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  1. I agree. If anything makes that production design feel small in way is due to technological limitations. I was always particularly fascinated by the Cathedral. It's one of the most beautiful ugly buildings I have ever seen:
  2. The technology wasn't really quite there in 1989 to truly bring these designs to life, but Anton Furst's Gotham City is the best conceptualization of the fictional city so far, in any medium: I wish Nolan had brought half of the character, atmosphere and uniqueness to his version of Gotham City. Batman would work so well in a big budget animated film. They could do it in a quasi black and white style and it could look stunning
  3. I will still see this because it is a Christopher Nolan film, but I would not be interested in it by this trailer alone
  4. Nolan will still get the budgets he wants. No one will pin this movie eventual underperformance on him. All major studios would be willing to give him whatever budgets he needs. He's a dream director for a major studio. Always delivers movies on time and on budget. Always gets great critical and commercial results. No one is safer than Nolan
  5. Just ranking the 9 saga movies: 1 - The Empire Strikes Back 2 - The Last Jedi 3 - Return of the Jedi 4 - A New Hope 5 - The Force Awakens 6 - The Phantom Menace 7 - Revenge of the Sith 8 - Attack of the Clones 9 - Rise of Skywalker
  6. Not true. This is how she is described when Paul first sees her, in the first novel: Paul's attention came at last to a tall blonde woman, green-eyed, a face of patrician beauty, classic in its hauteur, untouched by tears, completely undefeated. Without being told it, Paul knew her—Princess Royal, Bene Gesserit-trained, a face that time vision had shown him in many aspects: Irulan. In Dune Messiah, she is described thus: "a tall blonde beauty ... she carried herself with an aristocrat's hauteur"
  7. These are not movie stills. They are photos of the some of the cast in costume in location shooting. They hardly show the set design either. So I really don't see how you can make any judgements, good or bad, about its visual flair. The stillsuits, for one, look spot on
  8. Rogue One, for example, is full of vibrant colors in several scenes and settings. That shot was picked to prove a point
  9. These are set photos. They are not showing the big built sets, the prosthetic heavy baron nor any of the special effects money shots. These are a first look king of thing
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