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  1. Chinese audience have been using tough love to support F9: 50% revenue reduction
  2. Vin: My brother Paul told me next week would be the best.
  3. I think North American film market is experiencing what China has experienced since reopening: K-shape recovery -- big movies keep doing well even better, and small movie are becoming lower. Last year in China, The Eight Hundred, My People, My Homeland did really well, but Mulan, WW84 flopped hard and surprised many local industry people. Bad WOM was a big problem for both of the hollywood titles, but under $30M lifetimes were far worse than the most pessimistic predictions. In the Heights in US is having a familiar situation - people just don't give a damn even the reactions are pretty good.
  4. Maybe people around here believe sequels are better than the first one
  5. JKR: make 5 FB movies instead of a trilogy. WB: You're gonna bring us more money! JKR: No, I'm gonna make you return every cent you earned from HP.
  6. In the Heights flop because everybody is waiting for mystery Cannes blockbusters F9: F9 DOM opening > Chinatown 3 CHN opening = $399M.
  7. Unlike SARFT which controlled films and TV before before 2019, Film Administration don't set a box office goal of local over import. They only thing they concern is annual box office, and they are willing to let Hollywood rule big sessions as long as they realize local titles couldn't warm the whole market. Most western medias think the administration, which directly report to Publicity Department, is going to restrict Hollywood harder, but the truth is Hollywood had been more flexible in censorship and releasing until Monster Hunter. At this point, even Film Administration believe
  8. Very funny article. https://variety.com/2021/film/news/1921-boycott-shanghai-film-festival-1234994130/
  9. no they definitely not. 2.0 is a major loss here in terms of indian movies. I think Korea stuff will be popular once the ban get removed in the end of this year. Along with the Gods is expecting to have a release plan.
  10. funnest review I've seen on Douban about F9: Everything would be reasonable if it's a South Indian production.
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