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  1. From what I have read, the actors with those types of contracts are upset, and rightfully so, that Gal Gadot got a check up front when WB decided to put Wonder Woman on HBO Max but they didn't even get told that their films were going to the platform. And I 100% agree with you that the biggest issue here is that literally none of the creative people involved were consulted. A lot of this could have been easily avoided had WB just waited to see how Wonder Woman did and then had conversations with the people who made their films slated to be released in 2021.
  2. if you don’t think tenet bombing at the box office forced WB/AT&T to reconsider their release strategy for their films then i don’t know what else to tell you. eta: i’m not saying tenet is the only reason why but tenet not doing well definitely played a role in how WB went about their release strategy. and in the end WB isn’t exactly wrong about putting their films on HBO Max as most people would actually agree with the decision given the circumstance but it’s how they went about doing it that’s causing the backlash.
  3. also i have to laugh at Nolan’s comments and i’m a huge Nolan fan. he’s the one who practically forced WB to release his film to theaters in the middle of a pandemic only for it to pretty much bomb which in a way made WB start thinking about throwing their slate of movies onto streaming, and now he is mad that WB doesn’t wanna release films exclusively to theaters?
  4. i do think that when things go back to normal, again whatever normal is post-covid, people are going to want to still go to the theaters and see movies. it may take sometime for that to occur as i just don’t know when that normal is going to occur and even when that new normal happens, we don’t know at what point people will be comfortable with going to theaters but i think eventually they will. the one thing disney has going for it, is that it planned out its streaming service to have new series and stuff debuting that will keep subscribers interested while they make decisions be
  5. it’s going to still be a flop. i’ll probably sign up for it for next year because of the theatrical releases going on there but won’t sign up after that and i’m sure the folks signing up after the announcement was made are in the same boat. *also i’ll probably only sign up for the months when there’s a movie coming out that i would have seen in theaters. don’t know what their cancellation policy and resign up policy is but i’d try to plan it around that
  6. I mean it brought me back to the forums for a bit 😝😝 The crazy thing is that the rush to make this decision and announce it didn’t have to be rushed. It’s not like all their films were going to be available starting Jan 1st. They really could have waited and had discussions with people about this. With regards to people going to movie theaters again, not much was going to change between now and several months from now. Which is why I don’t see Disney making an announcement any which way about what their plans are...because they don’t have to at the moment. I think what disney migh
  7. Haven’t been on here in a while but this move by WB interested me a lot. I think their biggest mistake was moving their whole slate to HBO Max without consulting anyone about it. What they should have done is waited to see how Wonder Woman did and then make a decision by talking with filmmakers and talent about their options with regards to streaming. Look as much as it pains me to say this: no one knows when things are going to go back to normal. A vaccine is getting ready to be implemented, yes, but we don’t know what the long term effects with regards to immunity a
  8. I haven’t been on here for months for personal reasons but this news about Chadwick just gutted me. Really hit home hard. If anyone personally knows someone who’s battling cancer you’ll know that each day is a complete curve ball and you never know what to expect. And that’s from watching on the sidelines and not being the person actually battling such a cruel disease. I can’t help but think how he was fighting this battle without any of us knowing while also giving us so many roles that we’ve come to love. My thoughts are with his family. Cancer can get fucked and take 2020 along for a ride w
  9. Got word earlier today from my academic dean that if things keep progressing as they are, we will be asked to the front line because so many doctors and nurses are getting sick so hospitals are beginning to get short staffed. This is a legit disaster.
  10. NY with 114 deaths today alone but everything is “fine.” Business as usual. The economy is more important and Trump will get it to open up while the state that has the city that’s the financial capital of this country deals with a pandemic.
  11. You have to take into account the time of the first update. If I'm not mistaken, Spain usually updates a bit later in the day than when worldometer posted. Not sure where worldometer got that initial number from but something to keep in mind going forward. It's like NY not usually having updates until later in the day yet worldometer already has numbers for today for the state, as well as some others that typically do not update till later. Again not sure where they got those numbers from.
  12. You can tell which people have loved ones in their lives that could be severely affected by this thing and which people don't. The one thing I will tell the latter group is that I pray that you never have to endure a situation where you fear your loved one getting sick and dying from "just a virus" everyday while watching a bunch of brats complain about how their spring break is getting ruined.
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