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  1. First weekend I’m back and I see Gaga vs Venom, Beyoncé vs JLO and Alli still trying to make Ansel Elgort a box office star. What. A. Weekend.
  2. Sorry if this is a silly question, but doesn’t Lionsgate typically sell the international rights for their films? That’s the vibe I’ve gotten from them but I could be mistaken. Or do they only sell if they’re unsure of the international potential for the film?
  3. La La Land had a net profit of $68.25M (including home video) despite making $427M at the box office accord to deadline. In the USA, Lionsgate spent $50M on P&A alone which obviously doesn’t include the amount other distributors spent on it in other countries. No Oscar film is going to be promoted as heavily as a blockbuster, including A Star Is Born considering most blockbusters can have marketing budgets upwards of $200M. WB didn’t over spend on A Star Is Born. Sony just spent less than usual on a CBM.
  4. So it's everyone else's fault but Ansel Elgort? I'm sure you'll find a way to claim that The Fault in Our Stars and Baby Driver's success all had to do with box office super star Ansel Elgort despite his other starring roles being flops. *And having flops isn't exactly a bad thing. 99.9% of actors/actresses have flops on their resumes. But it's ironic when people make claims about an actor/actress being a box office draw and then when several of their movies flop, they point the blame to everyone else. You can't just attribute success to the actor/actress and then failure gets pointed else where. If Ansel is the star you think he is, Goldfinch should have at least opened in the double digits.
  5. I would assume a movie with poor WOM would not see an increase in its Friday estimate from afternoon to the night. While Hustlers got a B- CinemaScore, there 21 Jump Street got a B CinemaScore and did just fine at the BO and had good WOM. The point is not sure we can gauge the WOM on a movie just because its CinemaScore isn't what we expected. Its box office run will tell the story imo
  6. I was gonna do that regardless But I was just confused at the discrepancy between what I was seeing on social media and what RT/MC had it at. I just read through this thread a bit and I see there was a different reaction between Venice and TIFF for whatever reason which I guess explains the discrepancy a bit. Thank makes sense. So it fits right up their alley. I guess this is what happens when CBM aren't taken seriously at awards shows….the people making CBM just turn them into Oscar bait films Best Picture winner is gonna be the Joker What a time to be alive!
  7. All I have been hearing is how great this movie supposedly is but then I checked its reviews they're like right around where a typical CBM is. Weird that there is Oscar talks regarding this film when in the past there have been CBMs with much better reviews get shunned. I'm gonna go ahead and assume its cause of Joaquin Phoenix's performance? *Side note: I'm not here to troll or stir the pot or whatever. I haven't been on this site all that much but people on my social media pages (Facebook and twitter) have been talking about how this movie is getting great reviews and I'm just surprised that Metacritic/RT aren't higher. With a budget of $55M the movie is going to be a huge box office success and if Phoenix's performance is as great as everyone is saying it is, I hope he gets some awards recognition out of it.
  8. The Goldfinch with a $895K Friday? Fantastic start for global box office super star Ansel Elgort. If only other movie stars had the talent and ability to have their movies play in empty movie theaters across the globe!
  9. Personally I’m not surprised by the decline with IT Chapter 2. I remember when the first one was about to come out, there was so much hype surrounding it. To the point where I was sure it would make $100M+ OW. All my classmates were talking about it. I saw the trailer all over my timeline. With IT 2, I honestly had no idea it was coming out. I think WB was most likely banking on the viral marketing from the first translating to the second but I don’t think that happened. But even then, I just think the nostalgia carried the first one to what it became and some of that nostalgia has worn off. And most folks associate IT with the kids’ story anyways. So once the adults were added to the equation....well. Still a $92M OW is amazing for a horror movie. Its just that the first one did so so so well that we are here analyzing “what went wrong” with IT 2. The movie will still be a huge success and highly profitable for WB.
  10. Was planning to watch it on Saturday but saw Hobbs and Shaw for the second time instead. Looks like I made the right decision
  11. If you stay up long enough thinking about one mass shooting, you can hear about another one before going to bed.
  12. So I was going to come in here and say none of the trailers I’ve seen spoiled the whole movie or the third act but then I remembered I only watched the first trailer and was sold on the film. Just watched the second trailer and umm that’s literally the 3 minute version of the movie
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