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  1. I looked and saw that it was the placeholder score of Episode 3 last seaspn. Next time the placeholder score will be the lowest score divided by 2.
  2. Eh. This'll be a Tribal Council for the history books because three of the teammates didn't predict... I'm actually pretty excited to see how it turns out!
  3. So I have some potentially perturbing news: I have meetings that are going to last for a long time on Monday nights going forward. The weekend actuals were released onto Box Office Mojo at 6:00 PM EST, which means that I would have an hour before I have to leave for the meeting--give or take--to do my calculations, which took me two hours tonight. Because of the meetings, the time that the results are posted might be pushed to a much later time--like, late late. I'll be talking to Spaghetti about things I can do, but for the record, I think it is vital to have the results posted on Monday nights so that the Tribal Council people have a full 24 Hours' notice that they are, well, going to Tribal Council. I'm gonna find a way to make it work, but please understand if influences out of my control throw some of my timing off-balance going forward. Also, I'm not sure what my college classes are going to entail yet. I was already planning on spacing out Flash Fights, but it might be a week or two before there's another flash fight. And the next flash fight or two might not go as 'in-depth' with story content as the last one did for that reason. I just wanted to keep all of the players up to date, and I'll be keeping you up to date going forward! Thank you all for your enthusiasm!
  4. *All 21 players line up on the sidewalk facing the busy road and a city block’s worth of stores.* SLAM!: This challenge, inspired by the sleeper hit Good Boys, tasks you with running across the street, navigating your way through the cars that are waiting at the stoplight, and searching the ten businesses for predictions! StarWarsMemer: So it’s a high-stakes game of Konami’s Frogger? I’m down for that! PanaMovie: (cocks an eyebrow) Seems like there’s one person who still cares about Konami after that Kojima debacle. Kjtc: (to StarWarsMemer) …Who are you again? StarWarsMemer: Oh! I’m MeowwoeM! I just go by a different title now! chasmmi: That’s not confusing at all… *A gun is fired in the air, and all the contestants run into the street. Well… All the contestants excluding Avatree, baumer, Darth Lehnsherr, MrGamer, Premium George, and Wrath, who are still on the sidewalk.* SLAM!: Um… The competition’s started… Avatree: (curled up into a ball) I have motorphobia… I’m afraid of automobiles… The bus ride was a different thing because riding it was a shared experience among many people… Lightning McQueen scarred me for life… I’m sorry, Team Asgard… I know I gotta prove myself, but… Darth Lehnsherr: (stands in a poised manner) I was conditioned at a young age not to run into the street. ‘Tis an inappropriate behavior. MrGamer: My shoelaces are tied together… (He frantically tries to untie the knot connecting his feet together, but to no avail.) *Wrath crosses his arms in silence. Premium George looks down at him. baumer watches from a distance with his hands behind his head.* Premium George: Well, “Team Leader”? Wrath: (silence) Premium George: As soon as you participate, I’ll participate. I’m only following your lead. Wrath: …You’re only shooting yourself in the foot… *baumer looks away…* CONFESSIONAL – Premium George: With three of our team members out of the game, we will surely go to tribal council… And that’s exactly what I need to get Wrath out of this game. CONFESSIONAL – Wrath: I’m sitting out because I strained my wrists trying to pull that slingshot. I know that’s selfish on my part. If my teammates vote me out, I get it. But Premium George acting all high and mighty, and subsequently pulling his stunt, could provide good cover for me… The other teams see me as weak, which is a good thing… CONFESSIONAL – baumer: (inhales and exhales) I know I should be participating, but… *Inside a record store with a bunch of Bruce Springsteen statues, the other four members of Team Sokovia meet together.* PanaMovie: Looks like three of us are sitting out. Reddroast: Sweet beans in a basket… Fancyarcher: What? That’s disheartening… Rorschach: Now’s not the time to worry. Two of Team Wakanda’s also sitting out. If we play well, we could still manage safety. Worst case scenario, we can vote one of them out. PanaMovie: Hey, what’s the goal of this competition, anyway? To find predictions? Reddroast: Maybe by predictions, he means the items that are in the stores! Looks like I’m stealing some of these vinyl records here! *The Springsteen statues turn their heads towards Reddroast, and their eyes become red.* Springsteen Statues: (in unison) Baby, you were born to run AWAY FROM OUR LASERS! Reddroast: Uh-oh. *Four of the Team Wakanda members stand above an indoor pool. The predictions are in the bottom of pool.