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  1. Slambros

    Crowd Reports Thread

    Dragon Ball Super: Broly January 17th, 80-90% full in one of the theater's largest regular-sized auditoriums. Regal Mayfaire Stadium 16 Trailers Missing Link Toy Story 4 Pokemon: Detective Pikachu (murmurs) Wonder Park (mocks) Laughs and reactions throughout. Applause at the end. Very good word of mouth as the audience was leaving.
  2. Slambros

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    That's exactly how I felt when I saw the rhinos.
  3. Slambros

    CAYOM Y5 - Discussion Thread

    That's smart. It's a shame, but real life should come first. But we wish you well in regards to the move and the job! You got this!
  4. I just watched this gem of a thriller via Google Play. It was definitely worth my time. Don't overlook this one; there's a reason why it's on that foreign film shortlist. It'll be on my list for sure.
  5. I hope this is able to do well. It sounds like it could be pretty good, and I'm definitely rooting for Beanie Feldstein. May is a crowded month, but I definitely see what Annapurna is going for by giving this a wide release. It's got a lot to conquer, though.
  6. I haven't been this excited for a trailer since Detective Pikachu.
  7. I thought there was something about this one...
  8. I'm really happy that this film has managed to get great reviews. It's got some hurdles to overcome but it should be able to benefit from a dry January slate. LEGO Movie 2 doesn't come out until two weeks after do it has a bit of time to itself.
  9. Slambros

    Best Actor Predictions 2018

    If their affect varies from a year by year basis, then I think it's safe to say this year is not the year for maximum critics' influence. Still hope Ethan Hawke sneaks in.
  10. I might surprise some people with this request, but I would like to claim the rights to Bayonetta. That is the only one I will request at this time.
  11. It actually does feel right to predict that Spies in Disguise will gross 1/3 of Incredibles 2 DOM. It's in a September date but the animation is very eye-catching, and it's got Will Smith and Tom Holland. I'm happy that Bohemian Rhapsody is grossing well, but only because the studios will put more faith in biopics. A genre which, I believe, has yet to achieve its full potential.
  12. I haven't heard that before. And I disagree with it. She's a character that isn't able to do everything by herself, and she's a character that goes through a believable emotional arc. I found her to be a pretty well-rounded character.

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