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  1. Can’t wait. Will see it next week. For some stupid reason we don’t get anything WB in Syria ( stupid politics, seige and sanctions ). I have to travel to Lebanon to watch these at the cinema. Traveled for Aquaman and will do it for Shazam.
  2. People are not acting like this is justice league. JL had a huge budget almost triple Shazam’s budget. It was a team up movie and was supposed to gross over a billion. Only idiots think this needs to do more than 500-600 to be a hit and a success. now if it does more than that then it’s a break out and a well deserved one and I hope it happens. If It doesn’t and it grosses between 500-600 then that’s great and it’s a success.
  3. That is not the reason over hating Captain Marvel. Only ignorant people say that. The reasons ( yes reasons ) over hating Captain Marvel from some people are many. No movie was defended like this one from the few that hated it. Not going to go into details since this is not the captain marvel thread ..... wait .....
  4. Some people purposely start the really high ceiling just to shit on the movie later for not reaching the supposed expectations .
  5. Yet Wonder Woman’s audience skewed more female than male while CM skewed more male than female.I have personally seen as much females not liking or feeling meh about CM as males. Also I have seen males say they really enjoyed and liked CM just like I’ve seen women say that.
  6. IMO , new superheros are fresh and great to explore but that doesn’t mean we have to put Superman and Batman on the shelf. These are timeless characters. No matter how much they screw up with them they still bring in audiences. It is time for them to treat them right specially Superman. There is no reason why WB can’t do new and fresh Sperheros ( in terms of live actions adaptations) with the old timeless ones. That said , the flash movie needs to be on point because this is a character that has potential to be as popular as spiderman when done right.
  7. Don’t be hasty , still 45 reviews in. But it looks like a sure win critical wise. I’m hoping for good box office to boost. My expectations are on the low side because of end game though.
  8. This is sad. At least they should get her clothes right if not her race. It takes me out of the story. But I am still looking forward to it.
  9. I am excited for this but why does Jasmine look Indian? She wears Indian clothes. Feels weired. The story should have an Arabian look to it. Felt like I’m watching an Indian Aladin .... Jafar is miscast . His voice and face lacks the malice of the one in the movie. It makes me wonder what they were thinking when casting him. At least his clothes look good.
  10. How come? I think from the very beginning most people were predicting 200 to 250 DOM and 500 WW myself included in this very same thread. It is something new and some GA would look at it as if it’s kids stuff. And it’s sandwiched between two huge blockbusters. I would love to be surprised like I was with Aquaman. But the 500WW mark is good for this on this budget. can’t wait to see it in theaters.
  11. And yet somehow only white males are the problem and are trolling this movie. I wonder how many white males are going to the cinema and paying money for this? Probably the biggest percentage of the audience.
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