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  1. Adam Driver is having a great and interesting career. He has worked with a lot of the best directors in the business
  2. True, it can apply to both Wonder Woman and Aquaman. Like I said, BR 2049 had a much tighter production schedule, and the next Nolan movie, that comes out 4 moths before Dune, hasn't even begun shooting yet. Fantastic Beasts, that had a slightly earlier release date in the same month as Dune, began shooting in July of the year before.
  3. I've posted this elsewhere, and I'll repost it here: I know what Villeneuve has said in the pass concerning back-to-back shooting of the two movies, but I'm not convinced. I still believe he is shooting both movies simultaneously. Here's why: 1 - The very long shooting schedule: this one began shooting more that 1 year and half before release. Blade Runner 2049, for example, with the same director e and similar crew, started shooting in July and was released in October in the following year, and was surely also an extremely complex shoot. Dune has a 6 months lead compared to Blade Runner between start of the shoot and release date. This suggests a longer shooting period and therefore the possibility of two movies 2 - The Cast: characters that have nearly insignificant roles in the first part of the novel, like Stilgar and Chani, have been cast with actors with quite a considerable public profile. I doubt the casting of the two characters would be announced if they didn't feature considerably in the shoot. 3 - Cost effective - with so many locations, settings and characters shared between the two halves of the book, a back-to-back shoot would make much more financial sense, I think. Otherwise, sets like the Arrakeen Palace would have to be left standing for a prolonged period of time awaiting the start of the shoot of the second part. 4 - If the casting of Irulan or Shaddam IV is announced in the next few weeks, I think that will give us a very strong indication that the two parts are indeed being shot back-to-back
  4. This is Eno's Prophecy Theme, his only contribution to the score This is the main title, by Toto:
  5. You mean the prophecy theme or the main theme by Toto? Because the second one is far more well known, I think
  6. The press release also confirms Stephen Henderson is joining the cast, I assume as Thufir Hawat.
  7. The worse thing about Green Book was how conventional and predictable it was. It still was a fairly pleasant, but unchallenging film. And that's the worst thing about it being a best picture winner. Apart from that, I didn't see anything in it I would deem to be offensive
  8. It's a deeply flawed movie, no doubt. But it's totally unique. There isn't another movie quite like it
  9. Lynch's movie, with all its flaws, is still vastly superior to the miniseries, IMHO
  10. I for one am glad Hollywood is willing to take a big gamble on such a property with this level of talent iin the team.
  11. Both stilgar and chani have been cast and they very small parts in the first half on the story. If they announce the actors playing shaddam Iv or irulan in the next few weeks, it will make it likely they will be filming both parts simultaneously

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