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  1. The first Wonder Woman trailer at Comic Con is the perfect example I can give It was very well structured, but I guess you're right The 2nd trailer will probably be much more about the actual plot. BTW - I forgot to mention that I was very disappointed they didn't end the trailer with the WW theme from BvS / first movie. I was sure they will play it in some new 80s version of it.
  2. I have mixed emotions regarding this trailer: On the one hand I was a bit underwhelmed after seeing it, on the other I love many seperate things in it. When I watch a trailer I want to understand what the movie is about and see some satisfying action scenes, this trailer gave random scenes and just small glimpses of action sequences (which is very annoying when it's lasting no more than 3-4secs). Also seeing Wonder Woman using only her lasso so many times reached a boring point for me. I understand it would be ridiculous to see her with a shield and a sword in the 80s, but it's a shame they didn't add something else instead. It seems Patty Jenkins wanted to create a "real" 80s film, so I think it can either be a really good movie or a really bad one, just like the 80s films.
  3. I wasn't ready for the amount of goosbumps I've just got
  4. It is set in the 80s so I didn't expect a replica of Wonder Woman. I remember some member here saw WW before it was released and he didn't like it at all (the exact words were: "Uff not good") I'm sorry you didn't like it at your test screening, I just find it hard to believe Patty Jenkins can F*up to the degree of Schumacher.
  5. I just hope WW84 will have much more fast pacing action scenes and better VFX than the first one. Beyond that i'm really curious to see how they will integrate (spoiler ahead)
  6. That's a really good question, I wonder how they'll deal with them growing up Even for the sequel they'll be already too mature... huge part of Shazam's magic is them being kids, if they'll go on showing them as grown ups I have a feeling it won't work.
  7. Thing is there's nothing new about it, people were tampering the scores there for years Why only CM triggered them to take an action?
  8. I don't understand why RT keeps on messing with the Audience Score They didn't do that with the Ghostbusters reboot or with any other movie, and does it mean they will start "fixing" every Audience score from now on? This will only further feed the RT consipracy theory.
  9. BTW what's up with Rotten Tomatoes not giving Aquaman 'certified fresh' even after 333 reviews?
  10. Aquaman received a lot of negative exposure from JL tho it didn't hurt him cause the actual movie was good Shazam is gonna be YUGE, people are craving for "new" Comicbook characters.
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