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  1. But so far, there is no sign that any of them have potential to be a hit like Sister.
  2. Chinese Film Bureau invite F9 to go May Day. It's said Uni also have an interest in that.
  3. Both Black Widow & Chinese Doctors didn't accept the date of May International Labour Day. But they still might meet each other as Chinese Doctors decide to go July 1st.
  4. Soul and Mulan had no theatrical window for whatever reasons while GvK, WW84 got one week. I'm not sure what situation BW will face.
  5. it could be. But in here, going cinema is a very common social approach. For most people, social needs ahead of content itself. If piracy somehow make a movie look inappropriate to be a social interaction, it dies. For some reasons we still couldn't figure out exactly, Mulan and WW84 experienced that, but GVK largely avoid that.
  6. Not surprised that piracy hardly hurt GvK. It mostly affect those which go theater and streaming at the same time or have bad WOM. RIP Black Widow.
  7. In my view, upcoming local movies instead of piracy will decide how GvK is gonna do next weekend. If piracy come out before theatrical debut, it’s definitely a deadly hit. But GvK is not Mulan case. From what we’ve seen from recent big sessions like National Day, New Year’s Day & CNY, people are willing to go cinema in holidays. The question is which one. It would be either local titles or GvK. If any of those local competitions gain stronger reputations, audience would rather see GvK at home than in theaters. If not, GvK still could make some money.
  8. Due to work-related reasons, I can't really ignore anything about film industry locally or from foreign. I still observe box office anytime and watch HLW movies at first time, but I wouldn't give any financial expectation or discuss the movie with endless words like I did years ago. The indifference can be easily sensed. I probably would stop caring about HLW if I am a person outside of the industry. I still love those HLW movies that came during pre-pandemic time. Many of them have been part of my most precious memories. But for those upcoming stuff, I don't think they could be that important and expect nothing.
  9. Even I don't care about HLW, those who are more patriotic and grounded than me hardly have interest on these contents.
  10. 3 day holidays of Qingming festival will come next weekend. But a bunch of local competitions will also land. I see Sister(我的姐姐) today and think it's good with strong emotion. This could be a major factor to GvK's holds
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