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  1. Is the implication here that Justice league did poorly because they didn't advertise Superman? That's an interesting take on it.
  2. Aw, yes. Because Spielberg would keep someone around for well over a decade if they weren't very good. Yes. That makes sense.
  3. Clearly LFL didn't inquire about my availability. I may have less experience than nearly 40 years producing blockbusters, but I am willing to learn on the job.
  4. Thank you for you're kind remarks about my character, or even being the first to express them towards me in this thread. But, we were asked to stop talking about that topic, so that's all I'm going to say regarding that.
  5. Eh...it wasn't a subtle feminism message though. If it didn't beat you over the head, it certainly took a bat to your knees.
  6. That's what I'd love to see #s on, if concession sales have noticeably ticked up for AMC.
  7. More like they don't care to solve them. Leaving them in that condition means they can lament it longer and milk more votes over more elections. Fixing it leads doesn't provide them that. Money is in the "treatment" not the cure.
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