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  1. Yeah, I thought those were well-written films for the most part. They should be able to find their audiences when it comes time for the box office. Portal's only $25M, so it should be able to recoup its budget pretty easily. Not sure about The Drowsy Chaperone with its $100M budget, but if it's going for the Mamma Mia! audience, I think it's got a shot.
  2. JUNE REVIEWS Portal The film is quite repetitive, and the drab sets (while well-decorated in its sparseness) does the repetition no favors. However, the film is somewhat held together by Eiza Gonzalez's performance (it is always a challenge to act without spoken dialogue) and Ellen McClain's delectable voice work as GLaDOS, as well as a sense of appreciation for the source material and a real presence of the game series' trademark wit. 7/10 Forever Yours The film will certainly have no issues finding its audience, with its spotlight on multiple time periods and its utilization of great deaf actors. But its selling points are also its setbacks--the story of our modern lives would undoubtedly experiences hurdles if spoken dialogue could not be a part of the storytelling process. 7.25/10 Splatoon The shell draws outside the lines, with colorful vistas and lively character animation. But the ghost--the story--ultimately plays it much too safe. 7/10 An Odd Road Trip The film comes off as an unnecessarily absurdist train-wreck--a cacophony of unintentional comedy--based on its unsuccessful attempt to plagiarize a notable cinematic achievement from an outer realm. 1/10 One Punch Man this is definitely a well-articulated adaptation of a manga, and a lesser cast and crew would have certainly botched this one. 9/10
  4. Slambros

    Most Anticipated May Movie

    Voted yesterday. May has many interesting films, but I couldn't just not vote for Detective Pikachu as a big fan of Pokemon.
  5. Slambros

    CAYOM Y5 - Discussion Thread

    The only June synopses I have left to read are Splatoon and One Punch Man. I should have June reviews up by tomorrow at the latest. I won't outright say it's coming today because I have a exam tomorrow for my film history class, and it'll be very important for me to make sure I'm studied up to a fruitful degree.
  6. Slambros

    CAYOM Y5 Predictions

    That is definitely fine with me, yeah.
  7. Slambros

    CAYOM Magazine

    Well, Saorsie Ronan would still be a great pick. I could see Florence Pugh, Emma Stone... You've got options.
  8. Slambros

    CAYOM Magazine

    Really excited to see which actress gets cast as Violet Evergarden.
  9. MAY REVIEWS Two Lonely Bounty Hunters The sense of scale that this sequel implements into its story is something to be appreciated despite what I perceive to be a slightly jarring tonal mismash. 8.5/10 The Drowsy Chaperone A delightful musical with memorable song and dance numbers and a pleasant old-time aesthetic. [While I'm not sure if the Man in the Chair is a big part of the source material,] the film, in my opinion, would've had a bigger impact had it cut the guy in the chair. 7.25/10 Call of Duty: Of Their Own Accord The film boasts incredible moments of action, as well as one unexpected moment of restraint during a certain Russian Airport scene. Unfortunately, most of the film's run-time is a rather repetitive implementation of wartime violence. 7/10 Gold Diggers Almost nothing reaps more ire from the fingertips on my keyboard than a comedy that isn't funny. We've learned time and time again: Adam Sandler's gonna Adam Sandler. 2.75/10 In The Valley The film puts its focus on the specific event in question (the destructive Massachusetts Tornado), selling itself to needless nihilism by sidelining the aftereffects of the storm--such as the emotional toll and recovery efforts. While the film is undoubtedly and impressive technical marvel, setting aside maybe thirty minutes at the end to spotlight emotional damage and recovery efforts would have made this a surefire masterpiece. 8/10
  11. The stories behind my Y5 projects: Wi-Fi Winnebago The Mona Lisa Out of my Mind Veggies in the Rain: A VeggieTales Movie Psyren Wii Sports Calendars Yin Peak Of Pagans and Paupers Sabrina Help! I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up: The Movie

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