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  1. They could be going to this weekend BUT I’d say a bigger portion than usual is going to next weekend which may skew things in terms of Frozen 2’s OW.
  2. Do you work at a MTC? How else do you get the data?
  3. The first Jumanji existed just fine with Star Wars. Don’t see why the sequel would have any problems existing with Star Wars too.
  4. Yea I thought Incredibles 2 had the overall presales record. Toy Story 4 had the first day record. I maybe mistaken though.
  5. I honestly have no fucking clue. I thought as we got closer to preview night it’s Thursday showtimes would see a better jump but that hasn’t been the case. And it’s not like it hasn’t been selling. At the one theater I would track (AMCa), it’s seat sold is actually well ahead of the three movies mentioned.
  6. I honestly cannot remember the last time a movie tracking for a $100M+ opening had so few showtimes on Thursday night locally. It’s on par with Shazam! and less than Detective Pikachu and Aladdin.
  7. Can someone please make this make sense. I’m not trying to sound like an ass BUT you have a bunch of films doing single digits for the weekend and the majority of them doing less than a million for dallies. Why as a theater would you not try to book as many showtimes as you can for a film like Frozen 2? I’d understand if it was crowded and other films were doing well but the box office has been pretty dead since The Joker came out. This doesn’t make sense from a financial standpoint....especially when there are other times during the year when blockbusters that have “BOMB” written all over get the max screens at theater chains.
  8. So the an additional regular showtime and 3D showtime were added since this post. The regular showtime since it’s addition has already sold 56 tickets. Again I’d be shocked if more 2D showtimes were added for tomorrow night.
  9. @keysersoze123 Thank you so much for the data that you’re always giving us. Not sure if you have answered this before or not but I was wondering where you get this data from? Are you an insider of sorts is what I am asking? Lol If you cant answer I totally understand but just figured I’d ask
  10. OW: $185,000,000 Domestic: $725,000,000 OS: $1,200,000,000 WW: $1,925,000,000 *Go big or go home*
  11. So it’s really odd but the AMC which has a regular showing of Frozen 2 that’s sold 142/142 still hasn’t added anymore showings for Thursday night. I’d be completely shocked if they didn’t add anymore but if they do it’ll be either later tonight or early tomorrow morning. So I’ll probably have to wait on doing a seat count until closer to when showtimes begin versus doing it in the morning like I’ve been doing. It’s actually cause I’m lazy and don’t wanna count twice tomorrow
  12. It’s gonna be interesting to see just how big Saturday and Sunday are going to be for Frozen 2. It’s going to lose 6-8M off of Incredibles 2 from its preview but maybe some of the business will appear during Saturday and Sunday. But this movie is going to be so awesome to follow especially in its first 10 days or so. I feel like we are in store for a wild FSS, a calm before the storm on Monday with a bonkers Tuesday followed by a wild 5 day weekend. Buckle up folks. We are in for a hopefully great ride the next 10 days.
  13. Getting Miss Taylor Alison Swift to shake what her momma gave her isn’t cheap okay
  14. The amount of attention these trailers are getting and yet it’s probably gonna flop at the box office. But who knows! Maybe folks will want to see just how bad it is. I mean it’s why people stop and stare at car wrecks. Maybe CATS will get the same treatment this holiday season.
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