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  1. pushed back to 0:00am Jan.18. But Leap(中国女排, a movie about Chinese women volleyball team) might not get any showtime before it get release license days later.
  2. The Phantom Menace: I also made $1 billion box office, but why people never mention that? The Rise of Skywalker: Because it's different. The Phantom Menace: How is that? The Rise of Skywalker: The studio behind me is Disney, the one that presses don't have balls to offend. So it can't be pointed out that I actually make less money than The Last Jedi and The Force Awakens. The studio behind you is Fox, which was just bought by my mouse. The Phantom Menace: So I should have get born two years later instead of 1999? The Rise of Skywalker: Bingo. Actually, presses did mention your powerful box office performance. The Phantom Menace: They did? When and where? The Rise of Skywalker: The moment they tried to make Attack of the Clones look more terrible, they wrote in their articles, "even Phantom Menace made around $1 billion three years ago, the performance of Clones just proved Star Wars is dead." The Phantom Menace: But Star Wars is still alive, right? The Rise of Skywalker: Yes, except in theaters.
  3. No release plan about Cats. Mia 2 could get the release plan only because it was a promotion for the stage play.
  4. The problem is Detective Chinatown 3 probably won’t be the best in CNY. In other words, if it can’t have enough time to sell tickets before opening, it will lose daily box office more quick. Yes, those better movies deserve better performances. But I must say it’s quite smart move to those studios.
  5. Pre-sale of CNY movies was supposed to open on Jan.6 yesterday. But some distributors thought Detective Chinatown 3, which is the most anticipated local movie of this period even the whole year with highest want-to-see number on ticket site, would be the biggest winner with huge showtimes & strong pre-sale performance if the pre-sale start so soon. So these people suggested Film Bureau to push the pre-sale back to Jan.17 with the reason of "prevent unfair competition". Film Bureau thought it is not quite unreasonable and agreed. And now, DC3 will lose its advantages. Every marketing team and filmmakers said in public that they will be nice when they compete with each other, but we all know there is no difference between this one & the "Awards season" in western world.
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