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  1. This looks great, but Clooney's films always a little disappoint me when I watch them. Not that they're are bad but they give me the feeling they could be better. Still, I'm looking forward to this.
  2. I watched it yesterday. Great visual design that worths seeing on a big sceen, although nothing groundbreaking that I didn't see before. The CGI was a little obvious but it didn't bother me and the aliens that were made practically looked great. From the design it was obvious the movie comes from the same place The Fifth Element came from. The movie falls in the script. The world building is good and I loved the opening credits scene, but the plot is weak and the constant divergences hurt the main story line. The biggest problem of the movie is the dialogs, especially between Valerian and
  3. It's gonna be an intersting weekend. I think it'll do about about 115 ow, based on nothing but my feelings.
  4. Surprisingly I really like this trailer. It's funny and looks fun. I like that it's not a remake but using the basic idea of Jumanji for a new take on it.
  5. I liked the trailer until that song started. What the hell?! That's so out of place. Still, I didn't care much before and I'm intrigue now.
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