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  1. 600 is considered wide, right? Should be a fun derby killer to predict 😛
  2. Yes, that is a bit odd. Maybe they don't know how to gauge if the fanbase already burnt through most of the demand for the rest of the weekend or not.
  3. I wish we could have this deadline all the time :p
  4. Thank you, good to come back with a win. Happy New Year, everyone
  5. lol, and of course Furiosa and I are next to each other after the numbers so far
  6. It;'s like a phone with text, but without the ability to make calls, so you just text 😛 My work still uses them on the factory floor, since it is more efficient than calling people up everywhere when people are on the move all the time. Do hospitals still use them, I wonder?
  7. Man, I was scared! When that T-Rex came crashing through to eat those raptors, wow, made my day
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