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  1. And I don't get how you aspire to make a biopic about Neil Armstrong and completely bypass how his life was changed by the landing on the moon
  2. Everything that involved space flight and the moon landings was absolutely terrific. Had the whole movie been centered on the Apollo 11 itself, I think this could have been a real winner, because Chazelle's handling of the space sequences, like I said, was quite incredible
  3. They should've released this in July next year, to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. It would have a given it a extra degree of exposure and relevance
  4. I wish somebody would devote this sort of resources to a Batman animated movie, making in the vein of Long Halloween's art style. This looks beautiful
  5. They should've released this July next year, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the actual event
  6. Probably not the right thread to place this question, but does anyone have any data concerning Hollywood's market share in the worlwide market in the last few years? And if possible, also its market share in Western Europe alone? Thanks a bunch
  7. I'm always reminded of The Right Stuff. That movie was a box office flop, had great reviews and won 4 oscars and was nominated for 4 others, including Best Picture. Just meaning to point out that box office failure does not always imply a movie will be ignored come oscars time
  8. Let Villeneuve do Dune the way he wants. The source material is incredible and he seems to be fully attuned with it. If it flops, it flops
  9. Although Dune, the novel, is divided in three parts, I think it could work quite well as two movie adaptation, with the first movie ending when Paul and Jessica find the Fremen
  10. But then, how can you justify that Batman hasn't killed the Joker yet?
  11. Never thought I'd see the day when a Spiderman movie needed the presence of Iron Man to increase its appeal.
  12. The problem, is doesn't seem like they really have a different vision on how to execute the history. They are standing on the shoulders of giants in order to reach out and reap a fruit from a tree that they did not plant

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