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  1. It's good to see Yesterday show signs of good legs by climbing above Annabelle: Creation on the weekend chart. I know the horror films are dragging each other down at the moment, but if Yesterday wasn't able to connect with audiences the way that it is, I don't think it would've had a chance at outlasting Annabelle, much less grossing above $10M with just the weekend numbers. I'm happy to see that a film like that is doing well.
  2. I can help you with a writing schedule!
  3. (Nothing against Netflix films, but that makes the list more interesting imo.)
  4. So, I am reading The Catcher in the Rye right now, and I have the idea in my mind that it'd be a wonderful idea to write a plot summary for it. Is the book something I'd have to secure the rights for?
  5. It is my experience that films whose trailers debut a good ways away from release (such as Mulan's 8(3/4)-month period) are significantly likelier to position itself as a REALLY BIG FILM in the eyes of the public, especially if it makes an excellent first impression. The timing is great because they'll be able to put the trailer in front of The Lion King. Waiting to put the trailer in front of the 2nd Maleficient film wouldn't have been as impactful as this placement is likely to be. I'm considering making a club that's Mulan Over/Under Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon's adjusted domestic total, which miraculously (and deservedly) sits at $204,596,900 as of this writing.
  6. Eh. It'll make three times that amount in the absolute worst case scenario.
  7. While I think it's a little too soon to gauge how well Knives Out can do at the box office, I do believe there's one major detriment standing against the film, that being Queen & Slim, which opens on the same weekend. It has become much harder for an adult-focused film to find footing at the box office without a general sense of prestige; Knives Out may or may not be a great film, but its tone may rub people the wrong way, and it doesn't seem likely that major awards are going to want to back it. Meanwhile, Universal, coming off of a Best Picture win with Green Book, can position Queen & Slim as a very important film which simply must be seen. If these two films remain on the same weekend, it will be one of the most exciting, noteworthy, and consequential box office weekends of the year, and I will be eager to see which film grosses above the other.
  8. I just gotta say, I think an FGC film is a great idea, and it would be extremely relevant to today's social climate. All those reports of bad behavior at tournaments make it an important story to tell.
  9. Is it a bad idea to watch it with a parent?
  10. @grim22 @aabattery @DeeCee Should this thread be moved to the main forum? Edit: Thank you very much!
  11. I agree. I think she deserves better roles.
  12. I didn't know you were an author, Shay! What do you write and where can I find your books?
  13. Yeah. I was driving around two days ago and I saw someone who was wearing yellow crocs--mustard yellow crocs--so we're still dealing with a bit of an epidemic.
  14. Same for North Carolina, especially my area, because a lot of people around me are still recovering from last year's Hurricane Florence.
  15. Hopefully this doesn't damage A24's reputation among the general audience. The relationship with cinephiles will always be intact, but if the film keeps making general audiences angry with the films they choose to put in wide release, then there might be money left on the table when it comes time for them to advertise mid-budget films in the future.
  16. Is anyone else watching Neon Genesis Evangelion on Netflix? This is my first time watching the show; I'm four episodes in and I think I've found a new favorite.
  17. I think they might be cutting back on alternate forms of advertisement precisely because of the power of a great trailer; that same great trailer is being shown in front of many movies this summer--John Wick 3, Annabelle: Creation, Midsommar, among others. But you're right--two weeks away from release, they need to be advertising the film in more places than just the theater. Multiple standees at the multiplex isn't going to cut it. I'm still optimistic about the film's chances because The Shallows was able to be a minor hit a few summers ago, but with so few releases this July and the first week of August, I do think Paramount is leaving a little bit of money on the table by not treating this like a summer tentpole and advertising it more aggressively.
  18. https://www.vulture.com/2019/07/ari-aster-midsommar-interview.html Found an insightful interview with Ari Aster!
  19. I think July is going to be a very interesting month, not just for the new releases, but for the holdovers, too. I say this because July only has six new nationwide releases. Six. That's not a lot of releases at all. So if a few films don't completely hog the audiences all to themselves (*glares at Spider-Man and The Lion King*), then we could see a lot of films benefit from the lack of releases. At least, this is my hope. For instance, a film that might be able to have better legs than people are expecting is Yesterday, because it's a feel-good film that won't really have anything directly competing against it. Plus, there's the horror film Crawl. If $40M's worth of moviegoers are seeing The Meg on opening weekend, I think Crawl has the potential to be a sleeper hit. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is a huge wildcard, but I think it has potential, too.
  20. One of the best faith-based films, especially one of the best from Pure Flix. Honest, informative and well-directed.
  21. If I were casting a part for a Brazilian girl around that age, I'd cast Cierra Ramirez and call it a day. She's probably not Brazilian, but she'd be an asset to the film regardless. For Jinx, you could cast Erin Kellyman, who played the red-haired girl in Solo: A Star Wars Story. She was also Eponine in a recent Les Miserables miniseries, and she has been cast in Green Knight, an A24 medieval fantasy film, so we can infer that she's very talented.
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