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  1. So far as we know: a) pre-sale is good b) new record for this franchise in opening hours question: c) what the hell is opening hours? According to what Deadline wrote: I guess the opening hours probably mean the period from 5pm PT to midnight instead of its first 24 hours. It topped any other movies on MON-TUE-WED. But Fandango didn't mention other historic data. Then I checked the tickets sale time of The Force Awakens. It started with the final trailer, which was released during NFL started at 8:15pm PT. If I'm not wrong, the tickets sale was available at 10pm PT for TFA. So it's not hard to understand why TROS is stronger in the first few hours. In terms of 24 hours, TFA(maybe even TLJ, RO and IW?) is better.
  2. I think the only reason T5 earned more is that China became larger. In other words, it made less than T3&T4 in other markets.
  3. I'm watching it...I could image the rest of the movie since the first scenes of leading actor and actress look so unnaturally showy
  4. Chinese audience are happy to see that Disney want to make to make SW be great in there. But before doing that, they probably should make sure that they know what SW is. If they don't even know what they are doing, how it is possible to ask other understand it. I mean:
  5. MOVIES OPENING THIS WEEK 29% Maleficent: Mistress of Evil OCT 18 No Score Yet Zombieland: Double Tap OCT 18 94% The Lighthouse OCT 18 80% Jojo Rabbit OCT 18 No Score Yet Jay & Silent Bob Reboot OCT 15 View All
  6. 22nd embargo may not prove anything considering oversea release plan Gemini Man had the similar situation still hope everything would be fine.
  7. no hard feelings. I have faith that Andy Serkis would use all his skill to reach Fleischer's level.
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