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  1. I 100% agree with what you've said. Also in regards to KingPova, their commentary makes me laugh....I believe they've even said they like to troll lol But in regards to your assessment of Lawrence and Theron, that's actually the one thing that I wasn't a fan of in the trailer. The way they made Lawrence seem ice cold. Then again, Lawrence is a great actress so she's going to pull it off but I do wish they made her character seem a little more warm. BUT it was a teaser so I'll wait and see
  2. She never left though again concept matters. Her one "flop" is a movie that wasn't going to do well with or without her.
  3. If youre the type of person who really believes that box office draws are a thing, then you can't apply that rule whenever you please. Chris Pratt had a role in Passengers being successful just like Jennifer. Blake Lively had a role in The Shallows being successful. You can't say well Jen was the reason why x and y film was successful but Chris Pratt added nothing to Passengers or The Magnificent Seven and The Shallows would have been just as successful without Lively. Now the people who have actually been paying attention to the box office will tell you that it's a combination of things that allows a movie to be successful. Is having bigger names a positive for box office potential? Absolutely. Is it the ONLY reason? No. Which is why you'll see even the biggest actors/actress star in box office flops. The concept matters. Pair the actor/actress with the right concept and you'll find success. Personally, I think this film will be really successful....if it's good. Why? Because it's a spy thriller starring Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer is pretty good in these types of roles. People like these types of films. People also like Jennifer in these roles. So it should be a win-win.
  4. Yea the serious scenes took away from the film and were unnecessary, imo. But I don't think a sequel would include them. Based on how this movie was developed, the original script had a serious tone. It wasn't until Reynolds and Jackson teamed up, that it took a more comedic route which probably explains why some scenes in the film did not fit tonally. So yea i think a sequel wouldn't include them because it would written from a comedic stand point from the get go.
  5. If they do make a sequel, I hope they spoof it up similar to what they did for the trailer and original poster.
  6. I think a spoof would work. I hope they take some of the serious tones out of it though. Either way I'd be interested to see what they came up. Heck they could even merge the two if they wanted in a way. Im just happy that this film was able to make enough money where we can talk about a sequel
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if this got a sequel. I have no idea what they'd do in the sequel but hey I'm not opposed to seeing Reynolds and Jackson teaming up again with a lot more Hayek
  8. There's no way to spin this. That mid night number isn't exactly a good one. But to be honest, I'm not surprised. I didn't see much hype for this movie and that's saying something because the first one was pretty well liked. I wouldn't be shocked if this missed $35M
  9. Ehh it looks fine. I'll still reserve judgement until I see more, I guess. But in terms of a first trailer, it didn't really do anything to get me to want to watch the film, if that makes sense. But it also didn't make me say "pass."
  10. All I See Is You (Blake Lively, winter 2016)

    I don't know. A few days ago on BoM it said 250. I checked it when I saw the trailer was dropping soon. So they changed it to wide on their website within the last couple days.
  11. All I See Is You (Blake Lively, winter 2016)

    I think they made the right call moving it from September 15th so that's a start. Next would be to stop with the tragic posters. That Russian poster is awful. Btw I just checked BOM's site and they're making this a wide release. soooo which one of you BOT members works for Open Road?
  12. All I See Is You (Blake Lively, winter 2016)

    I think it has to do with a lot of media outlets picking up on it to be honest. The thing with Blake is she's more internet famous if that makes sense so a lot of media outlets like People, Glamour, Vogue etc will talk about her movies than say another actress or actor that doesn't have a decent social media following. Those publications know they're going to get clicks by talking about it her or any other actor/actress that has a decent social media following. I don't know if that's the case here, of course, but just an observation I've made. *Or people are checking for Lively because of the ten year anniversary...they can't really check for the other stars, now can they I have no idea what it all means for the film specifically but I've seen a lot of positive reactions to the trailer soooo Open Road has an opportunity to do something with the movie.
  13. All I See Is You (Blake Lively, winter 2016)

    I personally cannot wait for her to come and take Hollywood by storm with her Reed Morano directed action flick. That starts shooting this fall and I'm so ready for it.
  14. Yea I just compared them because they encompass a similar genre that can usually get by with less than stellar reviews. And I only used THB because it was recent but I could probably go back and use other films too.

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