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  1. The Classic Conversation Thread

    I'm a sucker for bright colors, so I loved the circus scene in Madagascar 3.
  2. Best Animated Feature - 2017

    Zero chance for My Little Pony. You realize that My Life as a Zucchini was nominated for an Oscar already, right?
  3. Tuesday: IT 5,37 mln; Annabelle passed 100 m$ domestic

    2017 is still down from last year. It's not that amazing.
  4. Wednesday Numbers: 7.9 M IT

    You won.
  5. The Classic Conversation Thread

    But why?
  6. Never thought they'd use "Bitter Sweet Symphony" in a Pixar trailer.
  7. The Classic Conversation Thread

    Never mind, it came back.
  8. The Classic Conversation Thread

    And now the power is out in my dorm.
  9. The Classic Conversation Thread

    Stupid Irma ruined my umbrella.
  10. Yeah, the theaters I know have showtimes for it.
  11. I have a hunch that It will sell higher than expected. Tickets are selling like hotcakes in my local podunk college town theater. Currently betting on $88m.
  12. The Classic Conversation Thread

    I'm just interested in if it has Disney XD shows.

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