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  1. That's a really good question, I wonder how they'll deal with them growing up Even for the sequel they'll be already too mature... huge part of Shazam's magic is them being kids, if they'll go on showing them as grown ups I have a feeling it won't work.
  2. Thing is there's nothing new about it, people were tampering the scores there for years Why only CM triggered them to take an action?
  3. I don't understand why RT keeps on messing with the Audience Score They didn't do that with the Ghostbusters reboot or with any other movie, and does it mean they will start "fixing" every Audience score from now on? This will only further feed the RT consipracy theory.
  4. BTW what's up with Rotten Tomatoes not giving Aquaman 'certified fresh' even after 333 reviews?
  5. Aquaman received a lot of negative exposure from JL tho it didn't hurt him cause the actual movie was good Shazam is gonna be YUGE, people are craving for "new" Comicbook characters.
  6. You again with your doom and gloom...we remember oh so well how you told us about WW "Oof...It's not good" Since then I just take it as your own opinion and not as some standard stamp.
  7. Wonder Woman without a doubt (and not because of my thumbnail) The week-to-week drops were something to behold
  8. This is a great trailer, really made me excited for a movie that I was totally ignoring till now.
  9. I don't understand the hype around this movie Maybe it's because I've already experienced the first round in the 90s... This trailer looked so boring to me, same old same old.
  10. Justice League crossed 100M in China, first DC film to achieve that feature.
  11. Sadly It will need a miracle to pass MoS WW number I was defending BvS & SS final BO numbers back then, but JL BO run is a total fail no matter how you look at it. What WB did to this movie is unforgivable, they need to learn from Marvel how to handle movies productions asap.
  12. It will be the first DCEU movie to cross 100M in China, right? And anyone knows if the double feature with Wonder Woman took the film to a x4 multiplier? If i'm not wrong WW was on $412,563,408 before the double feature and it's the last number I could find online.
  13. I was sure this will lead to something interesting in the story, but it didn't! Just like in Suicide Squad.
  14. James Wan is one amazing director, writing him off like that is plain stupid One good trailer for Aquaman and ppl will get back on the hype train.
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