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  1. Someone said on Twitter that US press screenings have been canceled. I guess they abandoned the theatrical release plan all over the world. But some insiders believe it would come back in theaters at a point.
  2. I won't be surprise if Venom make bigger than Apocalypse & The Wasp.
  3. Only reason that Aquaman could get a Dec date is China Box Office isn't looking good in 2018. Film Bureau was planning to let Alita come to Dec. But Fox abandoned it and chose Chinese New Year, which is probably a daydream for opening at that period. So Aquaman got this chance. The first Hollywood blockbuster which could debut in Dec for the first time. Bumblebee is still looking for a date of Jan. Spider-Man animated film & Mortal Engines probably won't come until next year. Disney don't think Marry Poppins would make big money so it doesn't have a theatrical plan in China. But there might be a new Hollywood film to open on Dec.14. I personally think Grinch may come to here. Aquaman also has a good buzz in Chinese social media especially when the 5 mins trailer was released. Everybody is looking forward to a non-Zack DC Film Universe.
  4. Film Bureau thought it's a ¥1,500M level film.
  5. OS-China-Japan AM&TW - $273.0M (*1.32 = $360.4M for Venom) DS - 317.4M (*1.12 = $355.5M for Venom) CHN - $100-120M Japan - $10M DOM - $200-220M Worldwide - $660-700M
  6. maybe next week. But most import films in Nov should get the simultaneous release. No local blockbuster have release plans in the next two and half months. Some big Hollywood titles might even get a chance to release in Dec
  7. pre-sale of Predator would start tomorrow. Personally think it will be under 7.0 of Maoyan score.
  8. the whole market is cold. Local films didn't do big business in recent 2 months. No big import titles would come before Nov.
  9. Gavin Feng

    Russia Box Office

    According to local source, Going Vertical could get a release date in China.

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