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  1. So I've been dwelling over the submissions for some time, and while the film hasn't been a focal point of discussion regarding this category, I have to say, I feel really good about the chances that Invisible Life, Brazil's submission, will at the very least make the ten-film shortlist. It's critically praised and has a distinct style to it. I guess you could say I have a hunch.
  2. https://deadline.com/2019/11/chris-pratt-the-tomorrow-war-movie-sets-christmas-2020-release-1202783327/ Pic, scripted by Zach Dean, follows a man who is drafted to fight in a future war where the fate of humanity relies on his ability to confront his past. Yvonnne Strahovski, Betty Gilpin, J.K. Simmons and Mary Lynn Rajskub also star.
  3. Saw the trailer two hours ago. The animation is electric and the final jokes are home runs. I could do without Scooby-Doo actually talking throughout the entirety of the film. Though, I'm probably in a minority by saying Will Forte sounds fine to me.
  4. Oscars: Austria’s ‘Joy’ second film to be disqualified from International Feature Film race https://awardswatch.com/oscars-austrias-joy-second-film-to-be-disqualified-from-international-feature-film-race/
  5. I would like to get in on the telegram chat as well!
  6. These are the feature film nominees for the Makeup & Hairstyling Guild's awards. FEATURE-LENGTH MOTION PICTURE – BEST CONTEMPORARY MAKE-UP Avengers: End Game John Blake, Francisco Perez Bombshell Vivian Baker, Cristina Waltz, Richard Redlefsen Hustlers Margot Boccia, Roxanne Rizzo John Wick: Parabellum Stephen M. Kelley, Anna Stachow Us Scott Wheeler, Tym Shutchai Buacharern, Sabrina Castro FEATURE-LENGTH MOTION PICTURE – BEST PERIOD AND/OR CHARACTER MAKE-UP Downton Abbey Anne Nosh Oldham, Elaine Browne, Sam Smart Dolemite is My Name Vera Steimberg, Debra Denson, Deborah Huss-Humphries Joker Nicki Ledermann, Tania Ribalow, Sunday Englis Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood Heba Thorisdottir, Gregory Funk Rocketman Lizzie Yianni Georgiou, Tapio Salmi, Laura Solari FEATURE-LENGTH MOTION PICTURE – BEST SPECIAL MAKE-UP EFFECTS Bombshell Kazu Hiro, Vivian Baker, Richard Redlefsen Captain Marvel Brian Sipe, Alexei Dmitriew, Sabrina Wilson It Sean Sansom, Shane Zander, Iantha Goldberg Rocketman Barrie Gower, Lizzie Yianni Georgiou, Victoria Money The Irishman Mike Marino, Mike Fontaine, Carla White FEATURE-LENGTH MOTION PICTURE – BEST CONTEMPORARY HAIR STYLING Bombshell Anne Morgan, Jaime Leigh McIntosh, Adruitha Lee Hustlers Angel De Angelis, Dierdre Harris John Wick: Parabellum Kerrie Smith, Therese Ducey Joker Kay Georgiou, Vanessa Anderson The Laundromat Marie Larkin, Yvette Stone, J. Roy Helland FEATURE-LENGTH MOTION PICTURE – BEST PERIOD AND/OR CHARACTER HAIR STYLING Downton Abbey Anne Nosh Oldham, Elaine Browne, Marc Pilcher Dolemite is My Name Carla Joi Farmer, Stacey Morris, Linda Villalobos Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Audrey Futterman-Stern Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood Janine Rath-Thompson, Michelle Diamantides Rocketman Lizzie Yianni Georgiou, Tapio Salmi, Laura Solari
  7. I'm so excited that you're wanting to join the game! While we have a rule against writing stories based off of properties made famous through film (Star Wars, Pixar, Zootopia (unfortunately)), any property that hasn't received a successful well-known film series is fair game. To help you get started, you can look through my list of rights and take anything you want. The only things I should keep are things I've already made films of and things I'm planning to write for the next submissions phase. I need to keep the following rights: The Ancient Magus' Bride Banjo-Kazooie Bleach Catcher in the Rye Cruis'n The Fairly OddParents Megalo Box Psyren Sabrina Tekken Veggietales Wii Sports/Play/Fit/and-so-on But if there's anything else you want from my list, you can claim it, and I'll give it to you. I recommend claiming Animal Crossing, Beastars, and Dillon's Rolling Western if you're interested in Zootopia. I won't be heartbroken over anything you take, because I write original films more often, anyways. You can also take anything you want from Rukaio's list, as he hasn't used any of those properties for five in-game years and has stated his disinterest in the game. I get really excited when new writers join the game, as you can tell! The next submission phase won't begin for a few weeks, but I'm still very glad you're interested in joining CAYOM!
  8. Here are my predictions to get the ball rolling: Director: Joon-Ho Mendes Scorsese Tarantino Waititi five alts: Gerwig, Heller, Mangold, Phillips, Wang Original Screenplay: Bombshell Knives Out Marriage Story Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Parasite w/ five alts: 1917, Dolemite is My Name, The Farewell, Queen & Slim, Uncut Gems Adapted Screenplay: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood The Irishman Jojo Rabbit Joker The Two Popes w/ five alts: Hustlers, Just Mercy, Little Women, Richard Jewell, Toy Story 4
  9. This might not've been the right decision, but I decided to make a thread that combines the Best Director and Best Screenplay categories.
  10. Just noticed something. Scoob! and this Spongebob film are opening one week apart from each other. If one breaks out, the other's in trouble.
