a lot of countries' imaginarium beyond just Mexico.
  4. Kraken

    Monday's Numbers

    XMen or F4, probably
  5. Missing the point by a mile. Cruise is pretty close to the hierarchy. There's a difference between being a rank and file Catholic and being a Cardinal. That said, the Catholic Church is evil, just like most organized religions.
  6. You said that while Disney keeps raking up money from remakes of animated classics, Pixar sequels and full-on pandering nostalgia-fest SW films.
  7. My first movie was The Little Mermaid. They had to take me out went Ursula went all giant because I was crying so hard. Scary shit.
  8. Lol, Circe! Total brainfart (confused her with the eternal) And I meant as main antagonists in WW films.
  9. I wonder if Cersi is in this (might explain Steve's return). I hope not. Ares-Cheetah-Cersi should each get their own film.
  10. https://variety.com/2018/film/festivals/paramount-animations-wonder-park-rocks-annecy-1202844694/

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