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  1. EC: I already told you guys But even if RT is under 26%, I still think DC universe and it's future gain everything and lose nothing this time.
  2. disappointing? As a big MCU fan, I suggest you review how MCU titles dropped.
  3. Gavin Feng


    Chinese Film Bureau wasn't ready to let so many import films open on Dec. Their original plan was putting some import films including one major blockbuster to the first two weeks of Dec, and the next half month could have been enjoyed by local titles. Alita was the first choice, but Fox changed it's date for unclear reason(their official words about getting Chinese New Year are totally bullshit, and I believe it is because this movie sucks). Then AQM and Bumblebee become the best choice. But Film Bureau thought Bumblebee is a bigger HLW film, and they didn't hope it would threaten local titles after Dec.14 weekend. Jan also need a big one to hold the market for keep increasing. So AQM get Dec.7 and Bumblebee get Jan date. But days later, Film Bureau changed their mind. They didn't want to protect those incorrigible local titles, and they want ¥60 billion for the whole years more. Then spidy animation, searching and so many titles came. But it looks like none of them could hurt or affect AQM. Also I do really think AQM will become the first DC universe work to top $1 billion. It's that kind of popcorn movie like Furious 7. No unnecessary complicated plots, and keeping showing great action scenes with good pacing(I think that might be the reason why EC don't like it. action>>>>>>script). I think Asia & Latin American territories will enjoy it. They love James Wan's Conjuring & Furious. Especially Latin American territories always like DC & James Wan.
  4. Title OW Pre-sale / OW BO Multiples(Total / OW) AQM 10% RAGNAROK 12% 2.05 VENOM 14% 2.42 JL 14% 2 HOMECOMING 14% 1.67 GOTG2 15% 2 AMATW 16% 1.79 CW 18% 1.98 BP 19% 1.57 IW 32% 1.88 Easy to see how great the WOM is for AQM.
  5. I asked this person how the trailer looked like or if it leaked any info about A4. It was said the whole trailer just looks and feels like that...
  6. Someone who already saw the trailer told me(spoiler for the trailer)
  7. They actually spent nearly $200M but tax reimbursement gave them a hand.
  8. The budget is around $150M as I heard from some international studios who may invest it.
  9. Why not China>North America>$300M? (Damn, I'm so crazy like firedeep...I shouldn't be like him
  10. 8.2M midnights. Best MN for import film in Dec ever
  11. Aquaman earns very positive reactions from press screenings today in some big cities. Theaters managers really love it.

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