* Kjtc: This doesn’t seem like too challenging of a room… captainwondyful: Of course it doesn’t! It’s just a pool! You should jump in before I do! Claire of Themyscira: Yeah, no… You guys know one of the films is 47 Meters Down: Uncaged, right? Ain’t no way there’s not any sharks in here. *A shark fin passes them by.* DAJK: …Yeah, I’m not going in… Kjtc: Where’s ZeeSoh again? I’m sure he’d go in to get the predictions. Claire of Themyscira: He’s too good for aquatic creatures. He’s in the circus animal salesman’s shop… fighting lions… *In the circus animal salesman’s shop…* ZeeSoh: COME AND GET A PIECE OF ME, SIMBA!! *In the pool area…* captainwondyful: They wouldn’t put sharks in the water… Those have to be animatronics! Kjtc: That makes sense. I’m going in. *Kjtc dives in, much to everyone’s shock.* DAJK: Oh. Oh dear. Those are real sharks. Claire of Themyscira: He’s gonna need a bigger amount of common sense… *Kjtc leaps out of the water, jumping over the sharks, and shows everyone the predictions.* Kjtc: There. Hopefully we’ll be able to win with these. *Meanwhile, Team Asgard is meeting inside a Blockbuster video store.* chasmmi: We don’t have Avatree, but we have plenty of people to win. Me, YourMother, and… StarWarsMemer… will search through this store. Sheikh, Keanu, and Thanos Legion, you three will go to the restaurant next door. Capeesh? YourMother the Edgelord: There’s probably predictions inside this bag of jalepeño chips… I’ll start eating them… munch munch munch… StarWarsMemer: I never thought I’d be in a Blockbuster again! *accidently knocks over standees of Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Margot Robbie* (chasmmi sighs) *In the restaurant…* Keanu: All I see inside this restaurant are a bunch of middle-aged adults wearing turtleneck sweaters… It’s like a Richard Linklater film… Thanos Legion: The ambience of this eatery matches the ambience that would serve well distributed all over the universe… I mean, we need to find those predictions… *Sheikh spots a middle-aged woman and walks up to her.* Sheikh: Are you Bernadette, by any chance? Bernadette: Why, yes. I am Bernadette. *The turtleneck sweater people stand up in unison.* Bernadette: Unfortunately for you and your friends… No one finds Bernadette and makes it out alive… Mwahahaha! Keanu: Goodness me… This is more than I bargained for… Sheikh: Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it… *Sheikh analyzes the room like Robert Downey Jr’s version of Sherlock Holmes, and he knocks all of the turtleneck sweater people unconscious. Including Bernadette.* Thanos Legion: Impressive. *Meanwhile, in the record store, Reddroast is curled into a ball as red lasers are flying everywhere.* Reddroast: I’m usually a courageous person… These statues are just spooking me… I’m sorry, guys… PanaMovie: No biggie, man. We’ll take it from here. Rorschach: The three of us against all these statues. Is that a good plan? Fancyarcher: It’s a good a plan as any. *Fancyarcher, PanaMovie, and Rorschach all fight the statues while Reddroast hides behind the reception desk.* *ZeeSoh limps into the Blockbuster video store while StarWarsMemer is still trying to reposition the standees and YourMother is eating a bag of chips.* ZeeSoh: I got somethin’ to say to chasmmi… YourMother: Well, you’re out of luck. He’s in the gym. You know, the store that’s inspired by Hobbs and Shaw. *In the gym…* chasmmi: 100 squats, 100 push-ups, and 100 on the bench-press in order to have the best percentage of the challenge… Yeah, I can handle that… One… Two… Three… *In the video store…* YourMother: How’s DAJK doing, if I may ask. ZeeSoh: I’m sure you’d love to know how he’s doing. YourMother: I would. ZeeSoh: Well, he’s fine… He’s probably already forgotten he ever had a showmance with you. YourMother: Our love transcends showmance, thank you very much. Oh… I found predictions in the bad of chips after all… That’s pretty good… ZeeSoh: Well, if you love those chips so much, why don’t you marry them instead of DAJK. Okay? *ZeeSoh limps away while YourMother stands in confusion.* *All of the contestants gather at the original sidewalk.* SLAM!: Alright! Now that the game’s over, let’s see the results: TEAM ASGARD TEAM SOKOVIA TEAM WAKANDA SLAM!: Team Asgard takes the win for the first weekend challenge! Thanos Legion: Excellent. SLAM!: And it’s Team Sokovia who is at risk of elimination! Fancyarcher is immune on account of having the #1 score, but everyone else is fair game. Rorschach: That’s what happens when three of our members don’t send in predictions… (baumer, Premium George, and Wrath all glance at each other.) SLAM!: Regarding the lack of predictions… I did not get predictions from @Avatree, @baumer, @Darth Lehnsherr, @MrGamer, @Premium George, and @Wrath. They were given the placeholder score of 35.76%. If they fail to predict in the next weekend challenge, then they will automatically be eliminated from the game. Here is the information you need to know for the coming week:
  5. The next episode will be posted between 8:00-8:30 PM EST.
  6. IN. This can gross like The Equalizer. Also, there's a reason why the core idea of the film, the script, the concept, have all been preserved for so long.
