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  1. 1. Ida 2. Rashomon 3. Citizen Kane 4. Breathless 5. Psycho 6. A Man Escaped 7. Roma 8. The Bicycle Thieves 9. Loves of a Blonde 10. Nebraska 11. Persona 12. His Girl Friday 13. The Maltese Falcon 14. Battleship Potemkin 15. Seven Samurai 16. The General 17. Pickpocket 18. The Artist 19. Metropolis 20. Pi 21. The Fall of the House of Usher 22. Man With a Movie Camera 23. A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night 24. Stagecoach 25. Strike I haven't seen many but I'll try to watch a lot more in the future.
  2. Jaden Michael (Wonderstruck) Evan Rosado (We The Animals)* Josiah Gabriel (We The Animals)* * = not sure about age
  3. I saw it a week ago... I thought this was the spoiler thread and posted that by accident.
  4. I can't wait to see how the film addresses the fact that everyone knows who Spider-Man is. That's interesting!
  5. I want to bet 100 points that Once Upon a Time in Hollywood receives an OW gross over $35M.
  6. Well, I think Avatar 2 is going to be a pretty good movie. James Cameron has been focused on making the film the best it can be. I'm sure that it can blow people's minds. I'm still not sure how excited I am for it, but I'm definitely more excited for it than I am for other sequels that are similarly far away from release.
  7. That is some exciting news! They got themselves a great writer, and I'm sure One Piece would make for a very popular series on Netflix! Content like that is the reason why Netflix would still survive in the Disney+ era.
  8. I can't wait for the time to come when BOT can do a Top 100 of its own for the 2010s decade! Of course, we'd have to wait about a year, but it'd still be awesome.
  9. I think the film looks very good. Might not be as strong of an Oscar contender as it sounded on paper, but if Marielle Heller continues to make greats films, I'm confident her time will come eventually. Heck, it might come for this. I don't know.
  10. I don't think Marvel Studios will ever escape Disney's grasp. Disney owns Marvel. They're not as dumb as to let it go.
  11. Yep. I'm turning over a new leaf with that and the profile picture change. Figured it was time.
  12. I was a real pain, stanning The Star as hard as I was and making that Samson Over Black Panther club. You live and learn...
  13. I remember one Thanksgiving when one thing led to another and I ignited a fierce argument about homosexuality in the Best Picture thread of the awards forum. I'm not proud of that. Thankfully, after the mods deleted all those posts, I found the classic conversation thread where people were talking about me, and I typed out a lengthy apology post in the thread, and a lot of people forgave me. I'm definitely much better at participating in an internet forum than I was before. Safe to say I'm still learning more about forum etiquette everyday, but it's a sinch by the inch.
  14. We mustn't idolize film directors. We can acknowledge great achievements, but we mustn't idolize human beings.
  15. I can't believe there'd be a voting scandal for something like this, let alone the fact that JamesCameronScholar had duplicate accounts. Disappointing. Yeah, I would very simply leave the list the way it is as a historical record, and I'd make a list next year rather than the year after.
  16. I personally think both of them are locks because of how cutting edge the animation is in both films. Though it's understandable to be skeptical on both because DreamWorks has had little by the way of luck as of late, Frozen 2 has yet to release, and both films are sequels, which are oftentimes snubbed.
  17. I don't think the "#1 film of all time" moniker will belong to an original film or a franchise-starting film ever again. But kudos to Avatar for being able to hold onto #1 for nine and a half years. Something was going to beat it sooner or later.
  18. So it's been a while since I've shares thoughts about these nominations, so what better time than now: Looks like I Lost My Body was a film that I was definitely wrong about. It ended up winning the main prize at Annecy. Plus, it got a Netflix deal. And it won a prize at Cannes. So, yeah. Everything is falling into place for its success. I'm not sure what that means for Klaus though. Perhaps Netflix has enough clout to get both of those films in the race. Funan released limited and didn't make much of a splash. Other films already or to be distributed by Gkids include Okko's Inn, Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles, Promare, Another Day of Life, Children of the Sea, Weathering With You--those are the films that seem to be the ones that will receive awards-qualifying runs. Speaking of Weathering With You, it premiered in Japan, and some Kotaku journalist said it was "good but flawed". I'm sure it'll still be popular, and I hope anime fans will continue to put enthusiam behind it, but if the film isn't masterful like that article suggests, voters might not give it the nod. We'll see. The other two animated films screened at Cannes were The Swallows of Kabul (from the Ethel & Earnest studio) and The Bears' Famous Invasion of Sicily (from the French studio that helped make The Red Turtle). Neither of them made too big of a splash. But Hollywood animation might have another film to contribute, that being Abominable from Pearl Studios. The trailer impressed those who saw it, and it releases in a sort of sweet spot between Angry Birds 2 and Frozen 2, increasing the likelihood of good box office. We'll have to see whether it falls out like Smallfoot or if it manages to keep itself in, because Dreamworks could use the credence of two nominees in the same year. So far, the "no matter what" films are: Frozen 2 How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Toy Story 4 And other films that I think have a chance are: Abominable I Lost My Body Klaus Missing Link Weathering With You
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