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  1. That scene would chronologically come after the end of the movie, so I assume it will be in Part 2
  2. The climax of this movie might not seem to be momentous on a purely plot level, but it absolutely is on a story level. It is a culmination of Paul as character. Of the death of Paul Atreides, as it were, and the birth of something else. Would've liked to see him being named Muad'Dib at the end, but that would probably would've been too on the nose
  3. The upcoming LEGO sets give us a good look at the Riddler and Alfred: Also, the Batcave More views of the new LEGO sets here: https://www.brothers-brick.com/2021/10/08/lego-reveals-new-sets-from-upcoming-the-batman-movie-including-technic-batmobile-news/
  4. Some of you make it sound like the movie is being panned across the board...it's been getting very good reviews. Maybe not 100 % unanimous, which is probably impossible with Dune anyway, but great reviews nonetheless
  5. Considering the troubled history in adapting this property, these are by far the best reviews a Dune adaption has ever gotten
  6. If Part 2 gets made, do you guys reckon they will use some sort of deep fake or CGI face superimposed for Alia? I can imagine them using an adult actor's performance superimposed on a child's face and body.
  7. It was a bit weird hearing Paul address Leto as "Dad". Did he ever use anything other than "Father" in the novel?
  8. Seems like they use Herbert's original pronunciation of Harkonnen (more Hárkonnen and less Harkónnen, as in Lynch's movie). I know that was Herbert's intent, but I've always prefered the other pronunciation
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