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  1. According to Omelete, Jurassic World: FK grossed R$11.3M (around $3.015M) from 700 cinemas on its pre-release. Another numbers: Ocean's 8: R$2.7M (around $720K) Deadpool 2: R$1.4M (around $375K) and Infinity War: R$579K (around $155K) https://omelete.com.br/bilheteria-brasil/
  2. Isn't JW2 opening this weekend? I really don't know, it's pretty confusing. The official posters and the TV comercials here in Brazil say it's opening on June 21, but there are already many theatres with tickets available for tomorrow, and in some other places (for example the theatre I usually go) you can only buy tickets for June 16 (saturday). I have no idea what's happening, and how the OW is going to be counted.
  3. Hey @Fullbuster. This is the latest info I could find about the number of theaters/cinemas/screens in Brazil: https://g1.globo.com/pop-arte/cinema/noticia/sao-paulo-abriga-13-das-salas-de-cinema-do-pais.ghtml The numbers are from 2015, and according to G1/ANCINE we had 3160 screens back in that year. We're probably close to 3500 now, hopefully. I couldn't find anything about the number of theaters though. Also in 2015 only 383 of the 5570 municipalities had at least 1 theater/cinema, a small jump from 2013. The state of São Paulo alone has over 1/3 of all the screens in the country.
  4. Yeah. Maybe Solo increased too? Btw I don't know if that thing is called "chart" or "table" in english. Sorry guys.
  5. Date (click to view chart) Rank Weekend Gross / % Change Screens Change / Avg. Gross-to-Date Week # Apr. 27–29 1 $19,062,450 - 0 - n/a $19,062,450 1 May 4–6 1 $12,423,610 -34.8% 0 - n/a $44,118,439 2 May 11–13 1 $6,320,250 -49.1% 1,942 +1,942 $3,255 $55,252,600 3 May 18–20 2 $3,195,505 -49.4% 1,262 -680 $2,532 $60,735,860 4 May 25–27 3 $814,413 -74.5% 871 -391 $935 $62,784,957 5 Wow, look at this chart. IW dropped almost 75% during the trucker's strike weekend.
  6. Infinity War actually increased, the movie made $2M last week and $2.1M this one! The trucker's strike really affected everything. EDIT: and this thursday was a holiday too, helped a lot.
  7. Where's Brazil in that list? I can't believe it made less than U$2.2M
  8. IW made U$2M the whole past week! U$1.1M to go...
  9. Solo is selling almost nothing in the room with biggest screen on the theater I'm used to go. Here's how it sold so far for the screening that's about to start: http://prntscr.com/jmyfse (sorry, I don't know how to post pics directly here in the forum). And if you take a look at the next screenings for the rest of the weekend almost only the same seats are already taken (proof: http://prntscr.com/jmyhrj that's for the one starting at 21h30, which is 6 hours away). So I assume these seats aren't available for some reason, and not actually bought tickets. Which means Solo probably sold 5 or 6 tickets for the next screening so far. For the night it's even worse, around 3 or 4.
  10. Yeah, yesterday it looked like media was really pushing the narrative that the government made a good deal and the truckers should leave. They didn't (and so far I think they're right btw). Solo isn't saved anymore I'm kidding but I really didn't want to see Solo failing that bad (so far). It's not a Star Wars movie I've ever wanted to watch, but I still love the franchise (including TLJ) and wish to see it doing well.
  11. The trucker's strike is over (at least part of it). Solo is saved
  12. If the truckers' strike continue through the weekend... Solo's opening is going to be even lower (if that's possible). It's affecting EVERYTHING, especially considering no one is going to be brave enough to use the car this weekend to go to the cinema and pay the current price of the gas IF it is still available in most gas stations until there (some places are already abusively selling 1L for R$8,99). Just awful for the movie.
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