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  1. Slambros

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    There are some really great nominations all around! We are definitely able to see who these critic groups are rallying behind; Ethan Hawke is continuing to progress further forward, as is Richard E. Grant and Regina King. Glenn Close gets another one, Toni Colette gets another one, Carey Mulligan gets another one. Can You Ever Forgive Me? is progressing further towards the Disaster Artist type of Adapted Screenplay nomination, where it's there less because it's a major contender and more because it's a genuinely great script. List of films I haven't seen yet that I want to see that got nominations here: If Beale Street Could Talk Leave No Trace You Were Never Really Here We The Animals Wildlife The Wife Support The Girls Madeline's Madeline Searching Blindspotting Socrates Can You Ever Forgive Me? Private Life Nancy Mid-90s En el Septimo Dia Thunder Road and basically every one of those documentary contenders SO many interesting films...
  2. The shortcomings of other potential Oscar films as of late can very possible set this film up for more of a success than it would've had. If Fox Searchlight puts their full force behind it, they might have a winner.
  3. Slambros

    Crowd Reports Thread

    Eighth Grade 9:00 pm, 5%-10% full UNCW Lumina Theater There were so many reactions. Vocal displeasure at the tense moments, multiple moments of applause throughout the film. Applause at the end, too. From what I heard and experienced, the crowd of other college students had fallen head over heels for this. Even the workers who were able to comment on the previous 6:00 showing were saying that the film was good. This film will very likely stand the test of time in its own special way.
  4. I'm gonna add that to my list of films that I should watch. I wasn't sure if it was something good even when it showed up early in the Google search list. But it really sounds interesting! I really liked The Truman Show so I'd probably like that.
  5. Even Chris Stuckmann likes this! Hopefully the film is able to gross really well!
  6. This might be a game changing weekend for the Oscar race. If Widows and Green Book aren't able to make much, that's more films to add to the list of Oscar potentials that failed to connect with audiences. It really might be in the academy's best interest to just give A Star is Born the Oscar already...
  7. Slambros

    CAYOM Magazine

    @CayomMagazine Fictional chairman Glenn Guthrie has issued a statement regarding advertisements that New Journey Pictures wants to show during the upcoming Oscar ceremony: "We'll be debuting previews of the two projects we're most confident about in regards to box office: Banana Fish and Veggies in the Rain: a VeggieTales Movie. They'll be causin' cultural zeitgeists, you know what I'm sayin'?" More details to come soon...
  8. I mean, I've seen a few five second YouTube advertisements, but that's really it atm.
  9. Slambros

    Y4 - Oscar Picks

    If I do one, it's gonna be for Veggies in the Rain: A VeggieTales Movie. It makes sense, as the Oscar ceremony would be reasonably close to Easter release date of the film. Either that, or Banana Fish.
  10. Slambros

    Y4 - Oscar Picks

    I'll write at least one for the Oscar thread... that sounds like a lot of fun!
  11. Slambros

    Box Office Theory's Most Anticipated Films

    1. Creed II 2. Green Book 3. Roma 4. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 5. The Mule 6. Mortal Engines 7. At Eternity's Gate 8. The Favourite 9. Bumblebee 10. Aquaman
  12. Slambros

    Dax's movie fight showcase thread

    This is my favorite fight scene in film; it's as iconic as it is, not only because the fight is awesome, but because the whole film has been building up to it, slowly yet deliberately.
  13. Slambros

    Dax's movie fight showcase thread

    Upgrade should at least be on my Google Play wishlist... it looks like a good film!

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