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  1. I am not saying Kylo couldn't have found some sort of redemption, just that a more powerful villain to upstage him was not necessary. If Snoke were alive in TROS, you would've had ROTJ all over again
  2. I don't see what's so hard to accept in the outcome of the duel in TFA. Kylo was emotionally wrecked, heavily injured by a weapon that was shown as having massive force and was trying to recruit, not kill, his opponent. The things really balance the odds. And Kylo should've been absolutely the villain of episode IX. And Luke's sacrifice is one of my favorite Star Wars moments ever. Could and should've been a great springboard for Episode IX
  3. you thought that music was triumphant? I thought it was much more mysterious than triumphant. I don't quite recall in TFA explained where the map came from. But again, Luke ran away from the fight. I don't see how this can be disputed. Was he just waiting for someone to ask him to come back, in a sulk?
  4. Why would Luke go hide in a place no one knows where it actually is when the conflict was already raging? He did not want to be found. He fled from the flight. That was JJ's doing, a rather interesting take, with which I think Rian Johnson did great things
  5. At the end of TLJ, what we had was a Resistance reduced to a few dozen members, a First Order more unchallenged than ever, under the Leadership of the new Supreme Chancellor Kylo Ren. At the end of the film, we get a glimpse that the story of Luke's sacrifice is starting to spread among the populace. There was a plenty of good material to pick up from in TROS, showing an ever growing resistance, showing the reign of Kylo Ren, showing Rey as the new beacon of the Jedi. There was good reason for Rian Johnson to kill off Snoke. How else would you prevent episode IX from becoming a remake of ROTJ, with the hero and the villain fighting against each other with the supreme villain overlooking things. Episode IX could've been used to show Kylo Ren at the height of his power, as the main villain, in charge of imense armies, trying to strike the final blow to a Resistance that has been growing silently underground, inspired by a great heroic deed. And then you could you have your Dunkirk moment, where the "people" of the Galaxy rally up agains the first Order. Not because Lando told them to, but because Luke's sacrifice story spread. It's a great contrasct to the allies not answering the pleas for help just before the Battle of Crait in TLJ. Just becase TLJ did not end in a clifhanger, doesn't mean it left the story nowhere to go. I'm not sure if this is a symptom of this TV age, where everyone watches tv series, where serial storytelling has even spread to movies and everything has to end on a cliffhanger. Story is much much much important than plot. And there was still a enormous potential for the story to be told in Episode IX. It was all there
  6. That whole massing of the ships/Dunkirk climax rip off could've worked if they had taken the cue from TLJ that the resistance was indeed a ragtag band of a few fighters that had started getting new recruits that were inspired by Luke's sacrifice. It's like nothing changed between TFA and this one
  7. I really don't agree that this movie was crap because of TLJ. No matter what you feel about that movie. It was crap because it was rushed, badly written, over plotted (really, there was never that much plot on the best Star Wars movies...story, yes, but not plot), introduced new characters for new reason whatsoever, introduced the main menace in the opening crawl (what a way to build tension), did not explore Kylo Ren's reign as supreme chancellor (lasted like 2 minutes in this film, after which he was already Palpatine's bitch), etc. This movie was crap on its own terms
  8. I loved this guy (voiced by the actress that played Moaning Myrtle, no less): And John Williams cameo was also great to see.
  9. Well, I must say really did not like this movie. I liked TFA and loved TLJ, but this is one just has too much of everything. Too much plot, too little story. Too many planets. Too many short scenes. No sense of place. No atmosphere. No breathers. I knew I was in trouble right after the opening crawl, with so much exposition being thrown at Kylo Ren. Say what you will about TLJ, but there was a wonderful sense of place in that island. The scenes took their time. The cinematography was fantastic. There was a lot more impact in that Snoke throne room scene than in any Palpatine scene in this one, which always have that fake CGI sheen look to them. Even TFA achieved that very real sense of place in the early Jakku scenes. Not in this one. The movie just jumps around too much. Planets come and go without leaving any impression. I'm surprised how great the score turned out, with a movie as scattered a fast cut as this one. There are literally 10 seconds scenes of exposition that interrupt the previous scene. With the best Star Wars movies, you can summarize the plot in like a paragraph. 6 major things or so happen. And that's it. This one is convoluted. It's just all over the place. The complete score will this movie seem to be much better in my head. And a good score is the most important thing about a Star Wars film. Other than that, I'm bummed, I really wanted to like this. Sorry for the scattered thoughts
  10. It's the true story and conflict of the trilogy. Makes sense they would focus on that. The original Revenge of the Jedi poster took a similar aproach
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