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  1. Tracking well? How can this be tracking well if 1) people don’t know it’s even coming out and 2) people don’t even know when it’s coming out. Id like to have whatever that source is having. This movie is being dumped by Sony.
  2. Han trying to rationalize Equalizer 2 opening over the greatest movie of all time, Mamma Mia 2
  3. DC fanboys are looking for any which way to paint Marvel films as failures. They even referenced Spider-Man 2 in this thread
  4. I know I have been kinda of an ass in this thread regarding the trailer and stuff but low key I actually like that poster. It looks really good. If the film is like that then its going to be a beautiful film to watch which imo would be worth the price of admission alone.
  5. When did iJack leave? I thought he was back under Zatt Murdock or some other name
  6. That’s fair enough. $250M seemed like a solid range for it I suppose given how the market has been for CBM. I guess when you put it that way
  7. I mean I ask this honestly but what types of numbers were you expecting? There were various posters on here that asked why would Ant-Man make the ridiculous numbers that some members kept saying it would and the only response they’d get is “It’s the MCU.” And here we are with Ant-Man increasing over the original by a decent amount but people saying it’s disappointing. Why? The reality is if you were paying attention, the numbers it’s doing are normal and good and not disappointing. It’s an Ant-Man movie with no connection to Infinity War (based on what people have said) and isn’t really doing anything new from the original. I just think it’s funny though that those who kept using the MCU as an excuse for why it would increase by a ridiculous amount are backtracking now as if there weren’t posters on here telling them that just because the MCU branding is attached to a movie doesn’t automatically mean it’s going to gross $300M domestic and $700M+ WW
  8. I don’t know why people keep having a debate over whether Ant-Man’s numbers are disappointing or not. They’re really not when you look at the big picture. They’re actually very good especially internationally. What I find ironic/funny though are the posters on here who a month ago were adamant that Ant-Man would open to $100M because it’s the MCU and the MCU is on fire, are now currently back tracking and are twisting the narrative to “Not every MCU movie will make $700M WW so Ant-Man is doing great,” which yea is very true but is not what the mindset was for most of you a month ago

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