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  1. Went to Letterboxd to see some reviews/reactions. I clicked on one and yea a cameo was ruined. My fault though and lesson 100% learned.
  2. Oh no. They 100% should not get involved. I always find it funny when celebs stick their noses in situations like this when it does not concern them and this most definitely does not concern them because it almost ALWAYS turns into a PR nightmare for them. I just see a Mariah gif included in a tweet and I have to like it or share it
  3. The thing that kills me is that she’s doing this on her day off. Like she’s not on a promo tour and she’s still sticking her foot in her mouth. The Black Widow promo tour is gonna be interesting to say the least.
  4. @captainwondyful where does one even begin with this one?
  5. I spent a good a minute looking for the “Love” reaction on this site only to realize that’s for the iPhone and not BOT
  6. Also I don’t see how critics are sick of these movies. Critics were supposed to be sick of CBM 20 movies ago and yet they’re still being released to good reviews. As with every film, critics look for different things in movies than we do or general audiences do. Hence why a movie that gets trashed can still be liked and a movie with raves can be a disappointment to movie goers.
  7. I thought the first reactions for this were glowing? Or is that what Twitter and rotten tomatoes wanted us to think? Not that critic reviews are going to matter since this is going to make like $3B domestically.
  8. Nah man. Detective Pikachu gave me so many cute moments and gifs. It didn’t do that well at the box office but I still enjoyed that film and stand behind it.
  9. I was so so so so so wrong about this film that I don’t even know where to begin
  10. I’ve had very little interest in Disney’s live action remakes but I will be there opening night to see this. Mulan is my favorite Disney animation movie and this looks dope.
  11. Let me take my boards and pass *These next few days are gonna feel like 84 years 😢 -Sucks I’ve had to miss the tracking of Spider-man leading up to its OW but fingers crossed I can watch it’s box office run. Keep up the good work guys!
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