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  1. look what happened to the Matrix sequels which were released in the same year. The 3rd movie retained barely half of the 2nd, so that was the benchmark I used to predict 28 million for Ninjago, and that was even an overprediction. You can't squeeze too much money within such a short amount of time and expect people to keep coming. And this was more like spin-offs anyway, which usually have even worse retention (Annabelle is an anomaly). Even Despicable Me spread out their movies to keep some retention. I don't know why they thought this was a good idea to release two Lego movies in one year. It's not like the reviews for them were out of this world like the LOTR, either
  2. I think the first Sunday hold is always strongest when there is the spillover from sell-outs because of capacity issues. By the second weekend, the spillover factor is lessened, so it can drop more "normally".
  3. no worries, I think it's been over eight months for me
  4. congrats, @Rolling Thunder, long time coming for you, eh?
  5. I like those odds, I've just had actuals crush my dreams many times
  6. ugh, I always have trouble nailing down holiday weekends, so tricky.
  7. congrats @boxofficeth! And @TalismanRing has made a comeback
  8. I'm so glad summer's over so that I can get some points again
  9. I really need to pay attention to when the holidays are

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