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  1. Shadow's themes are what the kids call, "epic"
  2. yeah this seems to be Sony's MO now, film stuff quickly and tight on a good budget. Venom filmed from last October to January this year, Goosebumps 2 did it even closer, they started filming in March.
  3. Is that Minecraft movie even still happening? I thought i hadn't heard anything about the project since 2016, and i so just checked and there literally hasn't, last news was October 2016 that it was getting a rewrite. No other cast or crew additions on IMDB either. I know Rob McElhenney is finishing up the new season of Always Sunny and then moving onto a Fox show i think, haven't seen any news on him working on that movie though. Amazed they haven't moved it off the date yet.
  4. iirc on Edge Of Tomorrow Liman went back to spend money on reshoots to add Jeremy Piven as a new character in that film and then none of that footage actually made it in the final film it seems, no Piven was to be found Classic Liman
  5. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/pacific_rim_uprising/ I can access the actual page right now, 10 fresh, 4 rotten so far
  6. http://deadline.com/2018/03/ready-player-steven-spielberg-sxsw-secret-surprise-screening-1202315560/
  7. if this is the Iron Man 3 of Predator series inject it into my veins, let the nerds be mad, but i will probably love this Love me some shane black
  8. https://1iota.com/Show/584/Movie-Screening---It Test screening happening in Northridge CA on the 17th for those in the area
  9. Jackstraw

    The Nice Guys

    This movie was fantastic. I think i loved it as much, if not a little more than KKBB. Another winner from Shane the man. I'm saddened it's not doing well. Recommending it to all my friends and family, and planning on seeing it again. I'd love a sequel dammit. Hell i'd take even like a "Kid Detective" spinoff thing with Gosling's daughter cause she was surprisingly awesome and basically the true hero of the story. oh oh oh let me take a guess, you're still mad he "ruined" The Mandarin i bet. lol

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