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  1. From Lam Chiu Yin, the director of Operation Red Sea, Operation Mekong. Similar to the Japanese Code Blue in 2018.
  2. some chances to get a Aug date. If not, it probably will not come until the middle of Oct.
  3. Beijing is in a very passive position at this moment - economy is not good & effect of trade war. In the past 40 years, economic growth is why Communist Party of China could keep their legitimacy of governance even though people experienced those unbelievable and painful things like Tian'anmen Square in 1989. So when the economic is bad, the control of culture must be strengthened because anything or any problem could be a challenge to their one-party dictatorship. What @justvision said is one of those.
  4. In the future, more and more local titles will face this situation. Import films will not have any problem with censorship.
  5. No. The first one didn't do well. This one is not a real sequel to it(different characters & story). The Lion King was the highest-grossing animation in China until Kong Fu Panda in 2008.
  6. No. I heard it’s actually a love story. Something like Apartment of Love could repeat.
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