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  1. Deadpool 2 flopped on Friday and still made more than half off of Solo's true Friday. Jesus
  2. @LOGAN'sLuckyRun if you're waiting for the Saturday numbers just remember they'll probably be worse than the Friday ones so brace yourself
  3. People earlier trying to convince me that DP2 would be fine
  4. While the other films are having good holds from week to week, their Friday increases were relatively mute from Thursday.
  5. More evidence of the disease that Solo has spread to the other movies at the box office. They should just remove it from theaters for the sake of the other films.
  6. Solo is like a damn disease. It bombed and then it brought down the rest of the box office with it.
  7. So am I going to get attacked when I say that Deadpool 2 is falling off a cliff or are people finally seeing the signs Also if you're expecting it to recover. Don't. It's doing horrendously at my theater for the rest of the weekend. I actually wouldn't be shocked if it makes under $40M for the weekend.
  8. Is the weekend after MDW a good one for hold overs though? I always thought that because it's a holiday weekend that the weekend after it we see big drops. That's why I don't think the movie is going to recover. It didn't have the hold it needed during this holiday weekend to mitigate the drop for next weekend. But we shall wait and see
  9. I mean I definitely don't think it would be a clear path but they're still not targeting the same demo at all. Either way even if they were I think if they were the only two big films in August then they'd both do fine as opposed to the cluster fuck that is May
  10. I don't think $260M is it's limit but I think it'll be closer to $260M than $300M. And yes Solo should have been released in December so then even if it had a weaker opening like it is now, it could have gotten the holiday legs.

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