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  1. It actually just got one more bad review if you scroll down and look at the reviews. I think it’s not counting the negative review yet or something. So it should be at 6 negative reviews. so 68 pos and 6 negative
  2. What everyone's talking about... I noticed it earlier. Glad someone brought it up because I wasn't going to.
  3. Being true or false doesn’t make any sense. This is art. It’s her opinion so that makes it true for her.
  4. It’s probably wise not to judge considering you know fuck all about the nature of their relationship between Ewan, his wife, and MEW. You don’t know if him and his wife split mutually and it’s water under the bride st this point.
  5. Have a feeling this movie will be great but will also underperform. As long as the budget really is as low as 80-90M then it’s fine. What DC really needs right now is good will built up with the general audience. They need to start building towards a future where the DC brand attracts people to see a random movie just like the Marvel brand does. So as long as the movie is good then I think it’s a win even with an underperformance. I know DC is coming off a billion dollar movie but I still feel their brand is not quite there yet. They need a string of good or at least enjoyable movies.
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