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  1. This has slowly climbed up my most anticipated movies to watch. Everything I’ve seen looks great.
  2. My theater must have put up showtimes for the new releases either late last night or early this morning. So far 2 showtimes for each movie with The Gentlemen snagging a large screen and the other two getting pushed to smaller screens. The Gentlemen: 11 total The Turning: 0 💀 The Last Full Measure: 0 *Given that these just went up within the last day, I’m interested to see what increases if any these movies will have. I still think The Gentlemen can pull a surprise...nothing crazy but maybe a low to mid teens OW which would be solid but I think the other two are DOA.
  3. Personally I thought The Gentlemen having good reviews, an all star cast and Guy Ritchie directing would lead it to a decent OW.
  4. Really hoping for a mini break out for this movie. I wonder if it can be a good counter programmer for what’s out right now.
  5. Yea but that’s more on the marketing than anything else. Obviously this movie doesn’t look like a James Bond film in budget but that’s because it doesn’t have anywhere near the budget. But from my understanding the source material is associated with an ex MI6 agent (Jude Law’s character) and I feel like if they focused more on that and how he’s recruited Blake’s character, it would have felt more like a spy thriller and a much better sell than trying to sell it as another revenge flick. All in all, I def think there were better ways to sell this as spy thriller and for me at least the second trailer does that much better than the first. This trailer makes it feel more Bourne-like than the first one and the tone in this second trailer should have been the way they marketed the movie from the get go.
  6. I haven’t read the source material but to be fair on paper this movie *should* have worked. It’s a pretty solid director. Solid cast. Produced by EON during a time when people want a female Bond. Music composed from Han Zimmer’s company. Released by a major studio. But for whatever reason some movies just don’t work.
  7. Completely shocked that Finn wasn’t able to get some of the Stranger Things fans to watch this especially since its PG13 cause the tracking thread....YIKES
  8. I’m sorry but I have to laugh. Not at the trailer but at Paramount who literally did nothing to promote this movie and now 10 days before release they’re like here’s a trailer that highlights our action film produced by James Bond producers 💀 But also as trailer track mentioned in one of their tweets, they think this is all coming from Paramount UK and the US is just jumping in on it. So I do wonder if there was pressure from EON on the UK subdivision to actually promote this movie and that’s why they’ve been doing most of the marketing.
  9. I hope both of those films recover otherwise we are looking at two OWs in the single digits...
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