  11. I don't get it either; people should be posting in other threads instead.
  12. Have you ever gone to see a great film by yourself? And after you've seen the film, have you gone back home to hear nothing but a quiet whir, the film's imagery still enduring in your mind? I hear that same quiet whir. I feel that same stillness. With Parasite, Bong Joon-Ho has made a significant work. This is a work of art with iconic set-pieces and well-rounded characters. Classic cinema with a distinct message to share--in others words, a film that manages to say something. Do not miss out on this one.
  13. Parasite 6:50 PM, 10% full, one of the biggest auditoriums Regal Mayfaire Stadium 16 Trailers 1917 (behind the scenes promo) Dark Waters Ford v. Ferrari The Turning (nervous chuckes) The Good Liar The Rhythm Section Portrait of a Lady on Fire (quiet murmurs) The Lodge People talked about how much they liked the film after watching it. There was quiet laughter throughout. Mostly silent investment.
  14. I'm in a theater for Parasite now... My ticket was $12.68! Really expensive! Ticket prices have to be a reason why some of the films are flopping!
  15. The European Film Awards has announced their nominations; I think these nominations increase the chance of some film. Les Miserables (France), Pain and Glory (Spain), System Crasher (Germany) and The Traitor (Italy) were nominated alongside other films for the European Film award. Submitted films that received nominations here: Pain and Glory (4) The Traitor (4) Les Miserables (3) System Crasher (2) Atlantics (1, 'Discovery' category) -- Senegal Beanpole (1; Actress category) -- Russia Queen of Hearts (1; Actress category) -- Denmark Tel Aviv on Fire (1; Comedy category) -- Luxembourg And Then We Danced (1; Actor category) -- Sweden A White, White Day (1; Actor category) -- Iceland For Sama and Honeyland were among the nominees for the Documentary category. The Animated Feature category was entirely comprised of submission to that category: Bunuel and the Labyrinth of Turtles, I Lost My Body, Marona's Fantastic Tale, and The Swallows of Kabul. These aren't the same people that vote for the Oscars by any means, but I wouldn't be surprised to see some of those non-obvious fringe candidates in the ten-film shortlist. https://awardswatch.com/pain-and-glory-portrait-of-a-lady-on-fire-an-officer-and-a-spy-lead-2019-european-film-awards-efa-nominations/
  16. The film takes place in a futuristic setting where licensed citizens live in a wealthy city while, on the outskirts of this city, there is a slum town where unlicensed citizens live. Megalo Boxing is a popular sport in this world similar to boxing, except the boxers fight while wearing a metal frame which makes their attacks much more lethal. A young, nameless boxer (Luke Pasqualino) and his coach (Cedric Kyles) illegally enter the inner city Megalonia boxing tournament after the boxer's chance meeting with the #1 fighter Yuri (Nicholas Hoult). The film exists in the intersection of Rocky and Real Steel, with a grainy hip-hop flair mixed in.
  17. Awesome! I think both films can do well on that date; Prince Chrom is going to have a posh British feel to it.
  18. Is Epsilon going to be rated R again? I'm planning for Prince Chrom to be a hard-ish PG.
  19. @CayomMagazine Here's the release dates for New Journey Pictures' Y7 film slate. The Croaking of Prince Chrom will hop into theaters on February 17th. Carver will counter-program against Scrooge 3 by opening on March 10th. NJP is confident this will work because the budget is conservative. Cruis'n USA will counter-program against Sir Thymes Time II by opening on May 12th. NJP will not attempt an IMAX release for this Fast & Furious inspired racing title. "IMAX doesn't fit the style we're going for," said the director. Tealbird will release on June 2nd. Banjo-Kazooie will release on July 21st. The date provides challenges, as the film releases three weeks after Should You Imagine?, and July 21st is sandwiched between Temple Run and Attack On Titan, but NJP still believes the film can do well. NJP's Untitled Mystery Film will release on September 1st. "This is not a dump," said fictional CEO Glenn Guthrie. "People avoid going to the movies this weekend because the releases are always bad. But this isn't a bad release. This is something people will want to see." Bloodsuckers will release on October 20th. Megalo Box is the only film currently on NJP's Y7 slate that the distributor wants to release in IMAX. They are eyeing November 17th. NJP does not believe this film and A Smidge Too Human will eat into each others' audience, despite both films incorporating science fiction elements. As per usual, NJP will release a documentary in Y7. They will wait to decide on a release date for the time being. The Croaking of Prince Chrom - Feb. 17th Carver - March 10th Cruis'n USA - May 12th Tealbird - June 2nd Banjo-Kazooie - July 21st Mystery Film - September 1st Bloodsuckers - October 20th Megalo Box - November 17th
  20. That's really not bad, all things considered.
  21. @CayomMagazine Sometime this weekend, New Journey Pictures will attempt to provide release dates for their current Y7 slate.
  22. I'm not sure if this needs its own thread, but I found a major Documentary precursor that can serve to kickstart discussion regarding this category. https://awardswatch.com/american-factory-apollo-11-top-cinema-eye-honors-2020-nominations/ This is a link to the full 2020 Cinema Eye Honors nominations, an awards body focused entirely on nonfiction. The nominees for Outstanding Nonfiction Feature are: - American Factory (Netflix) - Apollo 11 (Neon) - For Sama (PBS Distribution) - Honeyland (Neon) - Midnight Family (1091 Media) - One Child Nation (Amazon)
  23. 1. Ford V. Ferrari 2. The Good Liar 3. 21 Bridges 4. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood 5. Frozen 2 6. Knives Out 7. Queen & Slim 8. Dark Waters 9. A Hidden Life 10. Uncut Gems
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