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  1. Some Personal Estimates: The Lion King Thu : $23M Fri: $55M Sat: $65.9M Sun: $51.1M Weekend: $195,000,000 Avengers: Endgame Fri: $425k Sat: $575k Sun: $460k Weekend: $1,460,000(-30%)
  2. hey dude, just chill early projections are just that, EARLY it's YOUR PROBLEM that you don't realize this don't expect them to be 100% accurate, especially with how early it's given i think it's pretty much a shot in the dark it's nice to have him around so there's some number we can talk about ugh people never learn
  3. Guys I think he means 810 for Aladdin You can see he has Aladdin above Annabelle which has 790
  4. As always, thank you for the numbers Charlie ( I don't know if you noticed this is not the weekend thread though lol )
  5. i love how we're still being spoiled with early numbers at this stage
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