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  1. So...way to go voice actress for Leia. Way. To. Go. Voice actress of Leia Organa mocks Dr. Ford
  2. That's what I'd love to see #s on, if concession sales have noticeably ticked up for AMC.
  3. More like they don't care to solve them. Leaving them in that condition means they can lament it longer and milk more votes over more elections. Fixing it leads doesn't provide them that. Money is in the "treatment" not the cure.
  4. I'm all for watch Wahlberg hit a kid in the face a few times and then emote like he meant to do it despite the scene clearly calling for him to have done it on accident.
  5. Jimmy Stewert was robbed. And I knew I forgot to put Rope on my list.
  6. The vehicle animation looks great. Its really the character stuff that is...whatever reservations I have. No small part to that character sticking both arms right in the air screaming...*shudder* I've never seen Cowboy Beebop.
  7. That aside, Just Poe being like stone cold about a dude being thrown off that platform (to their death??), man. Animation is interesting, will take some getting used to, but all in all hard to judge any quality off a 1 minute teaser. Also, a fat Rodian.
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