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  1. I think we usually need to wait a few more hours for actuals to trickle in, no?
  2. I think the second-run theaters used to charge only a dollar a ticket (maybe some places still do, but probably not many), and the label stuck even when inflation made this term mostly obsolete.
  3. wow, I dropped several spots, but Red Sparrow actual definitely seems most consequential depending on if and how much it drops from estimate. Edit: It may not drop at all, though, if the audience is THAT old, oh well
  4. Noooo, it needs to go lower
  5. still looking good, @POTUS
  6. what could also work against Red Sparrow's weekend multiplier is that it is an adapation of a bestseller. Those tend to have some rush factor over an original script like Salt.
  7. considering Game Night faced two R-rated releases which take a bite out of its demographics, I think it's a respectable hold. But yes, this is no Hangover.
  8. finally stringing some good weeks together, phew. Hopefully I stay in the top 10
  9. thank you @The Last AndyLL. I blame my newborn
  10. @The Last AndyLL, is this going to become the new deadline going forward? Not complaining, but it makes me want to change my strategy of waiting for the latest data
  11. congrats @The Fast and the Furiosa!
  12. Let's see how much the NFL doesn't matter this Sunday, with decreasing viewers...
  13. ok, found one for you guys for a film which opened wide right off the bat http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?page=weekend&id=rainman.htm

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