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  1. Looking forward to this. So excited to see Cartagena! City looks gorgeous, as usual.
  2. I used BP because it was the same weekend and everyone will be ecstatic if Alita opens to 0.16 of its OW (math is fun!)
  3. A movie might make half its budget domestic, instead of a third. Stop the presses!! Tbf, I can see the fun in indulging the Cameronites and pretending it's the second coming of Black Panther. I might watch it Monday.
  4. Pff. I'm OS and Spider-Verse is the best movie of 2018 for me. By far. Keep them coming, Sony.
  5. American Christians have thrown their support to a thrice-divorced man that pays porno actresses for sex and has a video saying he grabs women by the pussy just because it gives them access to power. And don't get me started on how megachurches take advantage of people's (morons) faith to swindle them. So yes, we agree that man is responsible for their own greed, it just so happens that there's nothing divine in organized religion. The sign was fine.
  6. What Men Want if it happens to be great might barely make it, although it'll probably do 55-65. It should do 69M for title synergy tho.
  7. What a beautiful film. Not a dry eye during the epilogue. What a great way to end an almost perfect trilogy (Hiccup was so annoying during the second film).
  8. I don't know about domestic but overseas I know plenty of men that would go watch it if you tell them it's from the same people that make James Bond.
  9. https://comicbook.com/movies/2019/01/12/viacom-ceo-bumblebee-solidly-profitable-last-knight-lost-100m/

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