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  1. 3D release of Dune have gotten general boycott on local social media since the release plan was announced. Many users & fans say they would choose HD piracies instead of big-screen experience if studio and theaters don't arrange enough 2D screenings.
  2. I believe Legendary tried, but any date near National Day movies is hard to land. And to be honest, I don't think HBO Max debut is going to hurt the business here very much. If this is a Marvel/Nolan movie, streaming release will be a deadly hit. But Anyone who want to see a Villeneuve/Timothée blockbuster at the very beginning is probably determined to go cinema.
  3. It should do much better than BR2049 in China. The cast is very attractive for local hollywood targeted audience. Even if it come later than HBO Max debut, I think it still would top 2049.
  4. Big-screen experience does not look that attractive. For me, the most satisfied experiences this year are: Raging Fire - A entertaining blockbuster which offer general audience all they want. Hubble 3D(BIFF) - It really make me feel being in space by stunning 3D effects. City Lights(BIFF) - Cinema could and should be that pure. (And Hollywood and local industry keep offering me shits like Detective Chinatown 3, Godzilla v Kong, Black Widow, F9) I guess Mulholland Road would be my next.
  5. Early ticket sale of National Day movies look very gentle. Both ChangJin and My Country, My Parents have long runtime(176 mins & 156 mins).
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