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  1. It’s probably wise not to judge considering you know fuck all about the nature of their relationship between Ewan, his wife, and MEW. You don’t know if him and his wife split mutually and it’s water under the bride st this point.
  2. Have a feeling this movie will be great but will also underperform. As long as the budget really is as low as 80-90M then it’s fine. What DC really needs right now is good will built up with the general audience. They need to start building towards a future where the DC brand attracts people to see a random movie just like the Marvel brand does. So as long as the movie is good then I think it’s a win even with an underperformance. I know DC is coming off a billion dollar movie but I still feel their brand is not quite there yet. They need a string of good or at least enjoyable movies.
  3. I don’t see why people say the aesthetic from that teaser looks like Suicide Squad. Everything looks distinctly different. Did anyone even watch Suicide Squad? Everything looks much cleaner here.
  4. How do I get thread banned from the Aquaman thread for posting a reaction gif to a negative review but trolls like Shay get to just spout some of the craziest nonsense... Anyway, this movie is going to be great and a lot of fun. Reading social media it seems some people are still carrying Suicide Squad baggage with the "it's going to be as bad as SS" comments. Clearly the fact that there's a different director, writer, and cast means nothing. And apparently barely anyone knows what a god awful, rushed, f'ed up production SS was behind the scenes. It'll be fun to see how wrong people are just like they were about Aquaman. Can't wait.
  5. I doubt anyone was expecting Levi to get as physically big as that suit is. That’s pro body-builder/training-my-whole-life big. Most likely the suit is that big so it looks how it looks in the comics. Also, I don’t know why you’d assume he’s natty.
  6. Did anyone see the “new” trailer? It played in front of Spider-verse for me. It’s not really new. Just a cut of the old trailer but a few seconds of new footage of the scene in the gas station. Also I think maybe his suit is color corrected the way it is in the new photos. Looked on youtube and didn’t see it. EDIT* And no it’s not the exact same shortened trailer that’s been playing in theaters for months. Like I said, this has a few secs of new footage of Freddy recording Captain Marvel in the gas station.
  7. I can see both scenarios. I can see reviewers enjoying this for the fun movie it probably will be but it’s seems lots of a reviewers still have a glass half empty outlook when it comes to DC. So I also wouldn’t be surprised if goofy and cheesey become a bad thing all of a sudden like they did with *ahem* a certain movie. But regardless I think it will be a crowd pleaser which is the more important thing.
  8. It would worry me if they already had an early cut and were about to go into reshoots. That might be a bad sign about the film. But since it barely finished shooting I don’t think it’s that type of situation that it was with Justice League and Suicide Squad. It might just be simply that it’s new(or original) date is better. That and releasing 2 DC movies as close together as WW84 and Joker were doesn’t make much sense to me.
  9. It would be a great idea to release a trailer with Aquaman. Hopefully they go that route
  10. According to google translate this says, “I just saw # Aquaman⁠! James Wan did a fucking underwater steering job and Momoa shines a lot like the character. Liked it! :)”
  11. These reactions are cool but what really matters are the reviews. These reactions will mean nothing and be swiftly forgotten if this movie bombs critically. 10 days before it opens in the US is encouraging but hopefully it’s moved up even further.
  12. I’m interested to see how this does overseas. Hopefully it can break out and become the Venom of 2018. Would love to see this be able to gross in the 700-800 range.

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