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  1. @CayomMagazine In a press release, New Journey Pictures stated they are considering pushing A Hop, Skip, and a Jump, the studio's first original animated film that imagines the dramatic aftermath of the race between the tortoise and the hare, to Y8 for a myriad of reasons. "This decision is far from being completely set in stone," fictional CEO Glenn Guthrie clarified. "This is a consideration because NJP runs the risk of releasing two films based on children's stories in the same year. It's also a consideration because we're thinking of positioning Banjo-Kazooie as the big NJP Animation film of Y7. "The Ryan Potter starring film is something we're itching to make no matter what, whether we release it in Y7 or Y8. Our final decision will be based on when we can dedicate the time to do it right. Either do it right or not at all, you know what I'm sayin'?"
  2. I hope The Current War surprises this weekend. It'd be great if a new distributor (101 Studios) is able to make their mark in the industry this weekend. The Current War is one of the most important releases of the year based on how the director was able to shake off the Weinstein influence and make his own cut. I might be seeing it this weekend.
  3. While Jennifer Lopez is a safe bet for Supporting Actress (as she's a candidate for the win) and the film could feasibly surprise in Adapted Screenplay, I think you're onto something; if Molly's Game fizzled out with only an Adapted Screenplay nomination, then something similar will probably happen with Hustlers. STX is unproven at best in the Oscar game. I will say this: that a film like Hustlers is able to get anywhere close is a testament to how strong this fall season really is for film, both in theatrical and streaming.
  4. Great point. Both are great, but Diana Lin had a lot to chew on. She was memorable, too. But an actor or actress of Asian descent hasn't been nominated since Rinko Kikuchi got in for Babel in 2006, so either of them would be great.
  5. 1. Motherless Broolyn 2. Harriet 3. Terminator: Dark Fate 4. Parasite 5. Jojo Rabbit 6. Ford V. Ferrari 7. The Good Liar 8. 21 Bridges 9. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood 10. Honey Boy
  6. I think I Lost My Body and Weathering With You can both be nominated this year. Toy Story 4, Frozen 2, and HtTYD 3 are the only clear locks in this category. Unless Spies in Disguise is randomly exceptional, or unless they really want to nominate all the Laika films (Missing Link), I really think there can be two foreign language nominations, as there was in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. Heck, I'd go as far as to say that, because there's a record 32 submitted films, even more voters will fail to meet the minimum viewing requirement, leading to the type of truly legitimate final five we were graced with before the rule change. There's no way the voters who don't like animation enough to appreciate the foreign ones will actually watch 16 animated films. No way.
  7. I think it's too early to tell how affective of a metric that festival is. Funan isn't snubbed yet because it's running for this year's nomination as opposed to last year's. Do I hope the metric goes on to count for something? Absolutely.
  8. If escalator scenes count, I'll shout-out the scene from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo where the guy attempts to steal the brief-case from her.
  9. Well, the last traditional horror film released with wide distribution was 47 Meters Down: Uncaged, and that came out more than two months ago. So it makes sense that horror fans would be itching to see any new horror film--though why they wouldn't simply wait for Doctor Sleep or The Lighthouse is beyond me. But I've frequently seen advertisements for this on YouTube where they've recorded a theater full of people reacting to the jumpscares in the movie. This is a trick used before in films like the Evil Dead 2013 remake. It's an effective tool even if the film doesn't fully deserve that type of marketing. We'll have to see. I think it'll be a minor success. Probably gross $30M-$40M total.
  10. I still remember when I got spoiled on Force Awakens two days before I'd see it with my youth group. I was really disappointed. Going into movies blind is part of the experience...
  11. I guess this film's gross is going to be very telling. The question is being raised: do audiences actually want more Terminator at this point?
  12. There's also precedent for a prestige film to do fairly well at the domestic box office due to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The Irishman absolutely could've been a hit like that film was. Of course, Paramount had no way of predicting OUaTiH would make four times its budget.
  13. Maybe the Disney monopoly is actually meant to be if the rival studios' executives are gonna make this bad of decisions.
  14. I'm the one that said that about the 63%; I was just providing an example of a positive review and expressing my surprise. I was expecting a lower RT based on the twitter reactions. Hopefully it maintains a fresh rating if it actually deserves one.
  15. Might as well release the trailer with a horror film that's become the beneficiary of surprisingly solid marketing.
  16. Thank you Xillix! I'm really glad you liked it!
  17. If Anakin's force ghost comes back, I want him to be played by Hayden Christensen. That'd be a fun little happenstance.
  18. Welp. https://deadline.com/2019/10/oscars-ford-v-ferrari-christian-bale-matt-damon-compete-best-actor-1202765419/ Matt Damon and Christian Bale (Ford V. Ferrari) are both going lead.
  19. It's crazy that they're allowed to start selling tickets before the final trailer is even released. It's a gamble to say you'll like what you see from the trailer without even seeing what's in it.
  20. A lesson to distributors: always, always, always present your film in a way that shows you care about it. We've seen countless times how exemplary genre films have floundered at the hands of substandard marketing--Crawl is the best example I can think of. The attitude you bring to the marketing can affect how excited the audience is for the film. This well-cut trailer will very likely play in front of action films such as Terminator: Dark Fate and Sony's own upcoming action film Charlie's Angels. I haven't watched the trailer yet, but it sounds like people will be willing to consider seeing this in theaters. I'm currently hoping this does well, and that Sony amps up their confidence level based on what may become positive early reception!
  21. Next time, I'll pay attention to sequels, too.
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