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  1. 1. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 2. The Art of Self Defense 3. The Farewell 4. Luce 5. The Art of Racing in the Rain 6. Blinded by the Light 7. The Peanut Butter Falcon 8. Overcomer 9. Ready or Not 10. Don't Let Go
  2. My hope for this film is that many of those fans who went to the Russos conference are willing to support it in theaters because of how much they are fans of the Russos, even if they're just producing. The trailer has played in front of quite a few movies, and Chadwick Boseman is a recognizeable actor, so my hope is that this film finds a sizeable audience. I'm fairly excited for it, myself.
  3. Good luck pulling in the Asian markets with a film like Top Gun: Maverick. It's a film that is fairly obviously aimed at an American audience and will need to speak to the American audience to succeed.
  4. @CayomMagazine New Journey Pictures is ready to discuss their plans for a Big Original Franchise that will see its first film release in Y7: The Needles of Haystack County, the first of a trilogy of films. The film is described as a western with elements of fantasy and action. It will take place in the time of the American Civil War, and its story will touch on themes including race, brotherhood, and shared humanity. "Our hope is to find an eclectic group of big names for this series in the biggest and smallest of roles," said a representative. "Announcements on casting will be coming soon." Jon Favreau's The Needles of Haystack County, and the subsequent films in the trilogy, follows two young men--a small town troublemaker with a chip on his shoulder and a stoic pacifist rescued from slavery--as they learn to trust one another as brothers after a Native American curse transforms all the townsfolk into cactus-like beings.
  5. I like the "Can't Wait To Be King" song because it helps define Simba's character and the singer sounds like a young Michael Jackson. One of the more underrated songs in a Disney film.
  6. I'm not surprised by this as a conservative. That audience should never be underestimated, as proven by successes like American Sniper. This is absolutely capable of exceeding expectations because of that audience.
  7. Hoping for an underperformance this weekend. Not one that holds individual theaters back from gaining good revenue, but enough to let Disney know that easy choices aren't bulletproof.
  8. This film might not be a hit with critics, but it sure looks like it aims to offer a snapshot of modern ideologies regarding feminism. It will be interesting to see if this film is capable of beating The Goldfinch, which opens on the same weekend.
  9. The animation office of Kyoto Animation (the studio behind A Silent Voice, Sound! Euphonium, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, K-On, and Clannad among other series and films) was burned to the ground by an arsonist six/seven hours ago with around 30 reported injuries and 33 reported deaths as of this writing. The arsonist is in custody. This is a huge loss not just for the studio but for the industry as a whole. Please pray for those affected and consider donating to this emergency fund: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-kyoani-heal
  10. These are the twenty one films that will definitely be on my list: A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night The Artist Breathless The Bicycle Thieves Citizen Kane The General His Girl Friday Ida Loves of a Blonde The Maltese Falcon A Man Escaped Man With a Movie Camera Metropolis Nebraska Persona Pi Pickpocket Psycho Rashomon Roma Stagecoach The films that I'm hoping to watch before the deadline are: The 400 Blows Embrace of the Serpent Good Night, and Good Luck Seven Samurai Any of those that I can't watch will be replaced with an old Soviet film because I watched a whole bunch of those for a project but I'm hesitant to support those. I had seen most of those films prior to making a list, but my goal is to have my list represent black and white films from a broad array of time periods and movements.
  11. Yeah, I think Awkwafina is in a great position to be recognized. She's quickly becoming a sort of it-girl in Hollywood and there's a huge push for diversity right now, so there's a lot of things in her narrative for a nomination that are acting in her favor. I'm not worried about the film's box office because Crazy Rich Asians proved that there is an audience for ensembles with a majority-Asian cast.
  12. @aabattery @grim22 This should definitely go in the main forum.
  13. I'm really glad I've committed myself to making a list because, while considering which films to watch, I've come up with a good idea for a paper that I can write for my class. While searching through Kanopy, I found Ida by Pawel Pawlikowski. The paper is about film and the bible (and how they intermix), so as someone who agrees with Auteur Theory, I want to compare Robert Bresson and Pawel Pawlikowski--in other words, I want to compare how both filmmakers implemented their Catholic faith in their respective films--Bresson's A Man Escaped and Pickpocket, and Pawlikowski's Ida (and maybe Cold War too for good measure).
  14. I have very little luck with the least obvious clubs.
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