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  1. When Detective Pikachu makes more on its own than the whole Deadpool franchise combined
  2. Who knew that the key to Ryan Reynolds not being box office poison for a film is for him to simply hide his face behind a mask or in this case a stuffed animal
  3. Yea I guess so. I'm just honestly shocked at how bad its doing especially since horror movies have had such a great hot streak going as well. I really thought it would continue with this film.
  4. Happy Death day 2U hasn't even sold 40 tickets for the whole day today at my theater. It has 7 showtimes in the largest auditorium too. Yikes.
  5. Isn't It Romantic didn't do as well as I thought it would for Valentine's Day. It might miss $20M for the 6 day.
  6. @sfran43 started posting which means the numbers are gonna start coming in
  7. I wish my local AMC had The Wandering Earth. It's playing at a theater 30-35 minutes away from me though. I would have went this weekend but I had the flu all week so I gotta catch up on my school work this weekend ugh I'm hoping it sticks around long enough so I can catch it.
  8. I think with the age of social media, the media needs to change how it addresses situations. I mean I just went on twitter and Jussie was trending because he staged the incident but then I see this on twitter as well And it just seems now a days news outlets just want to get whatever clickbait headline they can with minimal fact/source checking. I mean I’m sure they did this in the past too but again with the rise of social media it changes things. I don’t know. I just wish the media would *wait* and gather everything before posting things.
  9. I don’t know see how an original slasher making $125M+ isn’t considered a breakout/a hit. We can call the sequel a flop without downplaying the success of the original. Looking at BOM, its domestic gross is 11th all time for a slasher and 6th all time for WW gross. Sure it wasn’t as big as Get Out or Split but just because it wasn’t doesn’t negate the success it had. Mind you I didn’t see the first and I originally thought the first was going to flop so I have no horse in this race but I can’t look at the film and say it wasn’t a big hit especially for the genre it’s in.
  10. How is a movie that makes $55M+ domestic and $70M OS on a budget of $4.8M not considered a big hit..... Imo the reason why Happy Death Day 2U is looking like a flop is because of how well the first one did. The sequel was most likely green lit on the basis that they could start a potential franchise of sorts with this concept.
  11. They’re probably taking into consideration that Isn’t It Romantic is going to play really well on Valentine’s Day and give it a bump that Alita isn’t getting. Plus IIR actually opened a day earlier than Alita and some of the demand for it may have been consumed on Wednesday.
  12. Alita Battle Angel really saved this weekend tbh If only the budget wasn’t so high BUT maybe it can turn on a leggy fun with nothing in terms of competition until Captain Marvel. Isnt Romantic did less than what I thought it would today but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it increase with a lot of Valentines Day dates being in the evening. As for Happy Death Day 2: as I mentioned before the numbers it’s doing now is what I expected the first one to do tbh The first one breaking out shocked me. And now I’m shocked that the sequel is straight up flopping.
  13. The joke is that a studio paid Scarlett Johansson $20M for an anime movie that’s gonna open less than Alita Battle Angel

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