  7. With a budget like that, Underwater can be to Jan. 2020 what Glass was to Jan. 2019. People might want to see a thrilling film like that instead of the holiday holdovers or the Oscar bait. If Glass and The Upside, two films that didn't necessarily receive the best reviews, could gross $100M+ as January releases, then theoretically, Underwater could achieve the same. Of course, that might be easier said than done because Jan. 2020 looks unusually crowded--The Grudge (2020), Bad Boys for Life, The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle, and Guy Ritchie's The Gentlemen, just to name a few. But with that budget, I'm not too worried about the film, because the film can gross similarly to Elysium and get its costs covered by international ticket sales.
  8. The results of the Weekend Challenge and the team that must go to tribal council will be unvieled in Episode 2... Sometime Later Tonight (between 7-8 PM EST).
  9. For me, liking Infinity War more than Endgame is less about trivial things like time travel and more about the method of storytelling they used. The way they characterized Thanos is iconic. Both movies are great, but Thanos' story arc is so unique to these CBMs that I have to throw that film a bone.
  10. I'm personally hoping that The Dark Knight is the #1 because it's such a bold film. They were very courageous to make that film the way they did. Nolan is a genius.
  11. I think I have a major prediction for the awards season: I think Terence Malick's A Hidden Life is in a great position to become a Best Picture nominee. I think it's position is similar to Hacksaw Ridge, in the sense that it's a WWII film that can find itself in good graces with all sorts of voters in the Academy, including the conservatives who propelled Green Book to an Oscar win. Disney's recent statements about Fox Searchlight lead me to believe that they can distribute A Hidden Life in a more substantial way than they can distribute Jojo Rabbit. I mean, have you seen A Hidden Life's trailer? They've made a great first impression! A Hidden Life won't just be another Silence. Not with how (apparently) weak the year is shaping up to be.
  12. It's okay! Real life should always come first! Everyone gets one free absence so you're still in it for now!
  13. Plus, Tiffany Haddish had the Netflix animated series Tuca & Bertie that got cancelled after the first season due to low viewership. She deserves much better.
  14. It happens to the best of us! The good news is that everyone is allotted one absence waiver; it's the second absence that causes the automatic elimination. I'm sure you'll come back stronger than ever next week! And hey! Having six absentees in one week can surely make for an entertaining story!
  15. Well, that's the official announcement of the Thursday previews... The submission period is officially closed... Six people didn't send them in...
  16. 1. The Peanut Butter Falcon 2. Overcomer 3. Ready or Not 4. Don't Let Go 5. It: Chapter 2 6. The Goldfinch 7. Brittany Runs a Marathon 8. Ad Astra 9. Abominable 10. Joker
  17. Schadenfreude Studio: New Journey Pictures Classics Director: Christian Petzold Genre: Drama Release Date & Theater Count: August 5th in 37 Theaters August 12th in 238 Theaters August 19th in 791 Theaters August 26th in 1,557 Theaters MPAA Rating: R for Language and Adult Situations Runtime: 1 hr 41 min Production Budget: $4.5 Million Cast Nina Hoss as Mila August Deihl as Otto Sandra Hüller as Sabine with Numan Acar as Timur and Moritz Bleibtreu as Fabian Abstract: A German defense lawyer cheats on his wife; his wife learns of this, and attempts to send him subliminal messages, so that the husband is convinced to tell her the truth. This is a German-language film.
  18. So there's actually quite a few stragglers who haven't sent in predictions yet... Here's the deal, if you're just now seeing this and you haven't sent in the predictions for some reason, you can still send them to me, but make sure to do it before the official announcement of the Thursday preview numbers. Any predictions sent after the Thursday preview numbers are posted on, say, Box Office Mojo, will be disqualified. In the future, I may push the deadline from 11:59 PM EST to 11:59 PM PST, to be more fair to people who have a different time zone than I do. But I'm only allowing this because this is the first Weekend Challenge! In the future, please try to send the predictions in on time!
  19. It's a risk/reward system. The Flash Fight will always entail some sort of risk/reward scenario. It definitely won't always be weekend challenge percentage increases/decreases. But weekend grosses are generally tougher than weekday PTAs... it is not unprecedented for players who win flash fights to slip up in the Weekend Challenge.
  20. I will allow an expansion to happen with debating it. It is necessary for others and it allows me to get in the groove of Survivor (as well as all the things that are happening in real life).
  21. Here's how it works: Each invidiual player gets an average percentage of all their predictions. Any applicable bonus/penalty is placed onto that specific individual's average. Then all the percentage of a team of players are rolled into one total average percentage.
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