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  1. I mentioned a few pages back that if it did open below Shazam! I would consider it disappointing and it could happen. We don’t know. But I was just saying in the context of talking about box office. I would never use the terms low to describe a movie that opens over $50M. Disappointing? Sure. Under expectations? Sure. But low? Nope. Some movies don’t make $50M WW total let alone make $50M in their OW domestically. But it goes back to something I mentioned in the Shazam! OW thread where we have been spoiled by franchises opening left and right to $100M+ that whenever a potential franchise film opens less than that we think it’s low lol
  2. It would be pretty low for it because of personal expectations that we put for it but I would never say a movie that opens to over $50M is considered “low.” I don’t know if that makes sense.
  3. That’s what I thought. Just there so the others can see where the Pokémon are at. I wonder how it’s like to act along side something that doesn’t move OR like in Reynolds case how it was like to be the only talking character in the movie....
  4. Movie tracks for $50M+ OW Umberto Gonzalez: “that’s really low.”
  5. I got some comps for John Wick with the last update and it’s doing extremely well. The only question is will it be really front loaded (similar to DP2 for example) or not. But even if it is really front loaded, it’s presales so far are really strong.
  6. What if End Game doubles it’s presales the week of release....I mean the sales have not slowed down at all for it....
  7. To be fair, I think they probably got a promo schedule set and took into consideration End Game BUT I think they still wanted to give a bit of promo this week as we are less than 3 weeks out now
  8. So I take it that means social media embargo for critics should drop May 1st and then review embargo will drop after the NYC premiere (May 2nd).
  9. Omg I always forget that they keep all the links on the front page. And I spent over 20 minutes trying to google it before asking
  10. Also my local theater finally added more show times for End Game. 3 show times to be exact (up to 12) which still has me shaking my head especially since all 3 showtimes added were 3D showtimes.....
  11. Sorry to be a pain but does anyone have the link for the 24 hour tracker? I had it and thought I book marked it but didn't. I know it was posted in this thread last week but given how large this thread has gotten.....I'm not sure which page it posted on. Thanks in advance!
  12. Couldn’t get tickets for Thursday night cause of a stupid pathophysiology exam that knocked me out of line and then tickets got sold out BUT my significant other booked tickets for the 10PM Thursday night showing as a surprise so I’ll be seeing this Thursday night after all

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