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  1. I feel like Rian Johnson wanted to make a movie solely about Luke, Kylo and Rey, but obviously couldn't ignore the Resistance stuff. I wish Johnson was more open to having other writers work with him, they could've focused on Finn and Poe stuff while Rian writes his Reylo and Luke story.
  2. Also $64.68m if it follows GotG2
  3. While many of us were hoping for a total over $700m, it looks like this movie is going to basically follow the previous Star Wars habit of the sequel to the first of a trilogy decreasing by about ~30%. If it follows TPM to AotC then it makes just over $656m, while a ANH to ESB drop puts it at just over $638m.
  4. I think people forget how little is explained in the original trilogy, and how little is expanded upon, especially with the Empire, Rebellion and so-forth. I’m not saying that just because the OT didn’t do something that means the sequels don’t have to either, but it just feels like the whole complaint over there not being enough development of Snoke or the First Order is really a non-issue.
  5. I think so. Plus he’d just proven himself to be very hotheaded and not a fan of orders he doesn’t like. She either tells him and he reacts very negatively, or she doesn’t and hopes he doesn’t find out until he’s not got a choice.
  6. To be fair he pitched the original Avatar to Disney after Fox turned him down, it was only because Fox had ‘right of first refusal’ that they kept him onboard.
  7. If it makes about 215/216 this weekend that means the TFA to TLJ OW drop would be about the same as the drop from AUJ to TDS. If it ends up with the same multiplier as TDS it’ll be at about 757 DOM by the end of its run. I can’t see why it’s multiplier would be much worse than TDS’, let alone worse than RO’s (which puts it at 741, a good number still).
  8. Saw this opening night, haven't been back since due to illness but I'm definitely looking forward to seeing it a second time. I generally enjoyed the film, the Rebellion stuff was pretty good, though I felt it needed to be expanded upon, especially Laura Dern's character and Poe's rivalry with her. Everything with Rey and Luke I loved, and everything with Kylo, all three acted particularly well in this movie. I appreciated that they made Rey's parentage nothing of note, there was a part of me that wanted Obi-Wan to be her grandfather, but I feel like making her a 'nobody' was the better option. I like how Kylo has become the new Supreme Leader, it'll be interesting to see how his governance of the First Order will affect IX, considering he's a lot less measured than Snoke, also whether there'll be dissension within the ranks against him. Luke was simply excellent in the movie, I liked the twists and turns taken, how he unwittingly helped turn Kylo through a moment of madness that he instantly regretted. His relationship with Rey was just great, frankly I think we could've done with more of that. Also yay Yoda, he looked a bit weird at first, but once his puppet starts moving and interacting with Luke I felt it was the old Yoda back. I liked Leia in the movie, and thought it was well done how she really only uses the force when it comes to a near-death moment, though I was surprised she came out of the coma and/or survived the movie at all. Honestly at the end I thought Leia was going to force Holdo onto the escape ship at the end and sacrifice herself on the main cruiser, so I'm not sure how they're going to deal with her in the next movie? Perhaps have a large time gap and have her die in between and start with a funeral for her or something? I also kind of liked what they did with Snoke, a very different direction than where I thought they'd take it. I also take great delight in the fact that there was no answer to who Snoke is or where he came from, some of the fan theories were ridiculous and the amount of people banging on about how he must be Darth Plagueis, or somehow linked to him makes his quick and unexpected death in this that much sweeter frankly. I liked Poe, still continue to like him from TFA though he does act like an idiot in some of this, though I guess a hothead who feels they're backed into a corner would act in the way he does if he has a genuine hope of there being a better, alternative route. Also I liked Hux, and how he was used for more comic relief in this despite mostly being as serious as he was in TFA. Now the stuff I didn't like, which is mainly everything to do with Finn's story. I admit that I wasn't a huge fan of his in TFA, he was fine and more integral to the story in that movie so I didn't mind him so much, but in this everything in his subplot just bored me. From everything on the casino planet, Benicio del Toro's character, Phasma once again being mostly wasted - though at least she actually got to fight a bit in this and show off that armour, not that that adds anything to her character but at least it was better than nothing. I quite liked Rose actually, just not in the story she was put into. Perhaps if Finn and Rose were kept on the ship and either supported Poe's mutiny or were both conflicted over it they could've blended into the overall story far better, but man as it is I think you could basically cut all their subplot and the film would mostly only benefit. As far as I can remember really the only thing it ended up changing was del Toro's character betraying the Rebellion and telling the First Order about the small transport ships? Other than that nothing is accomplished, no real arc is had and both Finn and Rose end up on the Rebel planet helping fight against the First Order's assault anyway. My only other real issue with the movie is Luke and Leia's scene together, I could've done with just a bit more emotion - nothing over the top, but just something a touch more impactful. Otherwise I liked it, and the way they're both clearly sad over Han's passing. Also I didn't like the way the film ended, with the children from that stupid subplot. I got what they were going for, but I felt like Leia saying that the Rebellion had all it needed to rise again was enough hope to end the movie on, we didn't need to be shown that one of the kids was force sensitive IMO, then again I'd have cut them from the movie totally. Personally I'd have preferred both Rey and Leia to have had Luke say something to them via the force, even if it's something cliche and cheesy like Luke saying Obi-Wan's line of 'Remember, the Force will be with you, always.' Anyway I really enjoyed the movie, took some unexpected turns which I appreciated, I'd currently rank it fourth on my Star Wars movie rankings list with below ESB at #1, ANH at #2 and TFA at #3, though without that stupid subplot I'd say it's easily #3, if not joint #2 with ANH.
  9. I know my local Vue won’t be particularly representative, but normally the biggest screen is at least half-full for most midnight showings, even relatively smaller films do alright. There are currently 8 people other than me here. Not great.
  10. Out. I’m fairly certain it’ll do around 750, if not 10-20 million more. I think TLJ will be able to co-exist with the other December releases. Plus the December legs will dampen any major fall, and December sequels drop much less than sequels in other months.
  11. Box Office Theory's Most Anticipated Films

    1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi 2. Thor: Ragnarok (technically out today here in the UK, but I'm not seeing it for a few days so I'll count it) 3. The Incredibles 2 4. Ant Man and the Wasp 5. Solo: A Star Wars Story 6. Avengers: Infinity War 7. Isle of Dogs 8. Mission: Impossible 6 9. Red Sparrow 10. Deadpool 2
  12. Loved it! Great, emotional film and I'm thoroughly looking forward to seeing it again. Smash that box office BatB!

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