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  1. Well this weekend should be interesting Onward over/under $150k
  2. Was just about to buy tickets to see ROS today, found out there is no discount Tuesday at AMC today
  3. I understand part of the reason for this was mobile optimization, but i attempted to access this from the phone and the website was still completely lost in it. Would have helped if they still retained the same color scheme. It's nice that they have more INT data available. Like now you can see a chart for the highest grossing 4th weekends in China... still the layout is an eyesore i don't like it, especially for the fact that some previously available data is now behind a paywall
  4. Some Personal Estimates: The Lion King Thu : $23M Fri: $55M Sat: $65.9M Sun: $51.1M Weekend: $195,000,000 Avengers: Endgame Fri: $425k Sat: $575k Sun: $460k Weekend: $1,460,000(-30%)
  5. hey dude, just chill early projections are just that, EARLY it's YOUR PROBLEM that you don't realize this don't expect them to be 100% accurate, especially with how early it's given i think it's pretty much a shot in the dark it's nice to have him around so there's some number we can talk about ugh people never learn
  6. Guys I think he means 810 for Aladdin You can see he has Aladdin above Annabelle which has 790
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