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  1. Finally I can say it: 800 is one of the best war pic I've ever seen. Definitely the best choice to save cinemas at this point. Ready for it to smash!
  2. Love You Forever is more like Long Day's Journey Into Night & Love Apartment in pre-sale performance. The Eight Hundred is doing good at this point, but it's unpredictable because......
  3. Only about 1,700 theaters which earned more than ¥10 million box office revenue last year can arrange previews of 800. Correction: this is a inaccurate news. Also, some small and independent theaters may not be able to screen 800 because of the new distribution model Huayi Brother is doing. The studio have asked these exhibitors to sign a deal, which is similar to box office minimum guarantee between distributors. Huayi Brother believe 800 can make as much as films like Dying to Survive in its first seven days. So the exhibitors who sign the deal have to pay the studio some money before its wide release debut. How much exactly? For example, if I’m the owner of a small theater and earned 0.01% of Chinese Box office in 2019, the price would be 0.01% * first seven-day gross of Dying to Survive. I can’t screen the movie(even after 7 days of its release) if I don’t pay them. Big theaters chain keep original split model so they don’t have many problems on 800. Not sure how this would impact pre-sale.
  4. They almost don't care about piracy or those markets which keep theatrical runs. Their goal is 10-12% D+ users will pay it, helping them cover the production budget(60M * 10-12% * $30 = $180-216M). So box office no matter higher or low can be seen as net profits. Would this approach be successful? They don't know. But they have no patience for releasing it when everything go right.
  5. they need cash. There is no way they can keep thinking how to make more money. They have to think how to survive. So one of their event movies need to skip theaters. Because Mulan have no more marketing budget(thank to Disney's determination not pushing it back until the very last minute), putting this one on D+ become the best choice.
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