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  1. Movies hit $1,000M before a Chinese release Titanic The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Pirates of the Caribbean 2 The Dark Knight Avatar Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two Skyfall Minions Star Wars: The Force Awakens Star Wars: The Last Jedi Avengers: Infinity War Joker Spider-Man: No Way Home
  2. The chance that Wolf Warrior 3 get greenlight has been gone since western world accused China of doing wolf warrior diplomacy. Wolf Warrior 2 caused a headache for Beijing in terms of handling diplomatic relationships after it was widely praised as an impressive propaganda film with $870M box office revenue. And high ranks banned Wolf Warrior 3 in order to avoid more complicated diplomatic situation. At this point, China is devoted to make movies about resist US aggression and aid Korea(Korea War) like Changjin. But as the relationship between China & South Korea improves, this
  3. The new work of Makoto Shinkai was set to debut this fall. Any potential release date?
  4. I think Avatar 2's opening will be under what Avengers: Endgame did. And maybe lifetime. Even though I believe A2 would be a more enjoyable movie.
  5. I did not mean to compare them. I'm saying the disappointment argument is ridiculous. I agree any opinion saying the legs is weak or bad. But those who think $650M-plus lifetime is disappointed? If legs is everything, then I suggest folks here go to track those movies which make $100 lifetime after $1 opening. A better run that make $600M movie feel desperate.
  6. In terms of absolute hold, nearly 70% second weekend drop is definitely not good. But in terms of volume, $80M is a amazing performance. Remember, only 3 movies this year made that much on their opening weekend.
  7. I never expect it would get 3* multiple ($780M+), maybe not even 2.75* ($715M) despite DEC release & A+ grade. That's not because I am conservative but because I have seen the limitation of analysis rely on historical data. In 2019, we already saw how Avengers: Endgame ran in box office with A+ grade. Many folks, incl myself, thought the movie had a shot to top The Force Awakens (2.62*) after its opening weekend. But it turned out that A+ is not everything. Many believed there was no way that DEC legs could be under 3.0* even if controversial comments were there, until recent S
  8. I still think a lifetime number around AIW. People's expectations here are so wavering. Many doubted $550M-plus lifetime before pre-sale. Then many expected $700M-plus after $260M opening. And now disappointments. The conclusions for its performance are very biased.
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