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  1. So...Death Wish? But with Snow?
  2. RandomCat

    Moviepass and its Impact on the Box Office

    Today's the big change over, no? Wonder how that's going.
  3. RandomCat

    Moviepass and its Impact on the Box Office

    You know, someone made a nice penny on buying these stocks a year ago, and selling them a few months ago. I regret I did not.
  4. RandomCat

    Ghost Stories (2018)

    Enjoyed it very much.
  5. I know. I just felt like responding to that bit instead of you describing basically what the Oscars are as a replacement for what the Oscars do already. Plus, La La Land was a terrible movie.
  6. District 9 was robbed of best special effects!
  7. Academy should have the balls to not nominate Black Panther for either award.
  8. Imagine, a world where Sci-Fi, Horror, Comedy, all get a chance of actually winning an Oscar.
  9. So, it's the "let the commoners have there award. So we don't have to sully the real best pictures with their filth." Great decision!
  10. Oh god, so not only will it be 2 minutes of ads for 3 minutes of content, but it'll be the same 2 ads over and over again!
  11. So...how do you categorize most popular for this? Whatever the critics voting liked best? Isn't that just the best picture category. Basically, this is just the "Let the commoners have an award, and we will laugh, and laugh."

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