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  1. I'll probably be wrong in the end, but I think Disney is going to really really regret deciding to throw every single one of their properties in 2019. They should have moved some to 2020 and created a balance at the box office for themselves. While I think some of their films are going to be monsters (Avengers and TLK), I do think some of their other films will be taking a hit like Aladdin, Spider-man Far From Home or Toy Story 4. I don't know what they were thinking but their release schedule doesn't make any sense to me if they're looking to optimize their returns at the box office.
  2. I can’t tell if you’re joking or not but if I’m a studio and my movie trailer generated a ton of hype, I’m not gonna be scared of any other competition. They should be scared of my movie lol
  3. I think the problem to moving it to December is that now you’re waiting over a year between when the first trailer was released and your actual movie being released. Maybe if the film had moderate buzz, they could but the trailer received a ton of hype with most folks now expecting it in the summer. WB generated the hype that they wanted. Now you go for it. I mean in my view point, the only other film that will have more hype in the early part of the summer season is Avengers. Aladdin doesn’t have a trailer yet. SLOP 2 apparently has one but like the Toy Story teaser, it came and then was gone. Regardless of anything though, when you’ve got this much momentum on your side, the other films should be scared of you. Not the other way around. Finally, I highly highly doubt that Games of Thrones and Avengers 4 will overshadow this THAT much. Avengers maybe a bit (as I mentioned before) but imo if Deadpool 2 and Avengers could co-exist, I see no reason why this and Avengers can’t go co-exist as well. As far as Games of Thrones, I’m not of the mind set that TV shows have an affect on the overall box office of a film. It may affect the box office on the day that it’s on but if people really want to see the movie, they’ll go another day.
  4. I mean where else could you put it? 2019 is just jam packed. You just gotta release your movie where ever it is and hope for the best. If anything, this breaking out would cannibalize the things around it similar to how Jumanji acted. I said it in the Toy Story thread and I'll say it here: Aladdin is a movie that's in the worst possible spot. Between Avengers and this coming before it and then SLOP and Toy Story coming after it, it's really gotta be an amazing movie if it's going to be a success. Otherwise I see it being completely overshadowed by all the other properties around it. But imo, if you're going to release a family friendly film this summer, you're better off releasing it early on as opposed to later on. Families don't have an infinite amount of money to spend and will likely either utilize their expenses early on in the summer on films that come out first or simply have their children pick and choose which films they really really wanna see.
  5. I know that lol Hence why I said I don’t put much stock into them in general
  6. Yea I heard test screenings were really good for it but to be honest, I don't like putting too much stock in them. I do think the way the trailer looks kinda confirms the test screenings BUT you still just never know lol
  7. From the very opening shot, you can tell the movie is going to be gorgeous. I stopped it on the opening frame and it’s really something else. Based on my own feeds on Twitter and Facebook, the way the Pokémon look has def been a highlight for the trailer
  8. No you’re not the only one. The effects/graphics are beautiful. Even if the movie sucks/the story sucks, I imagine that the actual graphics of the film are going to be a highlight regardless.
  9. Mods please delete this abomination of a post.
  10. Christopher Nolan is the greatest director of our time.
  11. Wrong opinions are not permitted on this forum.
  12. Is it getting into 2600 theaters? I have no idea what to predict for this but I'm not expecting much to be honest. I'd say it'll be lucky if it grosses $10M period. I love the Deadpool films but there hasn't really been any selling point for this. Maybe parents who have kids that love Deadpool but didn't get to see the sequel will take their kids to see it. I don't know.

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