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  1. Test screening this weekend in Arizona
  2. someone on reddit said the trailer is playing in theaters now no word on when it'll be online Tickets are actually up at a bunch of theaters now, almost compelled without seeing a frame of footage to go blind and check out whatever this even is lol, might use a free pass
  3. It's a alright date though? I mean it's obvious what they're going for with the 2nd week of December release, they're following the the success of another live action video game themed movie that released then (jumanji 3)
  4. Don't forget Eva Mendes, Tego and Rico as well as of course Hobbs and Shaw come in, with Shaw's sister, mom and brother, Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Hart, Rob Delaney, Eiza Gonzalez and her all-female crew, Hobbs entire Samoan family
  5. guess i can finally say i saw this back in April and i thought it was pretty good. don't know what the initial minor divisiveness is about, i saw some thinking its too simple/straight-forward? Maybe so but that didn't seem like a bad thing to me
  6. All of the MIB movies have had production troubles, lol, this one was just following in the footsteps. MIB3 probably being the worst going massively over-budget . International probably had the least troubles compared to the others
  7. Budget is 110M
  8. Its PG. "Frenetic sequences of animated action violence" is something i've never seen on a modern PG rated animated movie that has some action (usually its just simple like, well, "action") Makes me happy cause sounds like they didn't skimp out on the fight scenes 😋
  9. Not to be outdone by Aquaman's Amazon Prime early screenings, they're having special Bumblebee screenings on the 8th, for at least AMC and Cinemark theaters it seems
  10. Damn this rumored months ago and this was the real reason apparently wtf
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