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  1. That goes both ways, though. A lot of movies are praised for the exact same reasons
  2. Adam Driver is a future Best Actor Oscar winner. He's having one hell of an interesting and varied career. Clearly one of the actors of the next decade
  3. I'm not a big fan of the LOTR movie trilogy to start with, and I found ROTK to easily be the worst of the bunch
  4. So, aparently they were still shooting in Norway in the last few days. It will stand for Caladan, I think
  5. Adam Driver is having a great and interesting career. He has worked with a lot of the best directors in the business
  6. True, it can apply to both Wonder Woman and Aquaman. Like I said, BR 2049 had a much tighter production schedule, and the next Nolan movie, that comes out 4 moths before Dune, hasn't even begun shooting yet. Fantastic Beasts, that had a slightly earlier release date in the same month as Dune, began shooting in July of the year before.
  7. I've posted this elsewhere, and I'll repost it here: I know what Villeneuve has said in the pass concerning back-to-back shooting of the two movies, but I'm not convinced. I still believe he is shooting both movies simultaneously. Here's why: 1 - The very long shooting schedule: this one began shooting more that 1 year and half before release. Blade Runner 2049, for example, with the same director e and similar crew, started shooting in July and was released in October in the following year, and was surely also an extremely complex shoot. Dune has a 6 months lead compared to Blade Runner between start of the shoot and release date. This suggests a longer shooting period and therefore the possibility of two movies 2 - The Cast: characters that have nearly insignificant roles in the first part of the novel, like Stilgar and Chani, have been cast with actors with quite a considerable public profile. I doubt the casting of the two characters would be announced if they didn't feature considerably in the shoot. 3 - Cost effective - with so many locations, settings and characters shared between the two halves of the book, a back-to-back shoot would make much more financial sense, I think. Otherwise, sets like the Arrakeen Palace would have to be left standing for a prolonged period of time awaiting the start of the shoot of the second part. 4 - If the casting of Irulan or Shaddam IV is announced in the next few weeks, I think that will give us a very strong indication that the two parts are indeed being shot back-to-back
  8. This is Eno's Prophecy Theme, his only contribution to the score This is the main title, by Toto:
  9. You mean the prophecy theme or the main theme by Toto? Because the second one is far more well known, I think
  10. The press release also confirms Stephen Henderson is joining the cast, I assume as Thufir Hawat.
  11. The worse thing about Green Book was how conventional and predictable it was. It still was a fairly pleasant, but unchallenging film. And that's the worst thing about it being a best picture winner. Apart from that, I didn't see anything in it I would deem to be offensive
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