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  1. I liked the movie. Maybe Han isn't as cynical as I'd like. And it drags a bit. The ending teases sequels I'll doubt we'll ever see. And Darth maul coming back was weird. The guys I saw it with didn't actually think it was Darth Maul, cause he was dead. So I explained he lived. So yeah. Solid B flick. I think I'll be saying bye now. to all the people I enjoyed talking to, it's been a blast. To everyone else...be well and healthy and may you find whatever it is that will make you happy. Maybe I'll see ya around.
  2. I thought it was funny. And Unless it's horrendously bad, I probably will. I'm pretty easy to please, explains liking the F&F movies so much.
  3. I like DC, I avoid those threads because while I enjoy the movies well enough, the constant ragging and bagging isn't funny or clever or insightful. It's all just mean spirited and pointless.

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