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  1. Nah they wanted him to know how important Daisy is.
  2. FYC: The Three Caballeros Ride Again: Best Animated Feature
  3. The Wild Thornberries Nice short cartoon to begin with. The actual movie rings false for me, as someone who watched some of the show and saw the animated feature from the early 00s. Just why focus on a "grown up" version of these characters and their offspring? C
  4. Sandboy A Ponyo pastiche that hits all the right notes. Most of the time. Would be better as animation. B+
  5. Heartman An interesting horror movie, though it could use some more tension. Still, a genuinely good effort. A
  6. Dealer's Choice Some parts at the end make no sense, but I was satisfied by the conclusion. B
  7. Monster Bug Wars: The Spider Path Basically a trailer for another movie. C Monster Bug Wars: The Scorpion Path this is the same movie as the first one. C
  8. Walking With Dinosaurs: The Cinematic Experience Breathtaking visuals in this documentary and some unexpected gross scenes. B
  9. Mass Effect: Revelation I would cut any scene in this space opera that is introspective or quiet. Why is there so much downtime in between all these confrontations? C+
  10. The Insect God It's an exciting and interesting twist on the alien invasion movie but I don't believe the finale. B
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