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  1. It would be a great idea to release a trailer with Aquaman. Hopefully they go that route
  2. According to google translate this says, “I just saw # Aquaman⁠! James Wan did a fucking underwater steering job and Momoa shines a lot like the character. Liked it! :)”
  3. These reactions are cool but what really matters are the reviews. These reactions will mean nothing and be swiftly forgotten if this movie bombs critically. 10 days before it opens in the US is encouraging but hopefully it’s moved up even further.
  4. I’m interested to see how this does overseas. Hopefully it can break out and become the Venom of 2018. Would love to see this be able to gross in the 700-800 range.
  5. Kc walsh/Daniel rpk /mario f Robles/manabyte all insist the movie is good. We will see if their sources are legit. Not legit in the sense that they’ve heard that, but legit in the sense that their sources are good barometers for movie quality and aren’t partial towards liking CMB movies. Also, that guy posted above is definitely talking about Spider-man.
  6. Actually, based on who said they were watching it tonight, they were the softball journalists like Paul Shirley, Umberto, and Brandon Davis. I’m pretty sure a lot of these same people talked up BvS and Justice League. Will have to wait for more critical folks to watch it.
  7. I’m impatient. lol I just want to know what the general reaction was. It’s not like people don’t talk amongst each other even with an embargo.

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