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  1. $150M for Meg looks very likely at this point...
  2. I really enjoy Go Brother. It deserve more money and more showtimes
  3. Once(before the first trailer released) I suggested a friend who worked for a Chinese film studio to get the local distribution right of some import films which didn’t have any release plan for CHN. One of those was Mile 22. It’s a Bergs film and I really enjoy the 3 films they made together. But after a while my friend told me she didn’t think it would be good enough to hit break-even point in China. She said people in Huayi Brother, which has investment in STX’s films, already saw the film at that time(not sure rough cut or final cut). Huayi didn’t have any theatrical release plan of Mile 22 after watching it. And my friend also gave the idea up after hearing those people’s reactions. I’m not sure if that meant the film looked bad. Two Bergs’ film released in China and also didn’t make huge money.
  4. So Collider and Fox meant the chief of Montreal Film Bureau Pierre Moreau is a liar? Or the whole drama is a arrangement by Fox?
  5. no rerelease. Some theaters gave some showtimes of the first one for box office forge. It always happened, like TDKR in the period of BvS, AOU in the coming of IW.
  6. Apartment of Love will start from 2pm Friday. The crew and the marketing said the film is based on the TV series of the same name, which has a large fan base. But Insiders said it is actually telling a story about The Lost Tomb and has nothing to do with Apartment of Love except using the same actors and title name. Many fans bought the tickets though distributor didn’t release any footage and trailer for them.
  7. friend saw the film in Beijing Premiere. Again it’s that kind of action movie that Chinese audience would enjoy.
  8. friend watching Along with the God in Hong Kong...
  9. 6th debut in HLW history behind IW, CW, Homecoming, AOU, TF3.
  10. Hotel Transylvania 3 - Aug,17 Ant-Man and the Wasp - Aug.24 Mission Impossible: Fallout - Aug.31 No big local title make decision to open on Sep except Sep.30(a day before Nation Day's Holiday) sor far. So MIF has the best release date.
  11. MIF is the best of the franchise. But I have a little doubt that it would do far better than MIRN. The serious tone might not fit with Chinese taste.

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