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  1. No one has said there is no hype for this. At all. Some people not liking the trailer on this forum doesn't equate to "No hype."
  2. I'll withhold judgment on the movie till I see more but to me this wasn't a good first impression.
  3. Im guessing we had a similar amount of trailers because that's roughly how long it took for the movie to start for me. It is ridiculous imo but at the same time I think theaters want to show their movie goers what's coming up as a way to get them to come back in the future. But I think that many trailers for a smaller film like this is a bit much.
  4. Same but I guess since she goes missing, she's prone to have less screen time lol I would actually be interested in seeing her in more roles like this one so hopefully another one comes her way. But in general, I have to say that the whole cast was fantastic imo Like I felt everyone was cast perfectly and I feel like that's rare for a film. Usually theres someone who feels out of place but everyone in this film from the kids, to the judging parents were spot on and great. I do want to say though
  5. I would say more than that in total. I don't have the exact time but There was something about her in this role that just lit up the screen. For me, the best moments were when she was in the film. Like I absolutely loved her in this role. I know she's had very few roles but this one is honestly my favorite.
  6. This movie was fucking wild!!! I know it’s been mentioned but Blake Lively was amazing. I honestly wish she had more screen time than she did because anytime she was on screen was a delight
  7. I have always maintained that Blake's biggest issue is that she has a stigma associated with her. People associate her with her role on gossip girl and well that show was a hot mess in terms of the writing. Her character was given nothing to work with and it definitely showed especially as the seasons went on. However, after seeing Age of Adaline and The Shallows, imo, she's actually a pretty good actress. Blake and Margot Robbie are probably my favorite actresses within their age group but Jennifer Lawerence, Emma Stone and Anna Kendrick are three other actresses that I love as well. (Although I talk shit about Jlaw and how much she gets paid ALL THE TIME, I am a sucker for her movies sooooo ) PS Anna Kendrick NEVER gets the respect she deserves Its why I am glad this movie is getting raves for the acting by Anna and Blake, two actresses who I feel get called "terrible" all the time. Welp I am seeing this in roughly an hour and will report back on it.
  8. What does having a greater social media following have to do with box office legs?
  9. Umm Amy Schumer did the talk show rounds as did Melissa McCarthy for those films And I don't even have to look that up because I am 100% sure they are contractually obligated to do press/promo for wide release films like that which include making the talk show rounds. Thats literally the most basic of marketing you can do for a film and for most actors its in their contracts.
  10. I think she used bridesmaids as an example because of Paul Feig. But she compared ASF to three female led comedy movies that were marketed as such. As far as I know, ASF was marketed as "the darker side of Paul Feig," and looked more like a thriller than a comedy. If the film is actually a comedy and not a thriller well then the marketing didnt accurately capture the tone of the movie even though imo the marketing was very clever/interesting....for a thriller.
  11. I mean I get the sense if you wanted it to breakout or maybe expected it to breakout because of good reviews and Paul Feig then yea it could be seen as "underwhelming," but generally speaking (personal expectations aside), it beat its tracking and its going to be a profit for the studio. So its anything but underwhelming in that regard.
  12. "American Made only opened to $16.7M in its OW despite getting great reviews? Tom Cruise needs to start listening to offers from streaming services."-Grace Randolph logic
  13. According to Grace Randolph, Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick should head to streaming because A Simple Favor didn't do well at the box office.
  14. I agree. Every single person I know who has seen the film has talked about how awful/garbage it is. I have seen movies get trashed by critics but theres still people who like it. But with The Predator, it's on another level.

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