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  1. I think The Last Black Man in San Francisco will be able to make at least $5M domestically by the end of its run. I think the expansion is fairly impressive!
  2. First a role in my Fiesta Loca film and now this? Let the Michael Peñaissance commence!
  3. Either Focus Features found an exploitable loophole or they simply just can't catch a break between this and Captive State.
  4. Yeah. The thing I suggest is to wait until the D23 conference, which is right around the corner, to see for ourselves what they announce.
  5. Dang, @Spaghetti. You've written a good finale!
  6. 1. The Last Black Man in San Fransisco 2. Toy Story 4 3. Crawl 4. The Farewell 5. The Art of Self Defense 6. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 7. Luce 8. The Art of Racing in the Rain 9. The Peanut Butter Falcon 10. Overcomer
  7. Gues this is an experimental approach to Oscar campaigning. Having an Oscar candidate available at the push of a button is appealing to more than a few of the voters, as shown by the many nominations that Netflix films were receiving. So this may bode well. Amazon as a film distributor has a good reputation in terms of excellent films.
  8. So Shenmue III is one of the most intriguing games of this year's E3, at least to me, but I have to bring up how the game has been made exclusive to the Epic Game Store. A lot of people who play games on PC are upset by this, not only because they vastly prefer Steam over the Epic Game Store, but because the game's kickstarter had promised a Steam release to its backers. Now this deal was sought after by the publisher (Deep Silver), not Yu Suzuki and his development team, and the deal was likely made so that the game wouldn't be at financial risk. So all of this controversy swimming around Shenmue III of all games, and the next "Epic Game Store exclusive" being Shenmue III of all games, is somewhat tragic of an event for a game that many people have wanted for over a decade. People are commenting online, wishing for the director Yu Suzuki to get bone cancer, which is extreme and unjustified. It's not a good situation for a game that will already be of acquired taste to find itself in. I hope the people planning to boycott Shenmue III because of the PC version debacle consider at least supporting the console version of the game--not that the game would need good sales after the $6M from Kickstarter, the extra money from Sony and Deep Silver, and the deal with Epic.
  9. @Spaghetti Thank you man! I should say that the your other pre-read for In the Aeroplane over the Sea, as well as @Rorschach's pre-read Pikmin, will be the next two plot summaries that I will work on and finish. I will probably tackle Pikmin first because Aeroplane is going to require a dedicated amount of research on my part, which I should wait to attempt until after my summer class concludes next weekend. Thanks to both you and Rorschach for your patience!
  10. So I've just posted Fiesta Loca into the submission thread last night. It's the first draft of the film and it's just shy of 10K words--I intended to finish the 'nice little story with an exciting concept' over the few days I was off the grid last weekend, but I ended up needing what amounted to a week in order to finish it, because the story ended up becoming much bigger than anticipated. If anyone wants to pre-read the story and share their thoughts with me, don't hesitate to do so! I'll gladly take feedback into consideration.
  11. FIESTA LOCA Studio: New Journey Pictures Director: Nacho Vigalondo Genre: Fantasy Release Date: October 28th Theater Count: 3,850 MPAA Rating: PG-13 for Language, Suggestive Themes, and Thematic Elements Runtime: 88 Minutes Production Budget: $42 Million Major Cast: Jake T. Austin as Felix Sanchez*** Zoe Saldana as Rita Sanchez** Antonio Banderas as Agustin** Isabella Moner as Mia Sanchez Jason Gemoa as Guile Paulina Garcia as Catalina Sanchez George Lopez as Omar Sanchez Rico Rodriguez as Fernando Daniel Zolghadri as Leon Cierra Ramirez as Bianca Ariel Winter as Christie Marcel Ruiz as Rafael Anthony Ramos as Ignacio Efren Ramirez as Juan** with Cristela Alonzo as Sandra and Michael Pena as *=Denotes a Voice Role **=Denotes a Motion Capture Role ***=Denotes a role that at times live action and at times motion capture Abstract: A Hispanic young man overdoses at a wild Day of the Dead party and, as a skeleton spirit, must prevent similar deaths on the same night in order to gain a second chance at life.
  12. I actually referenced that list to make sure I didn't cast anyone that was already on it. Thanks for making that list, @cookie!
  13. @CayomMagazine New Journey Pictures walks onstage and tells the audience that the're saving the reveal of original films for another time. But, speaking of original films, there's one more thing they have to share. Nacho Vigalondo (director of Colossal) comes onstage. "Fiesta Loca is a project that I'm very happy to have worked on. It is an honor to direct a film with a hispanic-majority cast and crew. We have a clip to share from the film. Please enjoy." This is the last thing shown at the conference.
  14. @CayomMagazine J.D. Dillard (director of Sleight and Sweetheart) walks onstage. "We are proud to officially announce that New Journey Pictures' adaptation of Megalo Box will be releasing in Y7. Luke Pasqualino (Snowpiercer) will play Joe." After that, Neil Marshall (director of Dog Soldiers and The Descent) walks onstage. "We are proud to officially announce that New Journey Pictures' adaptation of Bayonetta will be releasing in Y7. Rebecca Ferguson (Mission Impossible: Fallout) will play the titular character."
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