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  1. Slambros

    Box Office Theory's Most Anticipated Films

    1. The Mustang (alright, Mustang Gang! Let's keep this train rolling until the film is closed for the list!) 2. Hotel Mumbai 3. Dumbo 4. The Best of Enemies 5. Missing Link 6. Breakthrough 7. The White Crow 8. Avengers: Endgame 9. Pokemon: Detective Pikachu 10. Tolkien
  2. Thanks man! I agree with all of these points! The Daniel Henney train continues chugging along!
  3. So the March film I haven't read yet is Artifacts: Rise of the Crest. Given that it's 11:00 PM where I am, I've decided to read it tomorrow. My brain is going into shut-off mode. But I'll have my spotlight(s) and reviews tomorrow, for sure.
  4. I agree with that! That's what I did with all my other stories that I was writing on Word, but the word count made me panic; I totally could've made that fix, though... That'y my bad. I'll keep this in mind for the future!
  5. This review makes a lot of sense to me! I basically adapted the source material with no regard to its narrative flaws, and I could've definitely taken more creative liberties with the story than I did, so that's on me. I also could've emphasized dialogue a little less, though, as I believed the dialogue was an integral part of the source material, I allowed myself to be stubborn. But I'll use this as a learning experience for sure! I can only get better from here!
  6. Understood; I'll decrease the amount of dialogue in my subsequent projects. Thank you!
  7. This film is better off going wide anyway. It's not the type of film that would typically be supported by a limited opening, in my opinion. And the month of March has been dry as it is. Neon knows they're on a roll, that there deal with Hulu is a lifeline, that the film's trailer is extremely well made, and that we've just now seen Focus Features' Greta make over $10M in this dry of a time-frame. A film with as big of stars as Matthew McConaughey should be given a chance to be seen, anyway. Who's willing to believe this can gross more than Serenity's total? I sure am.
  8. Snowpiercer, though it was the fault of Weinstein rather than the movie-going public.
  9. The only reason I'm in favor of this film being made is because I remember all the times when I was little and Dora was on TV, and, in retrospect, I think Dora was a great, wholesome role model for kids. She was also a symbol of diversity before the discussion became widespread. So regardless of the film's quality, I think the film will ultimately prove to be a harmless affair. Can't wait to see the trailer; I also can't wait to see how they inplement the "swiper no swiping" subplot.
  10. Thank you man! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I'll be striving to write more films that are around the same scale as this! I'm fully onboard the Daniel Henney train, now!
  11. Slambros

    CAYOM Y5 - Discussion Thread

    So I think I'll have a busy day tomorrow (Thursday), so I might hold off of my March reviews until Friday. Never say never, though, because, by circumstance, I only need to review four of them. (Though Epsilon is one of the biggest films in length; but still.)
  12. I wanna read all twelve of them! Your originals sound creative and your franchise films are exciting!
  13. Slambros

    CAYOM Y5 Predictions

    That's alright! You should get some sleep!
  14. Slambros

    CAYOM Y5 Predictions

    That would help me a lot, actually! Having comparisons would be pretty helpful.

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