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  1. This is really exciting! When will the quarter finalists be announced?
  2. I feel like some of the recent events in America are the exact reason why this will connect with the General Audience.
  3. I saw this today with a friend. My friend thought it was his new favorite film. I thought it was pretty good too! Though I saw four older folks walk out of the theater during a scene with the fairly absurd death of one of the henchmen. They didn't come back.
  4. Paul, Apostle of Christ | March 28, 2018 | Sony

    The reason why Christianity is much more than a religion is this: while other religions are big rulebooks trying to tell people they can 'get themselves to Heaven', the great news of the Gospel is that Jesus has already paid the debt of sin for us; it's not about following rules, but having a relationship with the one who died for us. Respectfully speaking, I do not believe that Paul is any sort of antichrist. The Bible says that he received forgiveness for his sins and he followed God's direction, giving glory to God, evangelizing, spreading the Gospel, and being an instrumental help in the development of the Church. He also wrote many of the books of the Bible. And he was arrested for standing beside God many times. The Bible also shows him trusting in God. Paul would have had such spirit if God had not liberated him from the name of Saul and the act of killing His people. Because anyone that claims to speak the truth but does not confess that Jesus is the Son of God has the spirit you speak of that is not of God (1 John 4 : 2-3). So if Paul were an antichrist, I don't believe he would have gone out if his way to repent from his sinful nature and live a Godly life that put him in crosshairs of the people of the world who were against God at the time. I don't believe Paul would have mustered up the strength it takes to truthfully speak of Jesus the way he does in the book of Romans and elsewhere. Sorry for going on a rant but I felt that it needed to be said.
  5. Best actress predictions-2017

    You mean take the nomination or the win?
  6. Isle of Dogs | Wes Anderson | April 20 2018

    This trailer has been the #1 trending video on YouTube for the majority of the day!
  7. Paul, Apostle of Christ | March 28, 2018 | Sony

    I don't buy into religion either. There's a lot of people that think basic religion us the way, but that's not a good way of looking at it. Christianity is so much more. And plenty of Christians like watching faith-based films. I also don't see how The Handmaid's Tale is about a Christian America after reading Google's description. Please explain why you think that, because I know Jesus would never treat women that shamefully.
  8. Best Animated Feature - 2017

    Live orchestras are always better (imo)! The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword used a live orchestra and that gave way to how well received the score would be.
  9. Box Office Theory's Most Anticipated Films

    1. Same Kind of Different as Me 2. Battle of the Sexes 3. The Foreigner 4. Stronger 5. Lady Bird 6. Murder on the Orient Express 7. Novitiate 8. All I See is You 9. The Snowman 10. The Stray
  10. It looks well acted. Domnhall Gleeson is one of the best actors working today. The film doesn't look great, though.
  11. I think this is debuting with Blade Runner. Get it? Blade Runner? Maze Runner? You could mix them and call it Blaze Runner. Or even Made Runner. It's uncanny.
  12. Paul, Apostle of Christ | March 28, 2018 | Sony

    While it has been happening for a long time, that still doesn't excuse such practice from people's scrutiny, and it doesn't mean I can't be disappointed at the notion of the practice. I would rather have Christian films be made by people like Kirk Cameron- even without the quality, the heart is truly into it, and it usually shines through no matter how technically lacking the overall product is. If you would like to see what a better film by a devout believer would look like, I challenge you to see the recent theatrical release All Saints. That is a very well made film!
  13. The Classic Conversation Thread

    My church friend invited me to see It this weekend... horror isn't my first choice but I think it'll be fun.
  14. Paul, Apostle of Christ | March 28, 2018 | Sony

    That does make sense, but I still think making a biblical film to give glory to God should be the first reason for making a film like this, or the film may run the risk of being insensitive (Darren Aronofsky's Noah). Hopefully an enthusiastic Christian writer or director will give it their absolute best like the people behind The Passion of the Christ did.

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